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Usually the air will start warming up turning this cold winter air for some spring breeze by now, but unfortunately the current weather is still too cold! There clouds are dark but it still hasn’t rain yet. The seasonal weather in this Bo city is sometimes extremely capricious.
The morning comes with a cloudless sky with a clear bright sun, just a nap and the sky is not cloudy and dark, it will be very windy and raining at night!
“Is a typhoon coming ah? This damn weather… shuffles every year it just kept changing on its own whim!” complained Zhang Hou in the dorm.
“Zhang Hou, aren’t you wind element? Hey come out and try it out here, the wind is really strong right now, give it a try and see if you can use the elementary wind spell” said Lu Xian Bin in the dorm.
“You fucktard water element, since you’re water element why don’t you go out there in the rain and do some water magic, you’re going out there with an umbrella, do you have any shame at all?” said Mo Fan criticizing Lu Xiao Bin on his idea.
Lu Xiao Bin’s face turned pale at this.
But thinking about it logically, it’s true that heavy rain comes with strong wind, regardless the sky is getting darker and the wind is getting stronger but it still has not rain yet.
The problem for Lu Xiao Bin is that soon it will be assessment time and so far he’s only got control over 4 small stars, it’s still a long way to the elementary water spell!
“Zhang Hou you monkey, can you really use wind path yet? Come and show it off ah, be honest ok, so far we’ve only seen that violent fire element Zhou Min use it” said another student Cheng Tian.
“I can use it but it’s not a 100 percent success rate yet” said Zhang Hou slightly shy.
“Monkey, do it once ah, I kinda want to see what’s the wind element spell” said Mo Fan as he lit up and put down the books on his hand.
“The room is too small for this”
“Corridor ah, how about there?”
“Well… I can try but I’m not skilled enough yet” nodded Zhang Hou.
Near the end of the semester, this kid is actually quite talented and hardworking, he’s one of the few people in the class capable of controlling all seven small stars.
Everyone curious to the elemental spells gathered around the corridor to watch Zhang Hou use his magic.
Zhang Hou closed his eyes and begin to enter into spiritual meditation.
His build up is going very slowly, it seems that he’s not very skilled in controlling his stars yet.
Everyone could hear the rhythm of his breath as he focused.
“Hu Hu Hu~~~”
Suddenly a book on the table flipped over.
An old dormitory door started creaking.
Raising the dusts from the floor, blowing off a dirty underwear from under a bed, the dorm manager tries to catch it in time, adding a little flair as the underwear escape his grasps, swaying in the wind… so cool!
“Wind Path! Haste!”
Zhang Hou’s temperament suddenly changed, his eyes turning green, skirts dancing wildly in the wind.
As soon as he cast the spell, the nearby rooms’ utensils, cups, toothbrushes rattled and banged at the wall, moving towards the specified path.
Mo Fan hastily look hard at these broken debris, dusts and random things and was surprised to find that there’s a special kind of windy pathway starting from Zhang Hou extending all the way along the corridor until toilet!
“Whooosh!” Suddenly Zhang Hou moves with a burst of speed.
Where Zhang Hou were earlier he moved with incredible speed along the path’s trajectory towards the toilet with the wind rushing violently!
“Holy fuckin speed!” shouted Lu Xiao Bin.
The other students quickly looked into the corridor their eyes tracking Zhang Hou. However just as they were going into the corridor Zhang Hou has almost reach the end of the corridor with his burst of speed!
Too fast!
What elementary spell, even in such limited environment it’s already so fast, imagine that spell at full power!
Mo Fan’s heart race in excitement at this awesome elementary spell, the feel of running along that path of wind must be really good!
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Help …. …….”
Everyone in the corridor inexplicably shivered at that loud crash, just up ahead Zhang Hou’s figure is printed on the toilet’s door.
Broken faucets are spraying water around, some of the toilet shitting bowls broke and the stench of shit drifted towards the entire floor without the door to the condemnation of everyone.
The windy path has finally dissipate as Zhang Hou fell stiffly to the ground, his nose bleeding.
This was actually rather dangerous, unfortunately that piece of underwear flutters after the wind died down and fell just right on top of his face, like when a dead man gets his face covered.
Lu Xiao Bin and the dorm manager hurriedly picked up Zhang Hou and bring him back to the room.
The manager quickly snatch his underwear back and see a little blood on it.
“Manager did you have your period?” said Lu Xiao Bin laughing.
“Go to hell” the manager looked at his beloved underwear with dismay and quickly throw it into the trash can.
Mo Fan quietly thought back to all this, the dorm manager roared everyone back to their bed, as if none of this had happened at all.
The wind element spell feels pretty good ah! The movement speed is a bit slower than a car’s max speed but that’s just because Zhang Hou is still new to this, otherwise dat speed!
“You little bastards, it’s almost the annual assessment time, you idiots better do your cultivation instead of making troubles, the next time I see you do this again I’ll peel your skins!” roared the manager to the entire dormitory.

The annual assessment has finally arrived, for many people this is a terrible nightmarish day because they are likely to be kicked out of the school and sent back tragically back to their parents.
Cultivating magic isn’t a child’s play, in any system of any magic school, those inappropriate to cultivate magic will be kicked out as soon as possible, letting them find another way in life instead of wasting their time and resources trying to swim at the boundless sea of magic.
But for those who cultivate hard and put a lot of efforts in, today is the day to prove themselves, especially those tyrants who can now display their skills!
The typhoon has passed, the weather is good in the morning, the crisp summer air has come.
At Mu family manor.
Mu Bai deliberately wear a white shirt embroidered with plum flowers, a neat pair of pants, bearing the appearance of one with noble birth and humble temperament.
Appearing with his handsome and simple yet elegant dress, he has captured the hearts and minds of many girls.
With his noble bloodline of Mu family members how can those vulgar women be fit for him, his goal is nothing but this arrogant Mu Ning Xue… Of course if teacher Tang Yue gives in, he’ll also happily accept her.
“Mu Bai ah, you look good today. You know, the young children of Mu family is allocated a number of cultivation resources every year, each contribution to the family will increase that resource given, in addition to looking at the cultivation results too. You have to quickly make an unforgettable impression in this Mu family ah!” said Mu He as he personally sent Mu Bai in his black car to school.
As part of the Tian Lan magic high school council members, Mu He is also presiding over the annual exam in person.
Regardless of what Mu He said everything will depends on how Mu Bai do later, all he can do is hope that Mu Bai can show his talent before the council members later!
“Uncle you can rest assured!” said Mu Bai confidently.
Remembering something, Mu Bai turned to his uncle and whispered ”Uncle, I heard Mu Nin Xue will go to Tian Lan magic high school today?”

Chapter 18 Adfly|Chapter 18|Table of Contents|Chapter 20|Chapter 20 Adfly


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