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Xu Zhao Ting watched the destruction caused by his power and revealed a face filled with satisfaction. He looked around waiting for the examiners to announce his result and see a pair of bright snowy eyes that belongs to Mu Ning Xue! Xu Zhao Ting is surprised, he did not expect to see Mu Ning Xue watching his exam! She must be surprised, after all lightning element’s destruction is incomparable to other elements!



“What do you think Ning Xue?” asked Mu He smilingly.

“Ordinary…” said Mu Ning Xue without batting an eye and moving on.

Several school council members and the headmaster have a stiff shocked face after hearing it. Lightning element itself is quite extraordinary but to her it’s just another common element…perhaps this girl’s standards is so much higher!

“HeHe, he’s actually very good, it’s just that Ning Xue is already at university level where many genius and talented students gathered. In comparison to this basic lightning element spell perhaps she’s using the empire university standard to measure his level” explained Mu Zhuo Yun with a smile to the principal and Mu He.

“So you’re saying that this Xu Zhao Ting has a good chance to be admitted into Empire University?” the principal taking advantage of this asked loudly around the other council members.Sure enough, several other members echo similar sentiment about this.

“This is expected, Xu Zhao Ting will accordingly take first place on the assessment!” said the school director Chen Guang Liang.

“It’s not set in the stone yet, as far as I know class eight’s Mu Bai is also quite strong” said the vice principal.

As he said that Mu He’s face is filled with smile and immediately follow up on Mu Zhuo Yun and Mu Ning Xue saying “Boss, our Mu family’s Mu Bai have good results in his cultivation too, would you like to have a look at his assessment?”

“Mu Bai? Whose son is that?”

“He’s Mu Yang’s son, Mu Yang has already passed away, I saw the pair of mother and child bullied by people in another place so I had them moved into the manor. Mu Bai is a very sensible and hardworking child, I suppose even more than some other children in our Mu family…. Oh of course, there’s still an insurmountable gap between him with Mu Ning Xue, but I think he’s a good seedling to nurture” said Mu He to Mu Zhuo Yun gingerly.

Even though Mu He could be considered to have much authority, even then he’s one hand short compared to Mu Zhuo Yun, within the manor the authority ultimately rest on the hands of Mu Zhuo Yun and there’s nothing Mu He can do about it.

“En… that sounds good, let’s have a quick look then… What does other council members think about it?” said Mu Zhuo Yun.

“Since it’s a Mu Family’s children we’re quite interested in it”

A group of people begin to slowly walk towards class eight’s assessment area.

These very well know group of leaders might be fleeting existence in the eyes of the students, but to other students on similar age a passing by Mu Ning Xue gives an exhilarating moment to this assessment. On the exam area, the boys who saw the passing dream like goddess is filled with bloody inspiration.

“My god… the school’s leaderships are coming here!”

“They’re really coming ah! My hands are shaking…”

“The timing is too good! It’s a good time for me to show all I have”

“You cover their eyes with wool, you have ended your assessment you C slagger”

The students of class eight could hardly contain their excitement.

Each one of their fate lie on this annual assessment, as long as they can make a good impression and caught the attention of the people in the leadership group, their lives will also drastically change. This in turn have set the mood in the testing ground even more solemn and dignified to the extreme.

Mu He walking at the front of the group was noticed by the bald examiner who immediately raised his head to look at him. Mu He made a secret hint at the examiner who pretend to see nothing and dully announced “Next, Mu Bai!”

Mu Bai’s eyes are still focused on Mu Ning Xue in disbelief, because even when they lived in the same manor he has never been in such close distance to the princess!

“Mu Bai, your turn” coughed Mu Bai as a reminder.

Mu Bai finally reacted.

It can’t be helped, Mu Bai liked Mu Ning Xue for too many years, even knowing that it’s unlikely that he’ll ever be together with her but even then he cannot tolerate this bastard Mo Fan kind of garbage profaning the princess! It’s finally time to prove himself after so many years of effort!

Mu Bai nodded and calmly walk onto the assessment area.

He has been waiting for this for a very long time, Mu Bai calmed himself and take a deep breath.

To get the family’s attention and Mu Ning Xue’s attention has been the very dream of Mu Bai and today both of this meager dreams will be achieved!

Putting his hand on the appraisal stone, Mu Bai repress his agitation and gather his focus.

Mu Bai has put a lot of effort in his training, even if his state of mind is even more excited and nervous than anyone else, he still skilfully enter into spiritual meditation.

A cold white wave of ice quickly spread from the appraisal stone causing a wave of cold cloud around it. The ice wave is so cold they could sense the ice cold feeling overflowing from the stone on their face.

The class and teachers alike were shocked in trance at this sight.

The brilliant light spilling out of the appraisal stone is even more superior compared to the A++ assessment on Zhou Min(fire girl)!


The examiners give the score of all S even on the first try!

“I remember that Xu Zhao Ting boy gets two S and one A right?”

“So this Mu Bai student is even better than Xu Zhao Ting ah!” immediately said Mu He.

Xue Mu Sheng was dumbfounded at this scene, did Mu Bai also have this kind of strength?

Indeed the children of a genius’ family, I thought that Mu Bai can only get an S at most, I didn’t expect him to get three S instead!!!

Three S, the final score is naturally S!

This will definitely put him at the top of the school without any doubt!

“Wooooow, this Mu Bai is too crazy, he even manage to get three S if you compared his result to Xu Zhao Ting, Mu Bai is definitely worth of being the first!”

“I did not expect…..”

“Mu Bai you’re awesome, so cool!!”

A few girls squealed maniacally.

Like a prince charming Mu Bai score and dominate the exam!!

“Boss what do you think?” said Mu He to Mu Zhuo Yun as he smile.

“Good” Mu Zuo Yun said briefly.

Mu Ning Xue remained silent.

Mu Bai noticed that Mu Ning Xue didn’t even bat an eye at his three S results, he decides to put in even more effort on the extra test to show his talent!

Mu Bai move into the second test area.

“Mu Bai casting assessment!”

“Nonsense, Mu Bai definitely have full control of all his stars ah!”

“Come on, cast a strong ice spell ah!”

With the encouragement behind him, Mu Bai stared firmly at the humanoid practice target.

The appraisal test is merely a basic test, these people with such little knowledge aren’t aware that this second test is the real assessment!

I will make the patriarch and Mu Ning Xue admire me!

Closing his eyes, Mu Bai begins his preparation to cast the spell.

Adeptly, Mu Bai has control all seven stars and are now aligning them with the magic pathway.

Chapter 24 Adfly|Chapter 24|Table of Contents|Chapter 26|Chapter 26 Adfly