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“Our Mu family did have some cultivation resource for fire element magician but unfortunately almost everyone in the family are of ice element. Your fire element magic talent is good and it does caught many of us in surprise, so I will give these resources to you, in addition to your normal magic classes you may enjoy cultivating along with Mu Jiang Ming” said Mu Zhuo Yun as he stroke his beard slowly.

These words was said infront of everyone else.

In Mu Zhuo Yun’s opinion, all of these is enough to give Mo Fan some face!

Even if the children from the Mu family estate brought out such results, he wouldn’t even bat an eye, this kind of opportunity coming Mo Fan’s way already unprecedented. However there will always be an exception for this kind of talent, as the patriarch of the Mu Clan he cannot be short-sighted to only look at talent from within the family.

“Boss, this… we can’t do this ah… Mu Bai’s talent will definitely be better than his, he may be nervous and didn’t do well today, he’s also one of us ah…” said Mu He listlessly, anxious to Mu Zuo Yun.

Mu Bai standing on the side is already the extreme shock and grief, now with those words coming from the patriarch it feels as if he’s being lashed into corpse, this is such a tragedy unto himself!

Damn it, what he wanted most in the family is that chance to cultivate like the children from the main family.

Mu Bai took all the pains to setup and cultivate to appeal for this chance, if he manage to get it he will be able to get better resource for cultivating, not only that he will also no longer be a young master from the outer family and get better status!

This… it’s not even close to what he hope, even more so the man he hated the most actually get the chance instead! This is incredibly infuriating!!!

“I have made the decision, Mu He nothing you say will change it” waved Mu Zhuo Yun as he maintain a slight smile at Mo Fan.

How about it you stupid runt, happy yet?

Come and thank this grace that’s bestowed upon you.

Mu Zhuo Yun feels rather satisfied at this cheap deal that he put aside this small matter to recruit a talented student for his clan’s purposes, if others from the clan knows about his decision he’ll be seen as a rather broad-minded patriarch!


“Mo Fan what are you stunned for? Quickly thank master Mu for this favor” said teacher Xue Mu Sheng as he rushed quickly to Mo Fan’s side.

Zhang Hou, Lu Xiao Bin, Xu Qing Lin couldn’t help but be envious at this offer.

If a while ago Mo Fan is like a poor fisherman fishing without a bait, right now Mo Fan seems to be like a rich handsome man.

Mo Fan looked at this Mu Zhuo Yun’s face filled with victory with a stupefied expression. As Mo Fan reacted to this, he smacked his lips loudly.

After a long pause, Mo Fan slowly said “You must have shit for brains right?” (t/n: nao jin sui; literally means water got into your brain; are you stupid?)

“What did you say?” said Mu Zhuo Yun with a doubtful expression, thinking that he heard this kid wrong.

“I said… You must have shit for brains!” said Mo Fan repeating every single word clearly.

This sentence could be heard clearly by everyone, but on their face a mess of confusion.

Wha…? What???

Is he crazy???

He just said that Mu Zhuo Yun’s head is full of shit!!

My god… is this guy crazy???

Mu Zhuo Yun clearly heard him this time, as he had a fierce expression filled with wroth and said “Your next words better have a good explanation, otherwise…”

“Explanations… of course” nodded Mo Fan as he began “Don’t pretend to not know what you did three years ago when you suppress my family without any justification. I’m not the Mo Fan that you can slap around and then come back loyally like a retard just because of some benefits. The things you told me and my father three years ago like we’re dogs of your estate. If you may have forgotten about it, but I can clearly remember, so now you old bastard want to pull me into Mu family to be used? Even if you offer Mu Ning Xue up for marriage with dowries, even if you begged me for it I will refuse! Do you really think that the whole world revolves around your Mu family, do you really expect me to be grateful?? Unless your head is full of shit, I can’t think of anything wrong about what I said today!”

As if passing all the hidden grievances in his heart the past years, all the anger and grief is passed through this short scolding!!

The principal, the union’s hunter Deng Kai, the council members Mu He, Mu Bai, Zhao Kun San, Xue Mu Sheng, the class eight students, even Mu Ning Xue felt like they’ve been fooled.

This Mu Zhuo Yun himself have an extremely gloomy face!

“Crack Crack~~~ Crack”

Angered by this, at Mu Zhuo Yun’s foot a strong force of cold ice suddenly erupted as cold as his heart filled with anger.

Mu Zhuo Yun is really truly angered!

He has forgotten how many years it’s been since anyone dare to speak to him like that, the tyrant of Bo city is not an exaggeration, even those senior executives from the same generation, the principal, the senior members from magic associations, even Deng Kai from the hunter’s union or the patriarch of other clans have to bow before him, this wild runt have the guts to talk shit on me!!

An icy aura filled with terror!!

Originating from Mu Zhuo Yun the originally gravel grounds have turned into solid ice in a few seconds!

The hot summer has turned into icy winter in an instant with more than half the practice grounds turning into a frozen land.

This shocked the other students in fear!!

The practice ground instantly turned into ice, this Mu Zhuo Yun haven’t even use any magic yet, just by the mere pressure of his magic power all of these have been frozen solid, his cultivation is too high ah!

Just that little frozen ground that Mu Bai did is simply incomparable to this monstrous Mu Zhuo Yun!

“Zhuo Yun… You will control your temper, this is a school, the students won’t even be able to defend against you”

With Deng Kai blocking it, Mu Zhuo Yun’s terrible power seems to slightly weaken but other people nearby still feels some difficulty breathing.

Deng Kai stood out among the few who are able to move even under this pressure, not to forget teacher Tang Yue seems to be able too!

Regardless, even if they’re not this icy patriach’s opponent they must not allow him to hurt their students at all cost!

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