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“Is it a C??”

“Wait no the light is still slowly spreading!”

Some examiners look with confusion since other candidates completes this part of the test very quickly, but this scene where the light starts weak and slowly becomes stronger has never been seen before! The appraisal stone is slowly but surely becoming stronger from D to C and now still glowing even brighter!


“This is a B! It’s absolutely B!!”

“How is this possible? Fuck me! Why is this flunky becoming so skilled!!”

“There must be a mistake, I’ve got a C grade, how could he get a B” cried another fire element student.

Zhou Min earned A++ grade while that weak and feeble looking Da Niu gets B grade, out of the four fire element student in the class Huang Fei Feng gets C grade, how can this Fei Feng impress teacher Tang Yue ah!

Xue Mu Sheng’s eyes suddenly lit up.

As the teacher responsible for the class of course he fears most having a dunce pulling down the class average. The past few days Xue Mu Sheng went to pray to Buddha unlike any other previous years, he spent hours touching every part of the fat Buddha statue beseeching for a miracle for Mo Fan to not pull down the class average too much. And today Buddha has answered with a miracle unexpectedly with this kid suddenly getting a B grade result!! With this the class average will be a B-. This miracle is way beyond what Xue Mu Shen could dream of and this makes him much happier than having another student gets an A grade result!

At this time a smaller buzz is happening around the group around Mu Bai, where it’s totally expected that Mu Bai will show a good result on his assessment this turnaround with a flunky showing such results is shocking.

Nobody expected this flunky suddenly show a B grade results!

“How is … How is this possible!?” said Mu Bai dumbfounded!

His uncle Mu He looked at the result as if he’s in a dream.

Even after the sabotage he could still get a B grade result??

“Mu Bai did you actually put the black stone properly?! The black stone feeds off a lot of the energy from appraisal stone, even a person who could get a C or D grade results may even fail to bring out any light!” said Mu He to Mu Bai in a low voice.

“I absolutely put the stone beneath it” said Mu Bai as he contemplate the time when he did his assessment.

The black stone is obviously working… so how did this bastard show a B grade result??

Isn’t this Mo Fan guy only tested at C or D back then? Could it be possible that he’s deliberately suppressing his cultivation only to have it explode into B grade result??

A student could qualify with only C and B results is already considered good!

How is it possible that this flunky who fails years of studies at last year’s examination could suddenly become a good student?

“En… nothing out of the ordinary” joked Mu Zhuo Yun flatly.

His own daughter wanted to elope with this kind of plebeian??

If other people knows about this, the whole world will laugh at this!

“En… let’s get to the other class” said Mu Zhuo Yun not wanting his daughter to pay too much attention to this runt.

“Big boss, how about Mu Bai…” said Mu He

If he can be satisfied with Mu Bai’s results and gain his attention then from this day on Mu Bai will be able to get the resources to support his cultivation and he will be able to get more power, even if he wanted Mo Fan to die without burial right now, he has yet to achieve both objectives so how could he not pursue this issue before they walked away?

“O… After new year give his family some more money to encourage him” replied Mu Zhuo Yun.

Mu Bai was shocked and dumbfounded.

What is this New Year alms??

What he wanted is the attention of the Mu family to give him some focus on training… He wants that stardust magic device from the Mu family that those children from the main house are using!!

“This…. Boss, I think…” Mu He was about to say a few more words before another voice cut through.

“Wait, there’s something wrong light from the stone!”

Suddenly someone issued a challenge at the assessment results, this woman’s voice sounds very gentle, sexy and matured.

“Teacher Tang Yue, What reason do you have to doubt the judgment of the assessment? The exam is validated by the examiners so even if we have doubt on it….” said Xue Mu Sheng.

Xue Mu Sheng is already satisfied at this result so he couldn’t even begin to suspect that there’s a problem with the appraisal stone that it could give Mo Fan a B grade result.

Teacher Tang Yue, you shouldn’t overdo this ah! If something went wrong even I will be dismissed ah!

“Teachers doesn’t have the qualification to challenge the determined assessment but we can request to check the possibility of the appraisal stone being faulty, we can have the examiners check the test equipment to ensure the accuracy of the device” said teacher Tang Yue promptly.

Several school leaderships secretly looked at this mad teacher and shook their heads even the principal himself constantly hinted to teacher Tang Yue.

Not knowing which part of the school’s leaderships use hidden tricks on this assessment they did not want to expose it in front of the magic council members if not necessary.

What’s wrong with this results, it’s perfectly normal, if anything the results achieved is more than any other average student.

“Teacher, why do you have to challenge the results?” inquired Mu Zhuo Yun with a little more interest.

Tang Yue teacher have stepped onto the exam area while furrowing her eyebrows.

Suddenly she closed her eyes and just like a magician it feels like she’s releasing strands of magic power.

However those who understand magic will know what she’s expanding her senses towards the stone.


Tang Yue’s sudden move throw Mu Bai and Mu He into panic.

If everything goes as planned, after Mo Fan completed his test, the assessment will stop to let the students and staff rest while they publish the results of outstanding students in the first half of the session.

Following this short recess, the bald examiner can quietly remove the black stone and continue the assessment as usual as if nothing is wrong.

But who could expect a teacher suddenly intervene in this and suddenly point out the problem.

“Teacher Tang Yue, how can you do this, there are rules in the assessment process, if I were you I will immediately leave the exam area promptly!!” yelled Mu He.

Mu He of course made a ruckus, intending to abuse his authority to cover up this problems found by the teacher.

However, teacher Tang Yue doesn’t seem to fear him, even more she walked to the appraisal stone and stood there.

“There’s something wrong with the appraisal stone, this assessment must be repeated” said teacher Tang Yue with extremely sharp eyes looking at the examiners.

The bald examiners did not dare to do anything and quickly tried to ask for instruction by looking at Mu He.

Mu He with his embarrassed face and Mu Bai looking flustered.

“What are you shocked about? Check the stone, we must give every student the most fair and just assessment, if there’s problem you should immediately deal with it!” said Tian Lan’s school principal righteously.

The tree examiners immediately went to check the stone and soon discover a small black stone.

“This is strange, we’ve checked it before… How did this thing here?” said another examiner surprised.

After the completion of each assessment the examiners will check the appraisal stone, and the person who checked after Mu Bai’s turn is that bald examiner!

This bald examiner could literally piss his pants!

Tampering with assessment results is a capital offense ah!

Chapter 26 Adfly|Chapter 26|Table of Contents|Chapter 28|Chapter 28 Adfly