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“Fan boss, stop dreaming! This Yu Ang guy is crazy strong! You still don’t know if you can live past eighteen ah! You can’t marry the princess if you’re dead”

“Yu Ang? If I see him I’ll beat his ass”

Back then Mo Fan will think carefully before he go against the Mu Clan but he doesn’t even fear them let alone the any youngster from the Mu Clan.

A wave of fire and they’ll be roasted to cinders, a shock of lightning and they’ll explode inside out!


The final results of the annual assessment is finally out, Mo Fan had the honor to be listed at the first position on the big board, great number of people are crazily rubbing their eyes at this.

This Mo Fan how can be be such a monster, he’s even better than that thunder and ice dudes Xu Zhao Ting and Mu Bai?

This result has surprise so many people, but it doesn’t even come close to the public humiliation Mo Fan did to Mu Zhuo Yun in front of the council members.

The news spread quickly in school, so it doesn’t take long for Mo Fan to become famous and infamous in school, where he becomes something akin to a genius and at the same time first in Bo history to be so suicidal.

Now those who anyone with a little more common sense can figure the situation at school now, though Tian Lan magic high school is based on public admission where most of the students are commoners, there will be some among those fifteen hundred that stood above others, but for most of them their level pales in comparison to children with stronger heritage in their family. Apprentice coming from the hunter’s union, magician association, other big clans or even any other big family’s magician have enough power to defeat the commoner students.

School is really the best choice for those who have no backing to make a big impression but this doesn’t mean that one can actually fight against those second generation rich brats ah!

Mo Fan just completely ignore all the hub bub happening around school, all he does other than sleep is doing spiritual meditation, practice spell casting and eat.

Another thing to mention is that Mo Fan was assigned to the elite class now, a the total of 100 top students were assigned to this class, with a large classroom and a large training ground too. Those who gets into this elite class are those who can already control all seven small stars in their elemental star and those who are not very skilled in spell casting yet.

During the practical class all the students will line up with the top student at the forefront doing roll call!

Tang Yue is still the teacher for this practical magic class, since her cultivation is already higher than any teacher at school, even if she had just been here for six months, the practical magic class for the elite classes are taught by her.

The homeroom teacher for this elite class is Xue Mu Sheng. Since his class came out with two S grade student, if not him then who else to be the class’ homeroom teacher?

Thanks to Mo Fan, Xue Mu Sheng is getting alot of fire from the school’s leaderships, they’re really bent on having Xue Mu Sheng do something about this Mo Fan’s rebellious character.

On this matter, even Xue Mu Sheng have a headache, regardless of whether Mo Fan is an idiot or genius student, he’ll have to ask for some blessings from Buddha.


A month has passed in the new semester.

Xue Mu Sheng stood on the class’ podium, coughing heavily to prompt the class to settle down their excitement.

Why are the students so excited today?

Today is the day the school is allocating the elemental magic device, especially for students in elite class will be getting the best of the available device giving them some really good advantage to their cultivation.

The difference in the magician’s quality between big clans, magician family or magic based organizations compared to commoner students other than more extensive knowledge, know-hows, experience is the elemental magic device.

Regardless of how great all these factors are they could be considered only as software, but this elemental magic device is like a hardware that makes a significant difference in performance.

This device can relieve a magician’s spiritual and mind fatigue so that the magician can continue to cultivate, reducing the amount of down-time and as a result increase the magician’s cultivation by magnitudes!

Well, this device is impossible for Mo Fan, he not the rich second generation’s inheritor, naturally the only way he can access this kind of resource is through school! The competition for this good stuff is definitely intense!

Fortunately, since he’s the first place in ranking, the resources he can get shouldn’t be inferior to other students, so he can focus on becoming stronger.

“We will allocate the elemental magic device based on your rankings, the higher ranked students will get to use it longer. Of course our school is very fair, every three months we will be measuring your progress again and then reassign the elemental magic device based on changes on the ranking… Also I should also tell you that even if you’re in the elite class now compared to the regular class without advantages, don’t think that you can slack on the quarterly assessment, after every test the lowest 10 will be deported to regular class and the top 10 of regular class will join the elite class in your place!” said Xue Mu Sheng.

This makes no difference for Mo Fan…

While many people doesn’t like school, college entrance exam, but without school or college entrance exam, how can you possibly become richer?

The school’s resources may not be worse than those of the big clans, but the difference lies in how one uses it! It means nothing if those resources are given to pigs like pearl before swine!


“Mo Fan as first in the class, you should have been able to use this elemental magic device the longest but because of your behavior during the assessment, your time will be reduced to ten days! This is your punishment!” said Xue Mu Sheng with a stern face.

“Oh… from a month into ten days, what a fall, a month is enough for other people to catch up ah!” chatted other students.

“If we can surpass him and impress the Mu Clan, we’ll also get the chance to join them ah!”

“Yeah, how is this guy so stupid!”

Xue Mu Sheng stared at them, cowing them into silence.

“Mo Fan do you have any objection to this punishment?” asked Xue Mu Sheng.

“No” replied Mo Fan.

Mo Fan did need this elemental magic device, the longer one cultivates using it, the more apparent the effects, but though the effects will only be clear with a long term usage, a month or ten days will still give a boost for Mo Fan.

“Hey green tea guy, I need to ask you something” said Mo Fan to Mu Bai on the side, with a decent expression.

“Fuck you bitch, what did you call me?!” growl Mu Bai with violent temper.

“En.. Mu Bai let me ask you something”

[Chapter 32 Adfly]|[Chapter 32]|[Table of Contents]|[Chapter 34]|[Chapter 34 Adfly]

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