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Zhang Hou looked at Xue Mu Sheng teacher and also found the practical class teacher Tang Yue too.

“Work hard, I believe in you too” said teacher Tang Yue.

Zhang Hou nodded and went over the Star appraisal stone.

Closing his eyes, he calmed himself, taking deep breaths and slowly enter into spiritual meditation.

The stone sensed the connection to Zhang Hou’s elemental star but it seems that Zhang Hou is a little nervous and the stone feels like it’s unable to completely measure it. However once Zhang Hou manage to focus himself a brilliant light in glorious green color shone out of the stone a little brighter than He Yu’s but with a little instability.




The examiner seems to have different views on the results.

“Teacher, I’d like to try again”

Zhang Hou is apparently unhappy with this result and once more enter spiritual meditation. This time more calm than the previous try.

Intense wave of light shone throughout the star appraisal stone, this time clearly brighter and very stable compared to He Yu’s attempt.

Three examiners looked at each other and nodded




“Final Grade A+”

When the final result come out, all the students is filled with surprise and admiration.

“OMG A+, he’s getting into the elite class for sure ah! This Zhang Hou look like some damn monkey, I didn’t expect him to have such strong cultivation”

“I wish i could get A+ too, my dad will give me a car for it!”

Xue Mu Shen and Tang Yue also smile and nodded at the result, their eyes filled with praise. Zhang Hou is one of the students they were rather optimistic with, so this result is totally acceptable.

“Student, you can go down now, we’re done with it” said the bald examiner

“Teacher, I want to try the next test” said Zhang Hou cheekily.

“Are you sure?” said another examiner sounding surprised.

“I know that for the assessment for elite class needs another test in addition to having high rank on the first part, so I want to take the extra test” said Zhang Hou positively.

Xue Mu She and  Tang Yue teacher smile at this knowing that Zhang Hou is actually aiming for this!

The true assessment is divided into two tests, first test is to measure the result of their cultivation, the vast majority of the students will be aiming to pass this test in order to continue learning at magic high school. While the second test is established only to filter for the best students, in over a thousand students about one hundred best will become the top students.

If you can complete the second test which is casting spell, the annual assessment score will of course get higher score!

In order to get the limited resources available at school, all the students will be going all out to show their ability!


Zhang Hou’s initial start to casting the spell is quite smooth, but in the end it wasn’t able to get the elemental stars to go into the magic pathways. Even though he failed the test but taking into account the level of control, he should be awarded some additional points for his performance.

Zhang Hou come out of the test a little dejected with his head hung down. Tang Yue teacher like a gentle big sister patted him on the shoulder and said “Don’t be disheartened, with your current grade you’ll surely get into the elite class”

“Teacher, I thought I’ve been quite skillful with it, I didn’t think that just a little nervous and every time I tried to control the stars they just keep collapsing and I have to start all over again. Teacher how do get so good in  doing this casting” Zhang Hou asked.

“Naturally it takes plenty of practice, in addition to that the state of mind… a qualified magician doesn’t have only a solid foundation but also an impeccable calm mind”

Zhang Hou nodded like a woodpecker.

“Next, Huang Fei Feng”

“final grade B!”

“Teacher, I’m A… I’m A ah!”

“Baseless challenge to results, cancel it”

“Next, Luo Si”


Luo Si is jumping around in happiness because even a student as bad as he is, he could still get a C.


The class eight students get their assessment done one by one with most students having B and C results, with only a few As.

“Look, the school council members are going touring around the tests”

“That guy on the class seven… should be that lightning element dude!”

“I heard from Xu Ting, that guy should be the best in school ah”

“I don’t think so, I heard Mu Bai’s cultivation is also very high”

Mo Fan heard the students chat and look towards the group where class seven students are having their assessment. For sure, there are a handful of student council members with Mu Ning Xue nearby.


“Mu Zhuo Yun old boss, this is my school’s highest cultivation student, Xu Zhao Ting. A year ago he awakened lightning element causing a stir through the school and I’m quite concerned about it. He’s now having his assessment, would you like to have a look?” said Tian Lan magic high school’s headmaster.

Even the principal of the magic high school have to be courteous to Mu Zhuo Yun, this just shows how high his status in Bo city.

“Would Mu Ning Xue xiao jie like to have a look at his performance?”

“Yeah” Mu Ning Xue nodded.

Lightning element, the first and strongest of the basic element it’s destructive capability can make other magicians tremble in front of their might!

In the examination room, there’s a student standing there, adjusting his breathing, phasing out the pressure from the teachers and other students as he focus on spiritual meditation. Ever since he entered the school he has been the focus of the entire school and has gotten used to enduring all the gaze.

“Obey me!”

“Lightning element magic!”

『Lightning Strike』!!!

Raising his hand, an arc of purple lightning spring from his hand, streaking like a python writhing its body, roiling in the air!


The arc of lightning madly descended upon the humanoid shaped practice target causing it to violently quivered, charring wherever the lightning hits, with cracklings of thunder the practice target instantly exploded and destroyed beyond recognition.

On the examination ground only a scary looking piece of blackened charred looking thing is left, the devastated target has become a pile of blackened debris.

The lightning spell instantly steal the gaze of every eyes in the exam ground, even other top students couldn’t help but gasped at the destruction.

WTF… what wind path… or water shield… or even fire wave…wont this lightning element’s overbearing power be better than any other element, it could even instantly turn that target practice into pieces of junk… this devastating power!!!

Each and everyone watching was standing there speechless…

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