The dark grotesque ran quite fast, but having to go around to get to the second floor using the escalator also slow them down from catching up to Mo Fan, giving him more breathing room to rush into the emergency exit corridor.

Mo Fan rush his way through as he jog his memory for the location of the third floor’s security room he had seen back then when he came here with Xin Xia, and that room probably have a sturdier door compared to others in the mall, if he could hide there for awhile, those dark grotesques probably won’t be able to break in.

The only problem is the dark grotesque’s sharp claws that could even tear through cars, so unless it’s a kind of material that is so strong those claws couldn’t even put a scratch on it, the security room’s door will probably only delay them for some time!

But that’s not very important, Mo Fan’s aim is to find Xin Xia using the cameras in the security room! Moreover, these security room should have their own separate power source, these cameras should be working properly even during disaster. The way to the security room at the third floor isn’t very far away, and just as Mo Fan arrived, he could hear the noisy footsteps and loud breathing sound of those disgusting creatures as they knocked down obstacles along the way.

“Thank the heavens, the door isn’t locked” muttered Mo Fan when he saw the security room with doors open, and didn’t hesitate to run in and quickly lock the door. The heavy iron door have barely lock itself before a sudden heavy thud sounded on it, followed by a loud shriek, obviously the stupid creature ram itself on the door.

The room has nobody in it, sweeping across the room Mo Fan could see the screen captured by the camera on the third floor where ten dark grotesque are crowding around the door to the security room, trying to tear down the door by any means. Quickly glancing at how they are doing, Mo Fan felt that they wouldn’t be able to break in that quick.

The numerous security monitors show quite a substantial view on the entire shopping mall, including the supermarket at the basement. Although there’s a camera in there, there were many dead zones with the shelves blocking the view, the wasn’t anyone in there…

Wait, there’s something moving there!

Suddenly from the camera’s top view, Mo Fan saw a slowly creeping figure and Mo Fan could see that the creature seem to have trailed out from the warehouse area. Quickly searching the monitor with the warehouse view, Mo Fan was aghast when he saw a giant-eyed rat climbing out of the sewage pipe covered in blood!

The underground is teeming with giant-eye rats that made it their nest, whenever they want these creatures could just dig their way through pipes and sewer areas and right at this moment, two giant-eyed rats have made their way into the supermarket area through those pipes.

“Damn it, this is getting dangerous for Xin Xia… where are you!?” muttered Mo Fan as he continue to look for her figure on the screen again but couldn’t see her figure. When Mo Fan swept through those screens for a second time, he suddenly found a wheelchair near a large freezer!!!

Mo Fan’s eyes widened, and tried to look closer to the screen… Although a little difficult to make out the image on the screen, Mo Fan the closer he looked into iti, the more convinced he was that it was Xin Xia’s wheelchair! That has to be hers!! Mo Fan’s heart felt like it was stabbed several times as his mind were in chaos when he couldn’t see her figure on it…

Could she be…?

“Wait, what’s that??”

Just as he was lamenting his loss, he could see the large freezer where the wheelchair parked nearby was shaking! He quickly went to another monitor that give a better view and zoomed through that camera. In the screen, Mo Fan could see a figure of a girl wearing a plain skirt curled up inside the freezer! The freezer inside was actually hiding a person, it has to be Xin Xia, even if her face looks a little blurry on the screen, Mo Fan is quite sure that it was her!!!

This is great! This is really great!!

Mo Fan’s eyes were wet, when he heard that people in Ming Wen area hasn’t even been evacuated, his heart paced anxiously, he thought that he will never see her again, she was not dead!!!

She must have went along with other survivors into the supermarket, it must have been that group that left her alone in here. Fortunately, they abandoned her… Otherwise she would have died to the rats just like those who tried to get to the shelter through the sewer!

However, Mo Fan was also not very happy… especially when he saw two rats covered in blood went around the dairy products freezer, Mo Fan’s heart beat even faster and harder anxiously!

Just the thought that his loved one was hiding inside a freezer while two dangerous giant-eyed rats that could instantly kill her wandered near it stir up his stress and anxiety and kept his hair standing on its end as the only thing he could do is make a silent prayer…

As his heart pound, Mo Fan gazed intensely on the monitor screen…

If Mo Fan could rush down there, he would and he would instantly turn those rats into cinders! But even his situation isn’t very good right now, the strength ten dark grotesque isn’t in anyway inferior to two giant-eyed rats and as they were blocking his way out, the only thing he could do from here is to watch from the monitor…

No!! I can’t let it end like this!!!

Regardless of his own danger, just praying alone won’t help Xin Xia escape death! Just waiting there in the freezer will surely end with her death!!

The security door wouldn’t last that long and Xin Xia hiding in that cold freezer is more likely to freeze to her death if she stay inside! That’s a very low temperature freezers specially to store fresh milk!!!

The two rats still hasn’t found Xin Xia inside the freezer yet but they seem to be going to make that meat locker their nest and wouldn’t leave the supermarket anytime soon, it’s impossible for Xin Xia to last anymore than half an hour inside!

She’s been shivering inside there! Just hide her tracks so that the rats couldn’t find her, she hid inside the freezer with such low temperature! To see Xin Xia struggled helplessly alone inside the supermarket and to even resort to hiding inside a freezer to survive broke Mo Fan’s heart.

He made an oath to himself to protect her properly and yet she still has to endure such torment and torture… Fiercely biting his own lips and gripping his first tightly. He knew that he couldn’t wait any longer! Any minute he spend being stuck here meant that Xin Xia is one minute closer to death! Finally Mo Fan sat down and closed his eyes tightly!!

“Little pendant, I let you drank all the water from the holy spring… Now I need to break intermediate level urgently, you will provide as much energy as I need to get there!!!” commanded Mo Fan fiercely.

When Mo Fan was in the chamber, he couldn’t break into the next level successfully on his own so this time, he will rely on the power of this small pendant to achieve it!

The holy spring has indeed been drunk, Mo Fan did not lie about this, just that the water was completely absorbed by the small pendant instead!

Mo Fan really need to break to the next level in this short time… and this time failure is not an option!!!


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