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Wait… something is wrong…

I’ve tried using this pendant as a practice object few months ago but back then the feeling is more like going through stagnant water. Why does it suddenly becomes nourishing to the mind? The supposed effect from the school’s elemental magic device is not working instead!?

“Holy shit!! Maybe this pendant sucked all that magic power from the tool!!” Mo Fan suddenly thought out this amazing possibility.

Mo Fan focus his spiritual mind and quickly examine these two magic tools.

I’m right!!

Mo Fan could feel a small trace of energy flowing from the deepest part of the elemental magic tool to the pendant slowly.

To be more specific, it’s like the pendant is using a straw to slowly siphon all the energy over, if Mo Fan didn’t discover this nobody would even find any evidence of this.

“What the heck little pendant, so you’re actually a magic tool ah! HAHAHA I didn’t know, now that you hid for so long you finally show your tail” yelled Mo Fan while grasping the pendant.

You little loach, you dead loach!!

You sucked up all the power in the elemental magic tool, now I can’t cultivate using it…..

Wait… I shouldn’t worry about this yet, since I can use the pendant’s power to nourish my mind and spirit what I need to worry about now is this shell of a magic tool owned by the school!

Arghh… curse this stupid little pendant bringing me this kind of trouble ah!!!

Mo Fan suddenly felt like his brain isn’t big enough! (t/n not enough brain cells =_=).

There’s too many things to consider and process enough to make him feel like exploding!!!

Fiuh… be cool, be calm.

I’m gona figure this out!

Mo Fan continued probing the pendant to find out more, it seems that this pendant really have the same function like elemental magic tool, but when Mo Fan tried to make the power flow back to the tool nothing happened at all, there was no response on the pendant.

Mo Fan really want to cry at this…

The biggest thing he found out is that this small pendant is really some crazy awesome elemental magic tool, so far he’s like a beggar sitting on top of a mountain of gold begging for pittance.

The only tragedy is that he actually broke the school’s elemental magic tool. This kind of thing isn’t some random pebble you can pick up by the river.

The school loan the tool to him for ten days, even if he returned the tool intact, it’s only still an empty powerless shell and he can’t tell Xue Mu Sheng that the power transferred over to the small pendant.

“Tang Yue teacher… Maybe she knows something about this” Mo Fan figured that he didn’t need to worry blindly and should just look for help.

Teacher Tang Yue was first on his mind to look for help.

When she saw through the tricks this Mu Bai and Mu He put up during the assessment, he feels that he could put in trust to this teacher Tang Yue.


“Teacher, are you going to sleep soon?” asked Mo Fan on the phone.

“I’ve just changed to my sleepwear, what’s wrong?” drifted the sexy voice making Mo Fan daydream a little about Tang Yue in sexy nightgown with that hot figure.

“My elemental magic tool seems to have some problems with it, I don’t know what to do, so I thought to contact teacher first” Mo Fan putting on a pitiful student’s act.

“Where are you?” When it comes to this elemental magic device, Tang Yue seemed to turn a little more serious.

Elemental magic tool is considered the school’s treasured possession! Any problem is a big problem!

“The third classroom’s building, on the water tank at the roof”

“Alright… Give me three minutes” as Tang Yue quickly hang up.

The moment the call ended, Mo Fan was deeply bewildered… Three minutes? How could teacher come over from the teacher’s dorm here in three minutes? even with an open unhindered path Zhang Hou might need five minutes, let alone Tang Yue teacher who’s still in her pajama… What is this… noodle cup teleport??

Mo Fan is still cranky when all of sudden a faint fluctuation occur on the dark roof. While this fluctuation is very weak, Mo Fan wasn’t careful enough to notice this. This fluctuation didn’t affect the air, nor does it affect the magic elements in the surrounding, but a silent intimidating kind of ripple its surrounding.

“Mo Fan?”

A gentle voice drifted out suddenly.

“Teacher Tang Yue?” Mo Fan was shocked and hurriedly look down from the water tank to the open air rooftop.

With only moonlight shining on the sky to light up the dark rooftop, within a cloud of shadow suddenly separates into two distinct bright and darkened line. At first Mo Fan could see a vague boundary lines appearing from within that shadow, followed by a figure of a woman dressed in long coat coming out from the moonlight shadow, as if teacher Tang Yue suddenly come out from another door! (t/n: here it comessss DOKODEMO DOOR! Hail Doraemon it’s the 21st century)

Mo Fan is really extremely surprised!!!

“What is this magic!?” gasped Mo Fan.

He couldn’t even hear any footsteps in the corridor before teacher Tang Yue suddenly come out on the rooftop from the shadows!?

“What’s wrong with your elemental magic tool?” asked Tang Yue as she jumped up and landed on the water tank.

The moonlight shines on teacher Tang Yue’s proud posture, even Mo Fan was mesmerized.

“I don’t know… I follow teacher Xue Mu Sheng’s instruction but I don’t know why suddenly the magic power from the tool dissapeared, and then…”

“Then what?”

Mo Fan hesitated whether to let Tang Yue know about this little pendant.

There are many strange things in this new world, besides if I did not tell her the truth, she might not believe me.

“Then, the energy was transferred to my pendant” said Mo Fan pulling out the blackened pendant.

Even when he cursed Mu Zhuo Yun in public, the school doesn’t really care about it, but this damaged this elemental magic tool is enough reason to even kick Mo Fan out of Tian Lan magic high school.

“You said the tool’s magic power transferred over to your own pendant???” asked Tang Yue teacher with widened eyes, exposing her disbelief.

“Yes” nodded Mo Fan.

“Where did this pendant come from?” Tang Yue’s expression has suddenly changed

“It’s a heirloom”

Tang Yue suddenly calmed down and with bright eyes looked at Mo Fan and back at the pendant.

“Have you mention this to anyone yet?” asked Tang Yue with an imposing expression.

Mo Fan couldn’t help but shudder in fear… Could this be like those TV dramas setting? Under the dark stormy weather the student was robbed and kill, then made as if the poor tragic student couldn’t stand the pressure and jumped down to suicide…

Everything just so happen to be like the drama script!?!?

[Chapter 34 Adfly]|[Chapter 34]|[Table of Contents]|[Chapter 36]|[Chapter 36 Adfly

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