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『Ice Wave』

Mu Bai casted his spell without any hesitation nor doubt, putting all his efforts to show his talent.


His eyes appeared to have turn blue and moments after he completed his spell all of sudden the practice target has been totally covered in cold white frost! The ice covering the entire humanoid practice target made it looks like it’s been painted white. The insufferable wave of cold spread through the assessment area.

“Crack Crack~~~~~ crack”

The ice wave didn’t just cover the practice target but it even attempt spread to cover the entire assessment area. The other class’ Ice element student who is also having their spell cast assessment did not have such strength compared to Mu Bai.

The students stepped back in fear, feeling the ice spreading nearby them. The school leaderships and examiners were very calm instead, with praises coming from their gaze. This is a relatively more skilled ice spell and very close to the standards of an average magician.

The magician association set the standard for the required strength to be considered as a magician, therefore encountering such skilled ice spell from a student who have just awakened their magic for a year is a very rare situation!

“Good” Mu Zhuo Yun still made the same comment.

Mu Bai wonders what’s going in Mu Zhuo Yun’s mind and with feeling uneasy he turned to look at Mu Ning Xue.

With just a glance, Mu Bai seems to have his heart broken into pieces, the person he likes Mu Ning Xue did not even look at his efforts instead gazing at someone else.

Mu Bai followed her gaze and feel another pang of pain in his heart.

Mo Fan!!

She was looking for Mo Fan!!

Damn this asshole!!

Why did she has to look at him!!

Is that drowned garbage rat any good at all? I made such a great spell cast why don’t you look at me!!

Mu Bai’s whole face was distorted.

In the most important moment of his life, his only hope is to have Mu Ning Xue watch as he completes it and yet she still look forward to this ruffian instead, he’s just another clown, this clown will only funny, why waste your precious gaze at him??

“I will make you even more miserable than death!” murmured Mu Bai with an extremely gloomy face filled with grievance as he walk out of the examination area.

“Outstanding achievement! Elemental star grade S, spell cast grade B!” announced the examiner.

On spell cast even the other top students from other classes could only get C and D while the only other B is the lightning element student Xu Zhao Ting!

This achievement is worthy of being the first rank at the magic high school.


“Next Mo Fan!”

While people clamored and marvel at Mu Bai’s results they finally turn towards the last person on the test Mo Fan. Mo Fan on the other hand finds this arrangement right after Mu Bai a little strange. Why the hell did my turn come right after that runt… this must be deliberate right? Mo Fan doesn’t believe that there’s such coincidental thing in the world, but it doesn’t matter… I will just have to crush whatever comes my way!


“How’s the preparation?” whispered Mu He seeing Mu Bai walked over.

“Uncle… I did as you instructed” said Mu Bai sinisterly.

“Count this as doing Mo Xing a favor right… just have this idiot son of his kicked out lest he kept making his father worry about him and work so hard but this flunky actually doesn’t learn anything at school” said Mu He.

Mu He and Mu Bai have already made plans to get rid of Mo Fan during the exam using Mu He’s power in the council to prepare accordingly. This bald examiner is part of the Mu Family, obviously Mu He has also arrange the “random” students’ turn for the test.

Right after Mu Bai finish his assessment the next will be Mo Fan, afterwards where in this short moment and at the opportune time one can tamper with the appraisal stone for instance Mu Bai could slip a little black stone under the appraisal stone to hinder the stone’s appraising process. With the recess period afterwards all evidence of tampering can be easily removed.

This black stone does a very simple thing, that is when the appraisal stone shines the black stone will take away parts of the energy and make the light a lot dimmer. If a student could barely reach C grade elemental star this little black stone could definitely pull down Mo Fan’s score down to D or even lower!

Since it’s just another stupid flunky, might as well burn all bridges so that this trash doesn’t waste the school’s resources, kicking him out and sending him back where he belongs isn’t a bad thing at all.

Mu Bai is already giddy from the thought of this.

This time, couldn’t he put Mo Fan in utter disgrace?


“Mo Fan this name sounds familiar” said Mu Zhuo Yun slowly.

“Boss, he’s the son of Madam’s driver” said Mu He reminding Mu Zhuo Yun politely.

At this moment, Mu Ning Xue’s snowy eyes is still gazing puzzlingly at Mo Fan.

Truthfully, she has since then recognize Mo Fan but she is rather puzzled, why is it that right as she walked here it’s Mu Bai’s turn and after that it’s Mo Fan’s? As she sensed Mu Zhuo Yun’s gaze on her she quickly put on her calm façade just as if she’s looking at other ordinary students, without any emotional fluctuation.

Mu Zhuo Yun seems to feel somewhat satisfied at this. Children might be ignorant and rebelling but as they grow up they wouldn’t be so naïve.

“Might as well stay and watch, he’s also considered part of the Mu Estate once” said Mu Zhuo Yun gently.

Mu Zhuo Yun understand this whole fiasco clearly, it’s impossible for this son of a driver to ever come up to our level, so it’s better to wake up this naïve Mu Ning Xue to the reality that all these lesser people will sooner or later fade out of their life, It’s better that she realize this than to have his precious baby daughter scarred her heart later!


On the other side, Mo Fan didn’t even notice what kind of commotion is happening.

Reaching for the appraisal stone, Mo Fan calmly put his hand on the stone much to the stare of other students.

“I’m actually grateful for this Mo Fan ah! At least with him there’ll be someone at the bottom of the class or I’ll be in trouble” said another slagger student.

“Lao San, I’m also a D, it doesn’t really matter anymore, we’re already the shame of the school” said another student Xiao Bin.

“But it’s still a question if this Mo Fan can get a D or not”

“Yeah, maybe he couldn’t even go into spiritual meditation”

The other fire element classmate Zhou Min is also staring at Mo Fan.

She wants to know if this Mo Fan is actually putting any effort in his cultivation, his talent in fire element is supposedly higher that hers but to be directly kicked out of school even Zhou Min couldn’t help but be disgusted.

“Oh… it’s lightning up..”

“The light seems weak ah! It feels weaker than a D grade result”

The light from the appraisal stone appears to be shining weakly as if it’s very difficult to emit any light. However the within the light appears to be very strong and brilliant but it doesn’t look like it’s able to release the brilliance.

“Hey… it’s still not stopping”

“It doesn’t seem to be a D….”

“Could it be… a C grade??” said another dorm mate Xiao Bin as he’s shocked at the result from Mo Fan’s appraisal.

If his D result is considered the slaggers of the school then C is barely qualified ah!

How could a slagger get this kind of C assessment??

Chapter 25 Adfly|Chapter 25|Table of Contents|Chapter 27|Chapter 27 Adfly