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Student dormitory

“Bro, it’s time almost time for the assessment, let’s go now I don’t want to be late” said Zhang Hou.

“You go first, I’ll catch up later”

“Don’t be late ah!”

More and more students wearing neat uniform shuffle out from the dormitory heading towards the exam ground.

The assessment is also have the usual exam with pen and papers but the main focus on practical skills and the result of their cultivation through the year. To put it plainly, this is the first placement test for all the students after their awakening.

The usual practice ground has been turned into something different altogether with tables arranged in a semi circular fashion surrounding a suspended star appraisal stone. This star appraisal stone looks like a black colored pebbles the size of a watermelon.

This appraisal stone is the most important instrument in today’s assessment.

The annual assessment is very simple, just like the awakening ceremony, as long as the student put their hands on this star appraisal stone, the examiners will be able to measure the student’s cultivation results based on the elemental star’s brightness.

Just like college entrance exam, the students’ fate will be judge based on this assessment and similarly in this magical world, either you continue to progress and find better opportunities or get out and find another way.

“Remember what I told you, show the glory of your strength by your elemental star, students of class eight prove the results of your efforts for the past year, it’s time for your star to bloom!” said teacher Xue Mu Shen passionately.

“Xue teacher, I’m sorry, I might be kicked out of school” said a feeble looking girl filled with anxious and distress, attracting pity from other students.

“Don’t be so pessimistic, it will work out well”

“But I’m stupid, even if I work very hard at it the elemental star still look weak” said He Yu.

“He Yu, don’t be afraid, even if you’re not qualified, there’s still me, at least there’s still one magician in the family” said another student Lu Jian Hua to He Yu.

“Stfu and go else where, you can’t even guarantee yourself yet”

“I’m not kidding, just wait for me to show you, I’ll use this my element’s brightness will blind your dog eyes!” said Lu Jin Hua with pride.

Soon the principal and the examiners have show up and take their place.

The examiners are the disciplinary teachers which scares most of the students.

“Silence, some of the magic council members will visit today’s annual assessment, I hope you will give your all on this” reminded Xue Mu Sheng to the students.

The examiners will be measure a total of 30 freshmen classes consisting of 1500 Tian Lan magic high school students, standing in groups based on their class giving of a spectacular feeling.

Before the assessment, as usual the headmaster will give a speech, after that the council members’ turn. When Mu He took the podium, he encourage the students to think of a better future as a magician, but Mo Fan within the crowd couldn’t help but laugh.

His speech is filled with hope for the younger generations but Mo Fan knows better than anyone else this Mu He’s virtues.

“Today is a very special day”
“Because we have invited the most outstanding female magician from our Bo city, she was exceptionally admitted into the empire magic university at the age of 15, I think many of you have heard of her legendary accomplishments… Yes, she is Mu Ning Xue! Let us applaud to this genius university student for coming to this assesment session!” said Mu He excitedly.

His words have successfully rouse every student on the practice ground.

“Wah, it’s Mu Ning Xue, I heard that when she awakened her ice element the ground beneath her were frozen”

“That’s all rumors but this is the most accurate, I heard that she only took eight months to learn the elementary spell ice wave”

“Eight months…. OMG!? I’ve gone a year but I’ve only managed to control five stars! Is she even human?”

“Those are not important okay… the most important is that she’s a great beauty endowed with both the looks and talent enough to be Bo city’s pride!”

All of sudden the ground is filled with chatters about Mu Ning Xue, nobody doesn’t know about her feats! They did not expect to be able to see the legendary genius at the annual assesment!

“Fan boss, it’s the little princess ah! she really come to our school” said Zhang Hou with a look filled with excitement as he pulled Mo Fan.

Mo Fan looked at the stage and indeed see a beautiful figure standing like a proud silent lotus, a white colored high waist skirt demonstrating her proud posture vividly. What attracts people weren’t the charm of the beauty but the stunning and exquisite silver colored hair….

Despite the hot weather, the girl standing proudly on the podium is like a fairy of snow and ice coming to the mortal world, so beautiful and holy!

The teachers and students were silence by this surprising appearance of her.

They have heard many tales about Mu Ning Xue but have never seen her in person, who would have thought that she really look like the ice goddess, even if she’s still a teenager, whether it’s her temperament, dress, or that snowy silver flowing hair is all perfect!

This is Mu Ning Xue??

Even the elegance seeps out from the bones.

How long has it been since Mo Fan saw her last, three years ago?

Previously the group of kids that play together likes to call her little princess, while she’s a princess in their hearts, living in a castle in the mountain, a pretty girl dress in ordinary clothes and accessories that looks cute and charming…

But in three years time, it feels like she’s very different now!

The changes are really too big!

While she have this cheerful and approachable feel back then, she feels quite aloof now…

Does her temperament change? or with age her mental state grow so much?

“Fan boss, you should have elope with the little princess…” Zhang Hou looked at Mu Ning Xue and sighed.

“Did the toilet door hit your head silly?”
“Uh Oh I’m just saying”

Chapter 20 Adfly|Chapter 20|Table of Contents|Chapter 22|Chapter 22 Adfly



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