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“Mo Fan you sunnavabitch! How dare you spout such lies! You will immediately apologize to the patriarch! raged Mu He.

What is going on with this Mo Fan? Is he stupid? Why did he spite Mu Zhuo Yun in the open like this? Is his whole family impatient to die!

“Apologies? Sure can do…but he would have to apologize to me for the matter from three years ago! What? Are you going to use your strength to intimidate me? This Mu Zhuo Yun will even use his strength to bully a-not-even-18-years old student? What a joke… If you’re at my age, I’ll even beat you down miserably!” said Mo Fan demonstrating his fearlessness.

“Bullshit!” cursed Mu Zhuo Yun madly.

During his young time, Mu Zhuo Yun is also considered a genius, even if his talent is not like Mu Ning Xue with such extraordinary talent today, none this Tian Lan magic high school students wouldn’t even dare look down on him!

“You runt is really audacious, not to mention Patriarch’s student time, even if we just bring any Mu family’s core disciples, they will beat you in one hit!”

“That’s right, even I who is not any part of the family disciple can beat you in a magic duel right now! If you lose you will immediately kneel and apologize to the patriarch!” jumped Mu Bai like a dog defending Mu Zhuo Yun.

A fair fight between Mu Bai and Mo Fan, there’ll be nothing he can refute about the results!

With this, Mu Bai will be able to beat Mo Fan to half death and ease the patriarch’s grievances.

“You’re not necessary”

As Mu Bai move forward closer to Mo Fan, a proud cold voice said that.

All eyes suddenly turn to that voice.

Who would have thought that Mu Ning Xue will come forward right at this moment?

Mu Ning Xue came between his father and Mo Fan, her snowy cold eyes looked slightly angry.

The target of her anger is of course Mo Fan.

“Since you said that my Father dare to bully a junior, used his power to suppress a mere apprentice magician… well then, our age is similar to yours. I will duel you!” said Mu Ning Xue with a calm and strong icy tone.

“Ning Xue?” said Mu Zhuo Yun as he clenched his fist in anger as his daughter came out to defend him.

Mo Fan looked at Mu Ning Xue as she declare her action as he put up a lazy smile.

What’s she trying to do, suddenly jumping out like this?

Honestly, even this duel that Mu Bai is clamoring about means nothing to him, he’s probably trying to fish something good out of the whole fiasco, but all of sudden having Mu Ning Xue who is known as the best genius girl from Bo city, a proud student of that Empire University as the duel opponent would make the whole thing more significant.

“Ning Xue, you don’t need to dirty your hands to deal with this bastard, I’m enough to handle him” said Mu Bai as he laughed.

“My father was insulted and he may just bear with this thing… but this daughter can not live down with this insult, the most fair and honorable way is for me to duel him to redeem my father’s honor” said Mu Ning Xue seriously without any trace that it can be refuted.

“Good… That’s good! You made do the elders proud, this is definitely the best genius of our Bo city, such talent at young age, such honor and justice!” praised Deng Kai immediately.

Finishing his praises, Deng Kai patted Mu Zhuo Yun’s shoulder and said “Zhuo Yun boss, to deal with this disrespectful kid, you don’t really have to do so much, he’s not at the same generation as you, you naturally can’t roll back 16 years of your life to duel him, best to let your daughter represent you on this, this uppity kid can’t complain about this”

Mu Zhuo Yun did not reply but continue to stare at Deng Kai.

Seeing that Mu Zhuo Yun is still trying to hold his temper down, he smiled and walked towards Mo Fan and said “Mo Fan right?… As the man in charge of Hunter’s Union in Bo city, I don’t know if you’re naïve, ignorant or stupid or all of them, but you really ought to apologize to Mr. Mu Zhuo Yun for your reckless behavior. You cannot understand the scope of his influence in this Bo city”

“Apology? No problem… I can sincerely apologize to him in the most humiliating way, I can kowtow to apologize to him until he’s satisfied. However, that depends on whether he has the balls to apologize for the things he did and said three year ago to my family. Since he’s already well known in Bo city, you should know not to bully the little people ah! The little people will give you one tight slap to your death, even then they’ll make sure to slap you till your brain hemorrhage!” cursed Mo Fan. (t/n: this part of brain hemorrhage joke is lost on me… I suppose it’s something like we gona kick your nuts or sumthin?)

“This society has laws! There can be no such thing! At most he must have only fired off your father!” said the principal.

“Well… since things have gone to this point, it’s not that difficult to settle it. Mu Ning Xue and Mo Fan have a magic duel, if he lose he’ll apologize to Mu Zhuo Yun to his satisfaction, if Mu Ning Xue lose….” said Deng Kai as he look to Mu Zhuo Yun.

Mu Zhuo Yun loudly said “How can Ning Xue lose!!!”

“Stop wasting time with all your nonsense, dare or do not dare!” said Mo Fan sharply.

This thing about dignity isn’t about being part of a big noble family nor is it about the kind of home you grow up in, Mo Fan even if he’s just another poor man he must still have his human dignity!

Let him join Mu family?

How can he forget the way Mu Zhuo Yun treated him and his family three years ago? This bone that Mu Zhuo Yun threw out on him, if he really picked it up then what’s the difference from him and dogs like Zhao Kun San and Mu Bai?

As to offend him?

That’s already quite mild!

When he was thirteen years old three years ago, he already dare to point at him and called him old bastard, now that he’s 16 or 17 what’s there to be afraid of him?

Once bitten twice shy isn’t applicable to Mo Fan, you try to bite again I’ll rope you in and tie you up!

When you’re already seen as an ant in their eyes that can not escape their huge foot, might as well curse at them and enjoy their anguish.

“Zhuo Yun boss, how about you?” said Deng Kai trying to deal with this.

Now that the dispute is out in the open in front of the teachers and students, this might turn into some awkward magic duel. Of course best if this Mo Fan gets kicked out of school, but this meaningless dispute but also possible loss of talent for the school and possibly a good seedling for Tian Lan magic high school.

“I will not go down to his level” Mu Zhuo Yun glanced at Mu Ning Xue and said “Ning Xue, you don’t need to do this”

[Chapter 30 Adfly]|[Chapter 30]|[Table of Contents]|[Chapter 32]|[Chapter 32 Adfly]