Biting cold… It felt as if ants were all over her body and was biting every inch of it as he felt her his blood had frozen over, unable to flow inside her body. Xin Xia who had been hiding inside the freezer felt like her breathing has slowed down greatly. The cold and tired feeling intertwined, if she just closer her eyes… She could just sleep in peace.

“If I sleep… I will never open my eyes again…” muttered Ye Xin Xia, as she tried to stir herself to stay awake. The two giant rats didn’t notice the little noise not very far from their own. Xin Xia herself didn’t know how long she can stay awake… thinking that at worst, she would just turn into a frozen corpse and then turn into food for those rats later… As the air felt thinner, Xin Xia tried to adjust her own breath and calm, but her mind has began to feel rather confused.



Zhi Zhi Zhi~~~ Si Si Si~~~

Bang!!! Bang!!!

The iron door had been hit repeatedly, leaving several marks on it and one can hear the constant screeching sound as claws tried to rip off the door. These dark grotesque had been given a command, and knowing that Mo Fan is hiding inside, they will never leave until they had personally rip Mo Fan to pieces.

The sharp claws finally managed to make some gaps in the door, and these creatures cried excitedly when they saw that crack in the door, and continued to put more efforts to breaking down the door.

Mo Fan who noticed the sound of the claws becoming clearer and louder than before, but stay seated on the ground not minding the imminent danger at all.

What use is there to panic?

Whether I could live through this, will depends on my two element that resides within!!!

The purple and red elemental star within were exuding a weak but brilliant radiance, as a layer of light were wrapping around them like a veil, and the two radiating stars within were gloriously attempting to pierce through this hazy veil!

The veil was like an eggshell or chrysalis, wrapping the two elemental star in a cocoon of energy, an undercurrent of energy struggling underneath it as a significant amount of magic power were swelling from within!

“BREAKTHROUGH!!!!” shouted Mo Fan in his heart.

On his chest, the small pendant shone brilliantly as it infuse more magic power into Mo Fan’s elemental stars and the scattered energy suddenly coalesced together! Just like countless of small rivers that converge into a single stream, the silently surging river billows with waves and crashes onto the river banks!

Cracks finally appeared on the chrysalis, as cracks extended itself irregularly as the crack become bigger and more widespread!

I can succeed!! I will succeed!!!

Mo Fan’s heart began to stir up, but in his mad attempt to break into intermediate level, the tremendous amount of magic energy fluctuations brought a painful impact to his spiritual world giving him a splitting headache.

Although this is quite normal, Mo Fan believed that he could endure through this impact even though the resulting cracks made him feel like a sword has been wedged into his brain. The impact comes and goes like the ocean storm, surging with waves of pain… This kind of pain wasn’t something that Mo Fan had ever tasted before during his cultivation experience, a hundred thousand times more painful compared to the pain he felt when he exhausted all his magic power, a nightmare to torture and destroy him… If he slacked and lost his focus even for a little bit during the process, all this progress will instantly disappear and he will have to start over!!!

Mo Fan felt like his head is going to explode, his veins bulging out all over his head but he dared not slack! The pain would be just as painful as when those dark grotesque tear him limb from limb, as his willpower started to weaken, he gritted his teeth as he tried to hold on.

In his closed eyes, he could imagine the scene of a girl curled up in a freezer, skittering on the edge of life and death… if she was torn to pieces by those rats, Mo Fan believe that the pain he will bear for this loss in the rest of his life will be thousands more painful!

The pain from the spiritual impact suddenly become five times more!!

Mo Fan gritted even harder!

Ten times more!!!

Mo Fan rolled his tongue, for fear of accidentally biting his tongue in his pain, as his spiritual world become even more precarious as waves of pain kept going.

The purple and red elemental star shone very bright as if it were about to explode before his spiritual world suddenly shook greatly as the two lights dim down… The radiant light become weaker and weaker, even worse than when it was at the usual and seem to have disappear into the dark void.

At this moment, Mo Fan suddenly opened his eyes! His pair of eyes seems unlike human as it becomes darker, housing limitless universe within it, and withing its deepest expanse are the increasingly dimmer lightning and fire elemental stars.

As his pupil dilates even more, Mo Fan’s face suddenly quivered! Within the dark spiritual world, the two elemental stars suddenly broke out even more glorious and radiant than ever, flooding the entire spiritual world with their radiance!

The gorgeous purple star looked like a gem within the spiritual world, very beautiful and stunning!

The hot burning star shone in the dark spiritual world like the red star, radiating and surging with power!

As they exist within his spiritual world, it’s as if a small universe has been created within, the elemental stars creating its own place! Only this time, the originally small group of stars that looked like firefly in the night, looked more like a cluster of stars in a nebula, a shining bright patch in the dark space, and within it were many lustrous stars.

Elemental nebula!!!

Mo Fan felt as if his blood were boiling in his success!

Although these dust like things also existed within the elemental stars, they are very small and could not provide that much magic power for a mage. But a nebula is different altogether, the bright patch and the stars within it have an even greater brilliance and are very clearly visible within his spiritual world!

Pieces of dust and a cloud of dust is obviously very obvious in its gap, if little elemental star within contained a little dust within, then this dense cloud of star cluster have many times more magic power hiding within! It can all be used to cast an even more powerful spell!!!

Elemental Nebula is great and all, but the little stars within are still the most important part in magic spells! The number of stars in the elemental nebula is a total of 49 stars! These awakened stars moving haphazardly within the elemental nebula, made Mo Fan felt dizzy watching them!


“This feeling…” stammered Mo Fan as he looked at his hands.

On the left hand, filled with desire to be unleashed from within, the power of flame were licking around his entire arm, as if showing its inexhaustible power!

On his right hand, arcs of purple lightning covered his arm like ivy coiling all over it, as if competing with the flame on his left arm, eager to show its strength like a proud child!


  1. Welp who told him to breakthrough both elements at the same time. Sword through brain was deserved. Thanks for the chapter

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