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“Is dad alright going into the mountain?” asked Mo Fan.
“I’ve got no idea, the city has issued a warning for all citizens to not go anywhere near the forest areas. Your dad said that a team of non hunters has did the supply run to the outpost near the one eyed wolf’s forest nest… Regardless, no matter how I persuade him he still go on and do this dangerous thing” said Mo Qing.
Mo Fan’s face change after realizing the danger of this.
“But the price is also well worth the pay though… they’re getting what’s paid for apprentice magician… but even with all that money if something happened to him…. I don’t even know how to go about hit…” said Mo Qing in anguish.
“Aunty, don’t worry too much, I’m sure he will be careful about this, nothing bad will happen to him… their team is just sending supplies to a designated outpost, the road along the way to the outpost is a secured road too” said Ye Xin Xia.
“Sigh… I still hope that he’ll just work in the city so I don’t have to worry about him like this…” muttered Mo Qing.
Listening to aunt Mo Qing complaining about this gives Mo Fan a bad feeling.
No wonder Mo Fan hasn’t seen his father at all for the past six months, he went and took did work that requires him to go outside the city on a supply run. Even for magicians there’s still risk of death let alone people without magic, but none of the magicians will do this kind of work for a pittance.
Mo Fan hasn’t been idle at his aunt’s place during the holiday, almost every day Mo Fan will go back to Tian Lan magic highschool’s library.
He needed to know a lot of common knowledge, for instance this Black Church.
These people are like terrorist organization, like a big cult, and their range of activities often harm the safety and life of people, furthermore for their own ends they will even use living people as practicing tools, these kind of assholes doesn’t deserve any mercy!
The other thing he has kept up is spiritual cultivation, after knowing that his lightning element star could only cast two spells before depleting their mana, Mo Fan understand the importance of spiritual cultivation better. The whole holiday has been focused on cultivating the fire element magic, even after successfully establishing control over lightning element he still needed to do it step by step for a different element. Regardless of the temptation to establish control straight away so that he can use fire wave as soon as possible Mo Fan continues to cultivate the foundation for fire magic.
Engrossed in the habit of spiritual cultivation, times flies as an arrow, the school holiday has ended. Mo Fan is cleaning the cobwebs in the library before class time. With the rang of the bell, Mo Fan goes to his usual last row position.
Seems like there’s something odd today.
Mo Fan looked at Zhang Hou and found that he’s rather off.
This guy’s eyes always looks like a curious little monkey with cunning look and he’ll pretend to not listen to the class at all.
But today, his eyes are steady, mouth slightly open with an intoxicated bewildered look on his face.
Looking around, Xu Qing Lin, Lu Xiao Bin these other two lecher along with Zhang Hou….!
Ah? Didn’t aunt Mo Qing said about some evil-eyed marsh monster lurking around the city? All these guys got bewitched or something!!
“Good morning students, your practical magic teacher and homeroom teacher is sick and is recuperating at home, starting today I will be your homeroom teacher and I will be in charge of practical magic class. I’m Tang Yue!” said a mature bright voice.
Been used to the hoarse and slow old man voice, all of sudden there’s the gentle voice of a mature woman filled with charm and sexiness, even sleepy Mo Fan suddenly woke up!
Following the voice and looking up, Mo Fan’s dull eyes were enchanted too!
Omg it’s not some friggin bewitching evil eye marsh monster, it’s clearly the hormones of teenage boys shocked by this beautiful teacher.
Teacher Tang Yue wore a standard black skirt, black suit with white inner shirt. The pair of glamorous peaks looks so full that the little button on the shirt looks like a little doorman with his back against the door and whatever inside is bursting out!
This is… pretty terrible
For the boys to get this kind of stimuli early in the morning probably most of the boys will have their little brother up and about.
“Since everyone have just awaken their magic six months ago and nobody can do casting yet, I hope you understand that such great power also requires great control over it otherwise if you lose control over your own power it’ll even backfire on yourself!” said teacher Tang Yue as she starts her lecture.
With such serious tone, most of the little tyrants have also recovered from the initial surprise, she started on the blackboard and write some important aspects of her lecture while the rest of the class fix their nosebleed.
Holy shit… that roundness, Mo Fan believes that within the minds of all the normal boys they’re daydreaming the same thing.
Such a sacred school time, can’t be addle minded, I need to put my focus to studying instead of letting the little bro take over the mind. That said, I’m definitely not wearing tight pants to the practical magic class, I’m not about to let the little tyrant get in the way like a growing ivy. (t/n: seriously, I missed a lot of the authors’ dick jokes/teenage hormone delusion jokes here lol)
The morning class starts with a practical magic class followed by theoretical magic class. Teacher Tang Yue will be doing it in the practice ground and will personally give guidance on the spell casting.
Seriously paying attention to the class, teacher Tang Yue is lecture about the cost of spell cast being different for each elements, but comparing it to Mo Fan’s own experience, he’s wondering how keep up casting spells and didn’t get tired at all?
The practice ground is made of several disjointed barriers where magic power that spilled off the cast gets absorbed by these invisible barriers to prevent injuries outside.
“Watch, I will demonstrate fire element spell fire wave” said teacher Tang Yue standing in the center of the ground.
The students surrounded in a half arc group behind the teacher without even needing teacher Tang Yue to tell them to.
“Fire element spell ah, Mo Fan ge… you should wipe that drool off ah! Can’t believe just looking at that gentle virtuous looking face… Teacher Tang Yue turned out to be a fire magician!” said Zhang Hou while he give him a pat.
“Oooooh! I’m going to learn this fire spell!” react Mo Fan

Chapter 15 Adfly|Chapter 15|Table of Contents|Chapter 17|Chapter 17 Adfly


  1. Author needs to stop with his bad comedy as his novel is suffering due to this. He’s too busy trying to make jokes that the chapters are inconsistent and all over the place.

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