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“Yes ah! In this very important day for Tian Lan magic high school, Mu Ning Xue came back ahead of her summer holiday from the empire university, I asked the patriarch to asked her make a speech at the school and watch this session’s annual magic assessment” said Mu He.
Mu He saw the sparkle in Mu Bai’s eyes and instantly know what’s on his mind, he patted him on his shoulder and said “Don’t worry, when it’s your turn in the assessment, I will definitely have her watch, the patriarch will also watch you. If you can impress the patriarch, you will likely get more resources to our family, you know that there are many outstanding children in our family to compete with. If you can make the patriarch value you more, you might get two or three months use of that stardust magic device it will only benefit you!”

“The stardust magic device? Is that true? Will I also have the opportunity to use that magic device?”

“Of course, what do you think we are plebeians? What do you think makes us different from them, superior genes? Family influence? These things are good, but a star dust magic device! If you can become the family’s core member, you will also get to use the device and with that your cultivation will goes over leaps and bounds from everyone in the school.”

“Uncle… I must do well!!”

Leave the whole school in dusts!!

Mu Bai appears to be boiling up at this fact, it’s no wonder that children of those families seems to progress like a mad man, it turns out that they’re using this stardust magic device.

For these apprentice students their current cultivation period is limited to five hours each day, leaving the rest of the day to studying magic theories and knowledge.

This stardust magic device is coveted among all magicians as the soul recovery device. Mu Bai doesn’t know how this magical device works but he knows that it helps the cultivators recover from spiritual fatigue faster.

Generally five hours a day to cultivation leaves nineteen hours to do other things, for example sleep or simply trying to survive, even if many of the students want to go any further than five hours, there’s no helping for that the nineteen hours recovery time for spiritual fatigue.
After a such intense activity with their spiritual force, the mind needed to rest otherwise even the mind itself might collapse.
But this star dust magic device is the exception! Shortening fatigue recovery and lengthening the cultivation time!

If using it for a day or two there’s not much effect but one or two months? The difference between those who use it and those who don’t will go even further, leaving their other non user peers in the dust!

Cultivation efficiency differs from one to another but with this stardust magic device even if the person itself is slow he could still lead everyone by the noose! All that talent and efforts will give twice the rewards in cultivation!

“Uncle, you told me before that elite students will have the opportunity to use stardust magic device, is this really true?” said Mu Bai excitedly.

“Yes, since it’s a school of course we do have some cultivation resources but school’s resources is limited and with so many students it’s impossible to give it to everyone. Therefore the annual assessment is to filter for these elite students. Those students will be allocated a certain time with a stardust magic device. Looking at your progress, you will absolutely have no problem getting into the elite class. There’s nothing I can do about the time slot, but even if you only gets a little time using the device it will still give you big benefits. School is after all a fair place. Regardless, whether it’s the Mu family’s stardust magic device or the school’s it’s not something the commoners can get their hands on so you have to cherish this opportunity!” admonished Mu He.

“Rest assured uncle, I will not let you down” said Mu Bai

“It doesn’t matter what I say, you have to impress the patriarch and Mu Ning Xue there! “said Mu He as he patted Mu Bai on the shoulders.

Mu Bai nodded but couldn’t help to sneer in his mind “Xu Zhao Ting, you can strut all around now but how could you compare to the giant that is the Mu Family supporting me, it’s impossible for you to match up to me all your life!” (t/n: iz the guy with lightning at school)

“Yeah how about that Mo Fan brat?” Mu He casually asked as if he remembered a pebble by the roadside.
“This waste needs to be cleaned up” said Mu Bai without disguising his disdain.

Mu Bai really hates Mo Fan. Although when they were very young this Mo Fan guy has always been leading over a bunch of other kids just like Monkey King, it’s unthinkable for Mu Bai that even the distinguished Mu Ning Xue actually make friends with them and was very close too!

WHY?! He’s like the common wild monkey running around the mountain, all of him screams and reeks of poverty!
Does he know what real power is? Status? How ridiculous and cheap his life is that it deserved to be looked down on?

A servant’s son has no other future, has no vision or ambition their only other choice is fighting on the streets in the slum.

“I give him a chance at magic on the account of this Mo Xing, I didn’t really mean to help but his son is really a fool, he can’t even become a magician. Alas, for a lot of people wasting their money to try they didn’t realize that they aren’t even worthy to be compared to our family’s children, what? comparing some piss to a son of the dragon? It seems that poverty and incompetence is inherited from generation to generation” said Mu He as he smoked a cigarette.

Mu He’s half squinty eyes looking like an old fox clearly show disdain and ridicule for those bunch of contemptible creatures.

Chapter 19 Adfly|Chapter 19|Table of Contents|Chapter 21|Chapter 21 Adfly

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