Mo Fan looked at the guy with a weird twisted mind and couldn’t help but feel funny about it. The successor of a big clan in Bo City that Mu Zhuo Yun had painstakingly cultivated and lavished with resources turned out to be a dog sent from a devil cult, deliberately planning this disaster!

Attracting the ash winged wolf, digging underground tunnels, spreading the berserk causing water and then steal the holy spring water! All these were masterminded at the finger tips of the devil cult! And this undercover agent of the devil cult was supposed to enter the holy spring! But him winning the duel and entering the holy spring throw a wrench in their plans! The final key required to completely destroy the city could be considered incomplete!

It is no wonder that his superior would punish him like this, turning him into something that doesn’t look like human or ghost, as if he purposely dip halfway into the sewer on his own. Oh… such karma, such retribution… Anyway he did feel a little sympathy for Yu Ang, after all that Mu Zhuo Yun is quite the old bastard.

“You little shit don’t know what hell is waiting for you yet! Your meddling ruined my face! I will make you taste tens and hundreds of times worse pain!!” roared Yu Ang loudly.

Mo Fan couldn’t help but sneer as he gaze at Yu Ang and his dark grotesque “Loser, even if you have a dark grotesque, it won’t change the result… you retard”

Just as Mo Fan finished talking, several more figures of the deformed dark grotesque appeared behind Yu Ang, making Mo Fan really disdain having to deal with this retarded frenzied Yu Ang and fled towards the elevator!

As he fled, Mo Fan has quickly made a ball of fire and without thinking much, he shot it towards the mall’s entrance to give himself some more time to escape. The fireball exploded near the entrance, the flames that burst out near the group of dark grotesque was engulfed in the mass destruction and broken glass falling on them hindered them further from chasing after Mo Fan.

Yu Ang formed a magic shield to protect himself from this sudden burst of destruction, while looking at several dark grotesque that were knocked off the ground.His eyes were flashing with extreme cruelty, filled with determination to torture Mo Fan to death!

Yu Ang raised his hand, and several trace of shadows suddenly sprang into the mall very fast, while the others quickly gathered around Yu Ang, awaiting his command like dogs in a hunting party.

Yu Ang brought along a total of ten dark grotesque, showing how much he really wanted to kill Mo Fan. He was assigned this many dark grotesque because master Salang has commanded them to protect the tunnel entrances, but seeing Mo Fan nearby, he lost all reasons and wanted to kill Mo Fan with all he had instead!

“Yu Ang! Get back here, a team of mages are approaching the tunnel entrance!!!” said the man with aquiline nose as Yu Ang was about to enjoy his revenge!

Yu Ang was very angry and dissatisfied! He wanted to watch as his pets peel Mo Fan’s skin alive!

“Alright, I’m going over there now” Yu Ang dared not disobey, for if master Salang found out, it won’t be just a matter of destroying the other half of his face, for this master Salang is the most cruel and horrible person he had seen in his life. He glanced fiercely at the elevator Mo Fan fled to and watched his slow climb in the elevator that wasn’t working and couldn’t help but made a cruel smile.

“These dark grotesque are like natural human hunters, after they catch you, they will peel off your skin layer by layer, break your bones and then dug out your organs one by one, so enjoy it and escape with all your might! Your futile efforts will not help you escape from these ten dark grotesque!” laughed Yu Ang who is watching Mo Fan’s desperately escaping back.

Yu Ang’s laughter slowly cheered him up, convinced that with Mo Fan’s ability, he has no way to deal with a team of ten dark grotesque working to hunt him down! Although the dark grotesque might be weaker in direct combat or tracing tracks like giant-eyed rat and one-eyed magic wolf, this creature is very adept and terrifying in working together to encircle and whittle down its prey. Having ten dark grotesque chasing and Yu Ang commanding a death order on Mo Fan, these creatures will chase Mo Fan no matter what until he is dead!

Mo Fan dared not tarry! Although he was not afraid of Yu Ang, if it was just him and another dark grotesque he could probably deal with them both with barely a leeway, but with ten dark grotesque chasing him, he absolutely has no way to resist it!

When he rushed to the elevator, he immediately broke the door forcibly and checking that it is clearly at the bottom, Mo Fan decisively jumped down the vacant elevator shaft, and then climb up the shaft using the cable. With his physical fitness, it’s not a slow climb up but just a little less than three meters up, a terrible and loud scream came from the bottom. A dark grotesque jumped into the dark elevator shaft…

Although the elevator shaft is quite small, the monster fail to catch the cables and fell directly to the bottom of the elevator shaft and fell on the elevator box. A second dark grotesque followed it to jump into the shaft afterwards, but learning from the first dog’s failure, he used it’s claw to cling onto the cable and with its strong arms, it climb up very fast!

“Dammit, I gotta go faster!!” cursed Mo Fan as he gripped onto the cables tightly, a arc of lightning passed through his hands to the bare metal cables. The arcs of lightning passed down the cable and the dark grotesque that almost caught up to Mo Fan suddenly suffered a sudden lightning shock, paralyzing it…


The lightning shocked dark grotesque let out a scream as it fell down the shaf and hit the first dark grotesque that was trying to climb up. Mo Fan took a breath before quickly continuing his climb. However, through the layer of tempered glass that made up the shaft, the remaining dark grotesque seems to have a flash of wisdom after seeing that Mo Fan could shock them if they tried to follow through the shaft and did something Mo Fan wanted to curse them to high heavens! These ugly shits went and take the stairs!

The large shopping malls naturally have escalators and elevators as four of the dark grotesque remained around the elevator guarding it as the other six bolted towards the escalator to get to the second and third floor’s elevator to stop him from getting out!

The tempered glass that made the elevator shaft may be difficult to destroy, but they definitely has no problem breaking apart the elevator’s doors! If they could surround him from up and down, Mo Fan’s death is certain!

When Mo Fan reached the second floor, Mo Fan thought about it and immediately opened the second floor’s door and fled to the emergency exit at the side, when he reach there, he’ll work something out by then!!!


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