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Mu Ning Xue looked over with an eyebrow raised.

“My family’s  Yu Ang is the same age as you, you will duel him instead!” said Mu Zhuo Yun.


Mu Zhuo Yun did not give the princess any chance to say anything and said to Deng Kai “Deng Kai, I know you want to take care of the students but you heard this kid insulted me in front of everyone, I have taken a compromise and will let the family’s Yu Ang duel him, if he lose he will kowtow to apologize to my satisfaction, if he win I will apologize to him the things I did three years ago!”

Mu Bai and Mu He listened to this with a sinister smile on their face.

Let Yu Ang duel him!

How can Mu Zhuo Yun miss this subtlety! He must have guessed that Mu Ning Xue suddenly standing up to duel is probably an excuse to help this kid!

How can he let this Mo Fan off lightly with just an apology, even this Mu Ning Xue trying to help Mo Fan through the duel is already pissing him off!

The patriarch’s foster son is one of the best cultivators of the family, with just a move this kid will be frozen over miserably to death!

“Magic association rules stipulates that the two sides must be above eighteen years old, I, Deng Kai will referee and enforce rules for this magic duel between Mo Fan and Mu Yu Ang after their eighteenth birthday!” said Deng Kai seriously.

Mu Zhuo Yun nodded in agreement.

Mo Fan nodded his head and promptly said “Hey, I don’t want to duel a girl, now that it’s a guy I’ll beat him till his parents can’t recognize him!”

Mu Zhuo Yun heard Mo Fan’s comments but remained silent, seething with anger like his beard is on fire.

Just wait and see, this coming magic duel in a few years, I will not only make you lose so bad, I’ll even shame you!

Magic association, the Hunter’s Union, these organizations are magic institutions that provide unconditional protections to magic students in all magic schools below eighteen years old, as long as they are lawfully an adult they must be responsible for their own actions.

Mu Zhuo Yun shouldn’t need to lower himself and fight with this cheap kid, in another two years when he’s an adult I can make his life a living hell!


Mu Zhuo Yun left in anger, accompanied by the principal and several other members of the school’s leadership.

Mu Ning Xue looked meaningfully at Mo Fan, wanting to say something but not knowing what to say.

Mo Fan knows that Mu Ning Xue was trying to help him.

If she come forward and solve this there will be so much safer than the current arrangement, given the opportunity Mu Zhuo Yun will definitely use everything he has and destroy Mo Fan.

Unfortunately, her father saw through her idea, knowing that she will be lenient so instead, he made a change to the person dueling Mo Fan with the most famous mad cultivator from the Clan, Mu Yu Ang, this Mu Yu Ang is very obedient to the patriarch, even if to kill Mo Fan, he will do it without any hesitation!

This little shit dare offend him, but he can’t do anything while he’s in school but once he graduate I’ll make him live miserably!


The storm finally calmed down.

The class watched Mo Fan offending the big boss of the city, and then remember his earlier remarks and they were still shocked wordless.

This Mo Fan is just crazy!

He’s fighting against the Mu family, not any other magician clan but this biggest family in Bo city, just any magician from Mu family can easily destroy the whole Tian Lan magic high school ah!!!

The most evident being this Mu Bai as one of the top student in the school but he’s merely a children from the collateral family!

The things Mo Fan did really surprised everyone, but the problem is that he doesn’t really have the means to challenge this monster that is the Mu Clan ah!

He could have been a significant person in the future but now he just signed his death warrant.

Who doesn’t know that offending this Mu family practically begged to be kicked out of the Bo city ah!

He might be safe while he’s at school, but once he’s out in the world he’s definitely dead!

Why is there such a peculiar student ah, so many people are looking forward to this opportunity to get a patron but this student is so capricious he made an enemy out of the potential patron.


“Fan boss, you are so cool, we’re scared to death of that patriarch, even then you cursed him old bastard in his face a few times hahaha, but many of us call him old bastard in our heart” said Zhang Hou shyly as he worship Mo Fan for his bravery.

Mo Fan was kinda like the kid leader, before the incident even Zhao Kun San has previously followed him to play, but now he’s in cahoots with Mu Bai and many others didn’t dare to be near him.

But Zhang Hou is loyal to Mo Fan, no matter what he does Zhang Hou will always support him! Zhang Hou obviously know about that matter from three years ago and seeing that Mo Fan offended Mu Zhuo Yun, his heart is filled with admiration!

“Say… do you think I dazzle Mu Ning Xue?” said Mo Fan with

“Er…. I’m not sure about this… After all the old bastard is her father” said Zhang Hou.

“Oh… My mood is very good today, let’s go back to cafeteria eat some fried egg” said Mo Fan as he pull Zhang Hou over the shoulders towards the cafeteria.

“Ha Ha Ha, if I can see Mu Bai and Zhao Kun San’s sour face will be more happy” said Zhang Hou spitting the foul feeling.

Zhao Kun San’s face was virtually red and swollen, he couldn’t have dream that Mo Fan’s cultivation is even higher level that his!

And Mu Bai, even after all that risk setting up that trap he still couldn’t get him kicked out of school.

Well…. That pair of foxes really try to impress the patriarch hoping to be able to join the core members of the Mu family and get some cultivation benefits.

The fiasco resulted in the old bastard not even giving them an ounce of thought but tried to recruit me instead, never in Mu Bai’s dreams he expected to see his most wanted thing being thrown away by Mo Fan like a garbage thrown away into that old bastard’s face! Ah this is so fun!

He couldn’t figure out what exactly went on this Mu Zhuo Yun’s mind, what the heck is this old bastard thinking. Three years ago he should have experienced my temper and my potty mouth, how could he suddenly bury the hatchet and try to solicit him, it really goes way out of normal!

I think that old bastard’s blood pressure is going up a lot today!

“But Fan boss, if that old bastard really offer her hand in marriage with dowry and beg you to join Mu family, will you really refuse?” asked Zhang Hou softly.

“Of course I’ll agree!”

“What the… I thought you said never??”

“Eh? When you said it, the whole thing sounds rather reasonable” said Mo Fan suddenly lightning up ideas.

“Do you have moral integrity at all?”

“No ah! If that old bastard want to apologize it’s better to apologize with Mu Ning Xue along with the dowry and offer them to me ah!” said Mo Fan.

[Chapter 31 Adfly]|[Chapter 31]|[Table of Contents]|[Chapter 33]|[Chapter 33 Adfly]


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