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I return with Ye Xin Xia to our aunt’s place to have dinner, I planned to continue cultivating my thunder element but when I get on the cultivation routine as usual, an immediate splitting headache that feels like playing league of legends for three days nonstop, the whole body feels like it’s being hung upside down. (T/N: can someone corroborate to this? lOl 3 days of nonstop gaming)
What the hell is going on??
My whole mind is at rock bottom.
Could it be caused by using the spell twice? Is it possible that the excessive usage of magic is causing extreme spiritual fatigue?
There shouldn’t be any other usage, I didn’t actually fully cast it on the bus but it might still count as casting it twice and draining all my mana?
The thought of spending five months on cultivating the element, believing that the magic power capacity within the star is large enough, but just using them for two lightning spells and the whole lightning element star is feeling rather bleak now.
The usual lightning element star in the spiritual world is usually more colorful, with brilliant purple radiance from the seven small stars echoing in the void, but now the whole star system has lost its luster and gone dark.
Mo Fan was shocked, but calming down himself to rest he begin to notice the lightning element stars slowly recovering its radiance albeit slowly!
“It seems that while it’s at higher capacity the star will shine brighter and will lost some of its brilliance on each attempt to cast, and go completely dimmed when it runs out of lightning energy within”
The element star system itself is storing its elemental energy!
No wonder homeroom teacher Xue Mu Shen kept stressing every day that even when we’re bored we must continue to do spiritual cultivation, it doesn’t matter how talented a magician start out but without sufficient cultivation he/she will stay mediocre.
This whole thing can be summarized: it doesn’t matter how skillful you are, without any mana you’ll still be useless!
Whatever, I’ll think about these stuffs later, I really feel like passing out anytime soon!
Resting in the living room I slept very well until dawn.
This little girl Ye Xin Xia is rather cute, it’s almost midday now and she’s still not up yet.
Mo Fan got up from the bed feeling very refreshed.
Slipping into spiritual meditation, the view of the lightning star system has recover half its brightness it appears that it will soon recover its usual brilliance.
“Yeah, I shouldn’t expose this lightning element in front of strangers, although there’s still law in the current society jealousy knows no bound, if the Mu family found out that I have lightning element I don’t know what kind of shit will hit the fan… I have to cultivate the more common fire element and I could easily deceive everyone” thought Mo Fan about this problem while brushing his teeth.
Just cultivating on one lightning element is quite handful already, how do I get this lightning to be the wife and keep this fire element as the obedient concubine? (T/N alternatively: how do I continue to grow this lightning element while keeping fire element up to par?).
Mo Fan could cultivate lightning element to this point precisely because he put in all the efforts just onto it during the past five months regardless of how fascinating, charming, he cultivated lightning element with a single minded determination.
The annual magic assessment will be in the next six months, if he doesn’t want to show lightning element to others then the only choice is to cultivate fire element in the next semester. However doing so will stall the growth of lightning element, without spiritual cultivation the specific element will not become stronger!
Mo Fan have to make small changes to his original cultivation program.
With the yearly magic examination in about six months’ time, the coming days will require a ten hours a day spiritual cultivation with eight hours on fire element and the remaining two hours on lightning element.
Lightning element will grow very slowly but Mo Fan will still be able to maintain his current mastery over it to a certain extent. It’s quite a blessing to be able to spend eight hours a day on fire element as compared to other students with only five hours a day.
During the lunch time, aunt Mo Qing came back home from work.
Aunt Mo Qing could be considered the most ordinary of ordinary women, a lanky body, a yellow face, the appearance of a good person.
“Mo Fan a, I heard your father told me about you cultivating magic in Tian Lan magic high school! You better work hard o, if you can become elementary magician our family lineage will have magicians again!” said Mo Qing.
Elementary magician in the family lineage??
Our family has been dirt poor for so long, I don’t know when it was that we have a magician ancestor!?
“How about that, why isn’t he around?” asked Mo Fan.
“He’s sending supplies to the mountains for those hunters, I really don’t understand… he’s an ordinary human but I’m not sure where he got the guts to go to the wild mountains, if he encounter those magical beasts they’ll just swallow him whole ah!!” complained Mo Qing.
“Magical beasts staying in the woods are quite far from surrounding city areas right?” said Mo Fan.
Different from the safe environment in the city area, the urban areas near the city outskirts are still quite dangerous with occasional life threatening magical beasts, not to mention ordinary humans going further out of the city limits where even magicians are often killed there.
“What kind of hole did you crawl out? Didn’t you see the warning from hunter’s union warning about the recent magical beasts roaming near the city outskirts? Some magical beasts have been sighted more frequently outside of Bo City limits, we’ve been warned to never go anywhere outside the secure perimeter of the city” said Mo Qing
“It’s not so exaggerated right?” said Mo Fan with a smile.
Mo Fan was rather shocked at this, from the books and articles he read normally magical beasts stay rather far away from any human inhabited city and major organizations such as the famous magic associations, governments and the big magic family regularly patrol areas around the city to ensure the citizen’s safety.
“You ah, you’ve gone stupid from reading too much books. What do you think? What kind of mayor doesn’t way to have a peaceful and prosperous city ah, even if the magical beasts invade the city in order to avoid mass panic they’ll even have to say that everything is in control, in fact closer to the outskirts there’s always magical beasts of some sorts even within the city itself. We just don’t see it near the homes of ordinary humans yet” said Mo Qing with a subdued voice.
Mo Fan was shocked to hear it but still smiled and replied “Auntie, you gotta be too paranoid!”
“well kid, believe it or not I’ll tell you a true story. You know I work in the hospital so it’s not gossip or second hand news”
“ok” nodded Mo Fan
Fortunately, Mo Qing didn’t start which hospital she’s working at otherwise Mo Fan will bored listening to it.
“One night, I went to fetch the meds the doctor need, it seems that the patient in the operating room is an magician, they did something to Dr.Want and I even heard this: even if you’re an apprentice doctor who can’t tell poison marsh to poison water, all the staff here has been hypnotized and won’t remember anything, go go go, let’s quickly return to the hunter’s union and search for that evil-eyed marsh beast before there are more victims in the area!” said Mo Qing with a careful tone.
Mo Qin doesn’t look like she’ fabricating it.
There isn’t actually any magical beasts roaming around the city or even in the city right?!?
This will be too horrible, any encounter with any kind of magical beasts will literally spell death!

Chapter 14 Adfly|Chapter 14|Table of Contents|Chapter 16|Chapter 16 Adfly


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