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Mu Ning Xue’s brief speech seems to have rouse the students in excitement and passion as if proving their strength will allow them to be admitted to the empire magic university.

The empire magic university is one of the best university in the country, just having a few students admitted in has been extraordinary.

With such a low acceptance rate from Bo city, this Mu Ning Xue is even more special because she enter into the empire magic university while she was still in high school.

“Fan boss, you gotta work harder for two years and then get into empire magic university, by then even the Mu family can’t do anything when you take the princess’ hand ah… hey ! hey!” said Zhang Hou.

Zhang Hou was about to continue before this Zhao Kun San intercept.

“Do not be ridiculous, don’t even talk about going into magic university, your boss is going to get kicked out of school today!”

“Zhao Kun San are you crazy? My boss didn’t even offend you but you have to cut in and bark like a dog?” said Zhang Hou after enduring it.

Regardless of their social status Zhang Hou is now one of the few outstanding students, those that could actually use magic spell, Zhang Hou doesn’t know why this Zhao Kun San slagger that could only control up to three stars find the backing to challenge him.

“He did not offend me, but I could not acknowledge this shameless bitch! I really do not understand how this asshole have the gall to talk to Mu Ning Xue xiao jie (t/n: or ojou-sama), you should know your place, if it’s not because of you doing the stupid shit our Zhao family wouldn’t have been banished too!” cursed Zhao Kun San at Mo Fan.

Zhao Kun San’s family is also considered as the servant of the Mu family in this Bo city.

The word servant might be quite backwards and primitive, but when the whole family’s living depends on working for the Mu family for instance gardening the flowers and trees of the whole Mu family estate, how is being a gardener any different from what servants do?

Mu family’s Manor is as large as the nobles from the ancient times, the usual noble’s staffs perhaps have only a few hundreds of people but here there’s at least a thousand servants.

Hearing the old tales from other people, it seems that back then the entire Bo city is the home of the Mu family, the first tyrant of the city, therefore naturally there are many families like Mo Fan’s or Zhao Kun San’s up till now.

Zhao Kun San does hate Mo Fan deeply, if it’s not for his audaciousness angering the Patriach, the gardener families might still live very well till now.

“Mo Fan, do you have any brains in that skull at all? Even I know that there are some people that I can’t dream to even touch, Just by being at arm’s length is already good enough for the family, jumping into their own death, you think this is a fairy tale for a toad to eat swan meat? fuck off with that toad marrying princess plot!” pointed Zhao Kun San at Mo Fan with disdain.

The appearance of Mu Ning Xue has completely brought up all the grievances that Zhao Kun San has been keeping for a long time.

Mo Fan’s stupid shit affected too many people, too many families.

The princess should be kept at arm’s length, kept at a respectful distance.

This is not a fairy tale, just by crossing the boundary the king can just hit with a little more tax and the whole village, the whole town’s farming family will be even more miserable!

Today, standing on the podium after the speeches is a fair faced middle aged man full of tyrant’s arrogance.

This Mu Zhuo Yun can make waves in Bo city with just a stomp.

The man Mo Fan enraged is this person.

It can be said that not turning the whole Mo Family into a beggar has been considered a great kindness!

“Zhao Kun San shut your trap!” said Zhang Hou.

“What? Did i say anything wrong?” said Zhao Kun San.

Mo Fan looked at Zhao Kun San. Indeed

Some people only understand some things after years have past, those who originally laughed at the stupid rich people who score terrible in school and then spend ridiculous amount of money to study abroad to get a cool diploma, can casually come back and get a job with tens of thousands worth of salary while those who work hard and was admitted to good local universities is drowned in the bottom still working, those who laughed at the stupid rich people still can’t close the gap with the rich… in the end of the day they still lose the fight, still a tired and poor dog.

Zhao Kun San saying those things does reveal their more mature and realistic mind rather than those stupid jeers and rumor mongering. It’s better to accept the harsh reality than to have hope and dreams dashed away and become a nightmare that hounds you!

But Mo Fan have no reason to make this a reality for Zhao Kun San to enjoy and can’t help but feel ridiculous instead.

“Zhao Kun San, you have a great potential to be a good dog, I admire and respect that one also needs to have the mind to be able to do this, but this Mo Fan can never do this in my life!” retorted Mo Fan.

“You fucker, even if I’m a dog, I’m a dog that gets to eat good food, live in a house, wear expensive clothes compared to you a stray dog, it’s a dog that eat garbage, doesn’t look at itself which heap of garbage it climbed out from? Even the most valuable opportunity do not know how to cherish, have to sell his own house to get to this magic high school only to be kicked out. I would like to ask your father Mo Xing, if he ever regret not putting you down when you were born, to wash away all that misfortune! ” cursed Zhao Kun San.

Mo Fan’s criticism hit Zhao Kun San in the weak spot, Zhao Kun San wasn’t a fool and he admitted that he’s a dog just to get back at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan looked around the crowd and sure enough he could see a Mu Bai with a pair of sparking eyes gloating at this.

This was the little master that he beat down back then, they are still children, this whole thing about children playing fighting is harmless.

Now their fate will change dramatically after this magic assessment where Mu Bai do have a chance to payback!

For now Zhao Kun San is looking for a chance to give him a ruthless knife in the back.

Not bad… Not bad, this stupid kid that I used to beat up like a bastard dog now knows how to scheme around, like father like son, it’s worth his father’s training for so many years.

Chapter 21 Adfly|Chapter 21|Table of Contents|Chapter 23|Chapter 23 Adfly



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