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This headstrong fire element girl Zhou Min is also filled with disbelief on her face as she watch the bright light spilling out of the stone.

This disgusting lazy student is even better than Mu Bai??

Have I actually misjudged him?

Despite all the shocked and disbelief face on the students and teachers, Mu Bai’s face carried something more akin to someone that’s being hacked into pieces, such difficult to describe expression that looks like the whole face is thoroughly distorted as if the whole face is cramped.

In this world there’s nothing more hated than their most hated person to make such a big comeback.


His henchman Zhao Kun San repeatedly rubbed his eyes to see if he was wrong but the light really spilled over the stone, all the things that he said to Mo Fan’s face has turned into one big joke!




Final grade S!

The highest grade for this test is S, but everyone is clear that Mo Fan’s cultivation is a bit higher than Mu Bai’s level!

“Student Mo Fan, do you want to take the extra test?”

“Of course!” smiled Mo Fan.

Why not? I’ve been waiting for this a long time!

God damn this suddenly different world, if all goes as planned I should be admitted to this school without any problems but luckily the final outcome of this is still good!

This spell casting test, I will ace it!

Didn’t other examinees needed to bitterly work out the magic pathway and with their all spiritual force control elemental stars to channel power through it to cast the magic making the whole thing very flashy?

Fire Wave!

From start to finish the process is incredibly smooth and Mo Fan who casted the spell exudes impeccable calm and confidence.

As the air around Mo Fan change, hundreds of people can clearly feel the hot burning feeling on their cheek.

With Mo Fan rapidly completing the magical pathway and channeling the elemental star’s powers through it, the magic power around Mo Fan turns into a blazing crimson!

A cluster of flame hovers on Mo Fan’s palm looking as if a beast that couldn’t wait to devour everything.


Mo Fan waved his hand and the balls of flame shot over accurately on the humanoid practice target, blazing over with a dazzling crimson tail.


A short second of silence passed before flames madly erupted from the target’s body.

The fiery hot red flame burns even more fiercely, this raging fire quickly burn the practice target into cinders in a short few seconds.

The red flame shone on Mo Fan’s glistening cheek, his laughing and smiling face is filled with extreme confidence.

This is a real fire wave, its control, its power, its charm need not be announced.


With all these done in a short while, Mo Fan turned around.

This captivating moment…

The teachers, the students, the school’s leadership have not recovered from the first part of Mo Fan’s results with S grade and immediately saw Mo Fan’s smooth completion on fire wave spell cast.

Without any hesitation, incredibly natural, the casting rate is even faster than Mu Bai!

As fire element magic being rated even higher than ice element, when Mo Fan successfully cast fire wave the reaction to it is ten times more intense than when Mu Bai made his ice wave, not just by Mo Fan’s incredible transformation, adding the destructive power of fire element adds even more to this breathtaking momentum.

“Please grade it” said Mo Fan coolly to the dumbfounded examiners.




The grade were done instantly.

Sure enough Mo Fan’s grade is higher than Mu Bai’s

Mu Bai’s should already be in furious anger, this will choke him for sure!

How is this so!!! This is not going according to plan ah!

The two Mu family member had blood drained from their face.

“Is this really the Mo Fan we know??”

“This turn-around… is too incredible, Oh my god, I must have been blinded like a dog!!” said Xu Qing Lin.

Teacher Xue Mu Shen has a cramped crooked smile on his face.

He didn’t really care what grievances Mu Bai and Mo Fan has, but he couldn’t have expect that his class suddenly has a student with S grade cultivation and even the best spell casting test result in the whole school right?

From the lowest bottom into the first in school, I’m afraid there’s no dream even more surprising than this.

With Mo Fan at the first, Mu Bai will definitely be sitting tightly as the second.

The first and second of the school comes from his class, he’s definitely getting a raise ah!

“As expected of people from Mu famly ah! Boss… you’ve really opened our eyes ah! If I remember correctly this Mo Fan is the only son of a driver from the manor right? Such family could even nurture such an outstanding student in this Bo city!” praised Deng Kai, the council member from Hunter Union.

Mu Zhuo Yun turned to look at Deng Kai.

This Deng Kai is a high level member from the Hunter Union and a council member of Tian Lan magic high school, being the strongest and most powerful among all council members.

As Deng Kai lavish praises upon the student the other council members lamented incessantly in their heart.

Why aren’t you satisfied ah! A son of your driver is so damn awesome even comparable to their carefully nurtured and cultivated successors!

Mu Zhuo Yun recovered from his surprise slowly.

He did not expect this Mo Fan really did have the means, and now that he hear praises upon praises, his face lighted up in glee!

In such a good mood, Mu Zhuo Yun is also thinking intensely inside.

While Mu Ning Xue has been carrying the banner at the front of the other younger generation in the main family, those children from the vassal families also needed to be nurtured to consolidate and strengthen the power of the family.

In fact, the Mu clan has lacks fire elemental magician.

Although this runt did some outrageous thing before, but considering that this kind of childish ignorance that has passed for many years, this small matter need not be pursued any further… Right now it’s a good time to extend an olive branch to this boy and have him dedicate himself for the Mu family.

Of course he’ll certainly not let him anywhere near Mu Ning Xue, but he can definitely develop him into an excellent fire element retainer servant for his eldest son Mu Jiang Ming, this is not a bad plan at all.

I have to admit, this is quite the talented person after all!

Mu Zhuo Yun stroked his beard, his eyes acknowledging Mo Fan’s talent, followed Mo Fan as he walked out of the exam area and said to him “Mo Fan, come over”

Mo Fan looked at this Mu Zhuo yun, a little puzzled at why this old bastard called him over. Mo Fan walked to the group of the school’s leaderships and his eyes unconsciously looked over to Mu Ning Xue.

Fuck me… How did this girl turned into such disastrous beauty in a mere few years!

“Ehem!” coughed Mu Zhuo Yun.

Mu Ning Xue looked away from all this as Mo Fan recovered himself.

“Did you call me over?” Mo Fan carried himself tall and proud looking at Mu Zhuo Yun.

In front of others, Mu Zhuo Yun may impose himself with the majesty of a king that intimidates others, but for Mo Fan except for the fact that this is an old bastard with a beautiful daughter, anything else is worth nothing in his eyes.

[Chapter 28 Adfly]|[Chapter 28]|[Table of Contents]|[Chapter 30]|[Chapter 30 Adfly]

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