“Isn’t that Mo Fan? Is something wrong?? We’ve already arrived here to the shelter… Why is he running off to?!” muttered Xue Mu Sheng who is resting at the shelter’s camp and saw Mo Fan running out of the barrier.

“Whaaa!? I’m never getting out of this shelter ever!!!”

“Yeh, me too… This Mo Fan is just too brave!!!!!!!!”

The opinions of the students echoed each other, places outside the shelter are lands filled with unforgettable nightmare! Now that we finally arrived here safely, it’s impossible to get them to go out of the safe zone!! How could they understand the reason driving Mo Fan to even risk going out of the shelter bravely!?


In fact, Mo Fan also thought that after getting to the shelter, he wouldn’t go out again and why would he risk his life in peril if there’s no important reason at all! Unfortunately, he wouldn’t expect to be this eager to get out again, even his sentiment and motivation is higher than the volunteers in the demolition team like Xu Da Huang.

When the image of a girl that couldn’t even walk on her own in the area filled with dangerous magic beasts, her pair of pure eyes filled with fear and helplessness, Mo Fan couldn’t help but to be even more anxious.

Many people might have felt that their existence is insignificant in the world, and therefore they should also turn their backs to the world, and unfeelingly do nothing that will risk their daily life. But some things in life are often very important to the person, and without knowing it, those things become even more important than life itself, and when the time comes to make a decision, the person will instinctively made the decision without any hesitation to protect it even if it might cost him his life! As is Mo Fan’s case right this moment!

He had no thought about the risk to his life out of the shelter, his only mind has only one terrible worst case scenario occupying it! His only wish right now is only to save Xin Xia out of this tragedy!

So when the demolition team tried to convince Mo Fan that the girl he’s looking for is very likely dead, all their efforts were futile as Mo Fan still firmly prepare himself and follow the team to Ming Wen all girls middle school. With the chaos in the city thanks to the disaster, it’s quite a low chance to even find her, and even lower chance to even find her alive…



Xu Da Huang is very knowledgeable in the city area, having him guide their way to the middle school will definitely reduce many unnecessary trouble. The CBH squad’s Xiao Ke did not follow the demolition team out to their mission, Captain Cheng respect her decision and did not insist.

Mo Fan is familiar with some of others going along to do this mission, the instructors during the training mission Luo Yun Bo and Pan Li Jun where the team is led by Captain Cheng who is the guard captain responsible for Bo City, he must bear the responsibility to complete this arduous task!

The number of people in the demolition team is only eight, since they can’t be too many in a group to avoid creating too much ruckus as they trek through the city, prevent the beasts from finding out about their mission, and the limited manpower that the shelter and perimeter security is already barely covering it. Just to send out an intermediate level mage is already quite a big deal! There has been sightings of warrior class magic beasts in the city and only intermediate mages could slay them!!

Mei Xin highway bridge road is one of the safer road to take a shortcut straight into the middle school area from the shelter. The road was jammed messily with cars, no other vehicles could possibly pass through, and from far away shadows of magical beasts could be seen flitting around the cars to check for those who think that hiding in cars would keep them safe!

Right at this moment, eight black off-road motorcycle were silently moving along the edge of the bridge on the pedestrian’s walkway, the bike’s metal structure appeared very smooth, from far away these bikes looked like black leopards running fiercely, dark plumes puffs out from time to time flashing darkly against the rain.

“Although this special dark element stone in the engine won’t be noticed by the beasts, it’s obviously still better to have a summoned beast as a mount in battle” said Captain Cheng.

“Unfortunately… our summoning mages has their own mission” lamented Pan Li Jun as Captain Cheng just nodded and said nothing else.

Mo Fan has already mastered the skills to ride a motorcycle back in his middle school time and was riding the bike rather leisurely. The teachers in magic school has drilled the fact into their heads that all products of magic technology could easily attract and be noticed by magic beasts regardless of it being phones, computers, cars and even motorcycles as long as its design requires it to draw power from those energy stones!

Magical beasts has an innate ability to sense these energy stones! Although equipment derived from energy stones technology is not very important or noticed by magic beasts, a quickly moving energy stone is a different story! Just like animals although it has no sentience or reason, but once it found something moving, it will instinctively give a chase and that’s why magic beasts could be easily attracted to moving cars and motorcycles.

The only exception would be specially made military vehicles, otherwise any use of magic equipment that utilize energy stones will simply attract magic beasts, though how many and how far it attract over will depends on how perceptive the magic beasts sense is!

Through the conversation of several army mages, Mo Fan learned some more important know-hows! Mages would usually use summoned beasts as a means of transportation in a similar circumstances like the current Bo City to camouflage themselves as magic beasts, making it harder to be detected or noticed. In the paralyzed road of the city, a summoned beast could easily move past the clogged roads! or if they needed the ultimate transport they could use a summoned eagle!

Unfortunately most of the people will awaken to element magic instead of summon magic, and it’s more likely for a mage to awaken summon magic at higher level, therefore it’s not possible for everyone to have summoned beast as their mount.


The group sped through the bridge fairly quickly without any trouble, however as they were about to reach the end of the road, a part of the bridge seems to have collapse. It seems that there might have been a combat there. Abandoning the bikes on the bridge, everyone continue their way on their feet, this product of magic and technology is extremely useful although it’s also extremely inconvenient and dependent on a good path to use.

The group of eight people began to move, as Luo Yun Bo went ahead to scout and being more experienced than Li Wen Jie, he even use his wind spell to make a path for everyone to follow, saving a lot of time and energy. With the long and dangerous road ahead of them, any bit of strength they can save for their mission ahead will count!


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