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“How did this happened?” asked one of the three examiners.

The three examiners haven’t had time to say anything else before Mu He cut in and said “Oh…Since there’s a problem with it, then we should do a retest, vice principal Wang would you please arrange the replacement stone… This thing might be easily used to measure cultivation but it’s also rather delicate and even a small energy interference from another source will easily cause problems, I’d really like to thank teacher Tang Yue for discovering this mistake”

Worthy of being a fox of the Mu family, he immediately play down this problem before the examiners report any truth about this.

Tang Yue frowned at this despite knowing that even Mu He won’t get away without any consequences from this.

This matter is will be difficult to bring to public eyes with all the school’s leadership present at the moment, considering the effects it will have on the students’ assessment it’s best to compromise for now.

“En… Retest”

“Retest it”

“Student Mo Fan, there’s a problem with the appraisal stone, your previous results is now invalid, we wll give you another chance to retest” said the bald examiner as if he’s grasping at straws.

Mo Fan looks at this group of people as if he’s looking at a group of clown making a drama.

Hmmph, looks like your schemes fail huh?

“This is good, he’ll definitely get only D in this retest! How’s it possible for him to get a B result… Lao San we won’t have to be the shame of the school anymore!” said Lu Xiao Bin excitedly.

God Bless this Lu Xiao Bin ah! I really want to thank teacher Tang Yue for finding out this problem!

I’m definitely better than Mo Fan even on the monthly tests, how is it possible that this Mo Fan can be a fish turning into a dragon! (t/n: 咸鱼翻身 the 4 words basically describe underdog winner; dead fish come back to life)

“Teacher Tang Yue, why did you do this? Won’t this test actually harm his results?” said Xue Mu Sheng dumbfounded.

If the previous results is thanks to the appraisal stone problem, this probably won’t bode well for him.

That expulsion from school that hasn’t happen for three years will probably happen again today, even worse it’s a student from my class!

“HAHAHA… How could this Huang Fei Feng be at the bottom! Tang Yue teacher you’re the best! You’ll forever be my goddess” said Huang Fei Feng with relief.

At the side Mu Bai’s henchman Zhao Kun San is also jumping for joy at this retest for Mo Fan.

He was shocked in fear thinking that this bottom feeder suddenly come out with such result while he’s only a B grade result.

“Oh well… Mu Bai the faulty appraisal stone almost let this guy get away with it… I’m finding this teacher Tang Yue more and more like the best lover” said Zhao Kun San as he wipe his sweat off…”Hey Mu Bai… why are you still so sullen? Didn’t they said that the stone malfunction and give him a B grade result? Relax… he’s getting kicked out of school for sure”

“Shut your piehole!” irritably said Mu Bai.

Zhao Kun San could only hang his head down without knowing what annoys his master.


Other classes’ assessment is almost done but because of the problem in the class 8, many other people have gathered around including top students from other classes.

At this moment, Mo Fan is inadvertently the focus of all the attention.

“Alright…student Mo Fan you may now do your retest, teacher Tang Yue… there is no problem after you have checked this time right?’ said the bald examiner trying to compliment her.

“No problem” replied Tang Yue succinctly.

Mo Fan once again stood before the Star appraisal stone and this time he did not feel any suffocating icy breath anymore.

This Mu Bai really dare tampered with the assessment!

Mo Fan really want to cry over this almost missed opportunity, luckily our sexy teacher discover it otherwise Mo Fan really have to tear off his face in shame in front of all the school’s leadership and other students.

Mo Fan close his eyes gently and put his hand on the appraisal stone while preparing to enter into spiritual meditation.

The appraisal stone quickly warmed up and gently light up as Mo Fan begins his spiritual meditation.

The light coming out from the stone becomes brighter by the second as if the whole stone is burning from the inside shining like a red star, this time the elemental star’s brilliance isn’t suppressed anymore, its complete brilliance shines throughout the stone even overflowing from the appraisal stone itself!!

“This… this light!!!”

The first to put an expression of disbelief is this Mu Zhuo Yun.

The principal, the vice principal, the director and other council members also widened their eyes.

“The light is spilling out from it”

Teacher Xue Mu Sheng is utterly dumbfounded.

After being a teacher for so many years how can he not understand what’s happening!?

While it seems that Mu Bai’s light reach similar state, the fiery brilliance that shine from the stone is even brighter and stronger compared to Mu Bai’s.
“Fuck me ah!!!”

The result shocked not only the students from other classes but also all of class eight students, screaming “fuck me” deep in their hearts.

The light… it’s really spilling over!

This bottom feeder mentally retarded student actually manage to make the stone like this!


“Urgh… it’s really S”

“Erm… Should we check again?”

Madness… The bald examiner, the other examiners, those who always thought that Mo Fan will be expelled from school after this feels as if they’ve descended into madness.

Damn it, this appraisal stone must have been faulty too! How could his cultivation be this high!???

“It’s a dream… it must be a dream!”

“I do not believe ah! I do not believe!! Let me pinch you!!” said a water element student.

Who said he’s going to get expelled for sure?

This Mo Fan isn’t actually a bottom feeder like everyone said! He… this is too crazy T_T… fuck whoever’s trying to stop me, I’m going to jump down the river.

The always deadpanned Mu Ning Xue finally have a reaction.

Yes, even she did not expect things to happen like this.

Mo Fan has supposedly no special talent, and he will be going to a B class just as normal.

However, the brilliant light that shines from the appraisal stone is even stronger and better than resource pampered children from the Mu Family.

She doesn’t know why but the shining red light feels like the sun brightening up the darkness in her heart.

“This is really surprising ah! We almost missed a better student!” said an amazed council member.

“Yes, It’s unimaginable to give him a B score, if that happened this will have caused a bad effect on his future cultivation, perhaps we might even lose an outstanding magician from this school”

“It’s not too late to remedy the situation, teacher Tang Yue, I’d really like to thank you for your vigilance”

Tang Yue listening to the attempts to flatter her just gave a shallow smile. However, she was actually quite shocked.

She has always thought that the best fire element student in the class would be Zhou Min, but who would have thought that this Mo Fan is even more outstanding than her. The most important factors before engaging in spiritual meditation, to be thoroughly focused without being hasty nor flustered, such temperament is a necessary quality to become a good magician!

Chapter 27 Adfly|Chapter 27 |Table of Contents|Chapter 29|Chapter 29 Adfly

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