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“Well stop talking, the assessment will start now and anyone who make a ruckus will be directly disqualified!” said a bald examiner.

“I don’t think Mu Ning Xue xiao jie will expect seeing you in a magic high school assessment only to see you get kicked out of school, I think she will regret that she ever did want to run away with such a waste?” said Mu Bai without hiding his insidious remark in his whisper to Mo Fan.

“You have bad breath, I don’t like smelling shit, go far away from me” said Mo Fan blocking his nose.

Mu Bai gets smoke coming out of his head.

Let this arrogant brat have his short moment!

Back then, he had his face planted in the mud in front of Mu Ning Xue and this Mu Bai hasn’t been able to look up in front of Mu Ning Xue without feeling shame until today.

Today I will put this Mu Bai guy in even worse place.

It doesn’t matter if he get kicked out of school and lose his face in front of Mu Ning Xue or get ridiculed and looked down by Mu Ning Xue but how can he lose his father Mo Xing’s face, even selling their house to get him into this magic highschool!

In the annual assessment, it’s a normal thing to have unqualified students to be kicked out but the school will usually be quite proper and have the school’s teacher to inform you personally.

However there’s a case where the school will declare that the student have very little growth! Under normal circumstances, after awakening their magic even an idiot who cultivate diligently every day will gradually grow their elemental star brighter unless the student is extremely lazy!

Therefore to punish such waste of magic resource and to warn other students that cultivation isn’t a trifling matter, if you dawdle the school will directly announce to the whole school of such students.

A makeshift assessment and briefing at school is usually set up to spur these underachievers and at the beginning of the semester, every students go through a rough assessment and at that time Mo Fan’s cultivation is almost non existant and homeroom teacher Xue Mu Sheng lectured Mo Fan angrily.

The semester is now over and the most important examination is here. Unsurprisingly Mo Fan could see this notification at the bulletin board all over the school. Of course in order to prevent any accidents, Mu Bai and his uncle has also prepared a very special gift for Mo Fan on this ocassion.

This gift is enough to make sure that Mo Fan will be the first person to ever get this special punishment prize since three years ago. It’s incredibly fortunate that Mu Ning Xue will also be watching the spectacular view and that thought put Mu Bai in good mood. Today’s performance will give him the meteoric rise no more having to put up with seeing that bastard!


Annual assessment is starting!

The testing process is very simple, in the full view of everyone the student will put their hand on the device and concentrate on their spiritual meditation, at this time the star appraisal stone will emit light that will determine the student’s cultivation based on the brightness.

Each student has three opportunities where the brightest will be their final result. The better their focus on the spiritual meditation the better the device can accurately show the strength of the student’s elemental star.

The tested student is chosen randomly and the first to get up is the feeble looking He Yu. She looked so nervous with everyone’s gaze looking at her filled with fear face.

“You can start” said the bald examiner.

“He Yu, you can do it, we believe in you!” said teacher Xue Mu Sheng.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t do well, I’ll still keep you!” said the less nervous Zhang Jian Hua.

Closing her eyes timidly, she put her hand on the device and enter into spiritual meditation.

The students grow silent as they watch this girl intently becoming more anxious than her. Nobody knows why but after starting the test, this He Yu’s temperament seems to change where she now looked serious without any trace of panic.

The device seems to feel more glorious, looking like the sun rising from dawn with He Yu concentrating, this brilliant light gradually spread throughout and light up the whole star appraisal stone!




At that moment all three examiners almost simultaneously report their assessment.

“Student’s final grade is A!” said the bald examiner blankly.

He Yu opener her eyes filled with joy and weakly asked “I… really A A A?”

Despite how the weird the crying girl looked like everyone have to admit that her test result does shock everyone else.

“I… I got A ah, this might get into the elite class ah!”

“This is too crazy, before this she was so nervous and cried so we thought that she’ll fail the test, wtf she got an A instead!!”

“This magic freak is a typical honor student, I can’t believe this”

This results does put many classmates dumbfounded but also raised their morale, it’ll be very good is they can get B how could people who get A worry about anything!

Teacher Xue Mu Sheng’s face was so stiff shocked, he was actually fooled by this female student but with that A assessment Xue Mu Shen is still quite happy. Xue Mu Sheng really hope that his class can be one of the top three class in their average student score.

The biggest competitor is from class seven next door, the lightning element student Xu Zhao Ting. It’s unknown how much he has progressed now but hopefully the most outstanding in the class Mu Bai will not be inferior compared to him!

“Do you want to take the additional assessment?” said the bald examiner.

He Yu hurriedly shook her head and said “I could only control six stars, I’ll pass”

“Well, follow that teacher and she will bring you to your place” said the bald examiner.

“Thank you teacher”

He Yu happily came down the stage looking to chat with other students only to find that the nearest student is a meter away elsewhere and she couldn’t help but to wonder…

“Next, Zhang Hou”

Zhang Hou this little monkey was so excited and did not expect it to be his turn so soon.

“Fan boss, Imma go” said Zhang Hou

“Yeah, calm down and do well” said Mo Fan.

“Don’t try to guide others, it makes people want to puke” quipped Zhao Kun San.

Mo Fan wondered if this Zhao Kun San is using an auto follow chat mode otherwise how can this guy pour a cargo of cold water over at such timing??

Chapter 22 Adfly|Chapter 22|Table of Contents|Chapter 24|Chapter 24 Adfly


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