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“If you need to fart, get it out quick” said Mu Bai sourly, unwilling to look at Mo Fan even a second longer, but feeling puzzled why this Mo Fan suddenly come up and ask him something, between he and him is several years worth of grievances.

“This Yu Aung dude, did he gets an all year round elemental magic device on him?” asked Mo Fan.

Mu Bai sneered before replying “He used to get 3-4 months worth of elemental magic device use each year, but thanks to you he not gets half a year’s usage time now”

Mo Fan nodded before continuing “Well… I did provoke the old bastard, but isn’t he way too stingy? or is he looking down on me? He should have given that Yu Aung guy the device all year round ah!”

“Do you think elemental magic device is some stone you can pick up by the roadside? There are so many children in the clan they have to take turns using it. Only Mu Ning Xue gets to have a spirit grade elemental magic device.” said Mu Bai with contempt on Mo Fan.

“Spirit grade elemental magic device? Does it make a difference between grades?” asked Mo Fan with a surprised tone because he only knows about the magical effects of elemental magic device but not the grade levels.

Mu Bai looked at Mo Fan as if he’s looking at an idiot… How did this retard who doesn’t know anything cultivates to S grade result!

Mu Bai made a brain flex and show off his knowledge while showing his disdain for Mo Fan and said “Of course there’s a difference between quality grades, most of the devices we’ll get are those of common grade, but those of spirit grade are so rare in Bo city I can count them with one hand”

“What’s so good about spirit grade?”

“With common ones, it will probably help enhance cultivation time by about 20% out of a day, spirit grade devices will allow the magician to increase their cultivation time by about 40%!” said Mu Bai

When it comes to elemental magic device even Mu Bai showed tremendous yearning for it, for a budding magician having a spirit grade elemental magic device is like having the perfect start to easily surpass any of their peers.

“So that’s how it works” nodded Mo Fan happily

a 20% more or 40% more cultivation time, this is rather straightforward!

“Don’t be happy too early, you’ll only get ten days while i get a whole month for myself! I’ll get you off your first place soon!” said Mu Bai pouring cold water over Mo Fan’s mood.

Mo Fan didn’t even put Mu Bai and Zhao Kun San on his radar, even back then he can kick their ass and now his true challenge are those children with resources from big clans like the Mu clan, but he’ll cross this bridge when he need to, even better to make the old bastard offer his daughter plus dowry and beg him for it!

“You had better be careful! This device is very precious, if there’s any damage on it, don’t say I didn’t warn you when you return it!” warned Xue Mu Sheng heavily.


During the night, all the lights are off, making the entire campus seem quite dark.

Alone on the school’s roof, Mo Fan sat on top of the water tank, his hands holding the elemental magic device that has just been given today.

This magic device is a small piece of blue colored stone, placed on a very solid box, showing that the school place much importance to this magic device.

The magic device is fashioned like a pendant, with a silver chain allowing the user to wear it.

“So I just wear it and cultivate?” Mo Fan asked himself.

Half bowing his head, Mo Fan carefully wear this magic device around his neck. The chain was quite long, so this thing just hang on his chest.


Suddenly  Mo Fan heard a kind of tapping coming from around his chest. Mo Fan was surprised because this sound comes from the other small black pendant he wore around his neck. This small blackened loach-like pendant is still making noise until now.

He remember the elemental magic device clinking on the black pendant before it started making this tapping sound.

What the hell is this thing?

Mo Fan have several guesses about but nothing concrete, but suppose that it’s possible that some of the things from his original world might have changed into something else just like this black pendant.

He originally got this loach like accessory from the mountain side gatekeeper at the back of the school, the day when he slept he wore this pendant and it was somehow changed into something else in this parallel world.

Mo Fan has been wearing this blackened pendant, afraid that it might be lost if he took it off, he might lost his magic cultivation! God dammit, it wasn’t easy to cultivate both the lightning and fire element!

“Meh, whatever… I gotta focus on cultivating more power, this Yu Ang chap probably isn’t that easy to deal with. Moreover to make that old bastard yield her daughter to me is impossible without overpowering strength!” said Mo Fan to himself.

Mo Fan just put away that pendant and focus his spiritual mind to probe the elemental magic device.

This process generates strong spiritual force and focus on their mind to detect any magic fluctuations while doing this it also increases the magician’s sense of hearing, smell, sight, tactile many times better than ordinary human’s.

“This is so strange! there are no response like what Xue Mu Sheng said, as long as the magician extended his/her senses into the device and leave a spiritual mark, the elemental magic device will generate spiritual energy and nourish his mind and body and at the same time relieve spiritual fatigue”

Mo Fan tried several more times but couldn’t find anything like what Xue Mu Sheng said.


This loach is suddenly discharging power? (t/n: Mo Fan called this black pendant loach because of its shape -_-; imo this is like the author’s preferred first mascot… a fish yeeep >.>)

Mo Fan’s heart jumped with surprise and he hurriedly focus his mind into the loach. As he mind come in touch with this loach, it feels as if his whole body is soaking in a hot spring, the warmth dispersing the spiritual fatigue he felt while at the same time making his spiritual mind feeling more clear and comfortable.

No anxiousness, no worries, his mind has never been so calm, peaceful and pleasant!

Mo Fan has cultivate for a whole ten hours as usual and as he’s preparing to return to sleep after trying out this thing. Right at this moment, the feeling of fatigue seems to ease down a little and with that a faint feeling as if he can cultivate just a little more.

What the heck?

What’s going on?

This elemental magic device doesn’t even have any effect when I tried it but this little loach actually have a similar effect with the device provided by school!

Could it be… this lousy black pendant is actually a magical device???

Mo Fan is extremely excited at this thought!

[Chapter 33 Adfly]|[Chapter 33]|[Table of Contents]|[Chapter 35]|[Chapter 35 Adfly]


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