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“A taste of the benefits from this magic tool and you’re already clamoring to go out and collect refined souls? Well… After the end of the semester, you will go outside the city for a field trip, and at that time when you see a real magical beasts, I’ll see if you still have that idea”

“Field Trip??” Mo Fan have heard about this for some time, is this that legendary high school military training?

“Every magician needs to go through this experience, we don’t acknowledge those pampered glass house magicians, or those timid ones. The real grit of a magician is shown during critical times when one has to fight against those magical beasts”

“I will consider it seriously”

“No, this isn’t anything like that… the field trip isn’t anything like an examination. My only hope is that you and the other students could calm down and think of a way to live when you’re in such dire situation” said Tang Yue meaningfully.

Having said that teacher Tang Yue turned and left before Mo Fan managed to ask anything, a cloud of shadows converge on Tang Yue’s body slowly as her surrounding rippled slightly and she disappeared without a trail.

Mo Fan saw the whole process this time… She really just disappeared into the dark shadows like she has never been there before!

He hurriedly jumped down from the water tank and look towards the teacher’s apartment building and found her aloof back walking into the building with a gentle place.

What kind of spell is this!?

Of all the elements Mo Fan knows, only the wind element magic could use the wind to move quickly, which in his opinion is pretty good, but Tang Yue’s magic tops that, it’s even faster than travelling using wind magic!

This is so cool! When can I finally get to learn these kind of cool thing!

This teacher seems to be anything but ordinary!

I heard that a magician cultivates high enough they can awaken a second time! This teacher is at least a intermediate level magician!

Looks like I gotta hold on tight to teacher Tang Yue’s thighs!


“I heard that we’ll be sent out for some magician training after this semester end”

“Huh? What’s this training thing?”

“We’ll be sent you out in the wilds ah!”

“Urgh… I heard from my childhood friend there are magical beasts, the kind that eat humans for food! I don’t want go”

“You can’t skip this, this training is related to our university entrance exam! The results is mandatory to get into any university!”

“It’s just training, what’s there to fear! We’re magicians, if we met magical beasts just ice it into popsicle!”

“But I heard magical beasts is very powerful, even that magical beast teacher always told us not to fight against those beasts alone in any case”

Just like teacher Tang Yue said, immediately after the end of the semester, all the students will be ushered into this kind of brutal field trip, if she’s not wrong then we will really encounter magical demon beasts in this trip!

All students have been attending magical beasts class since last year, but even if the teacher taught about those things for months or years, none of the students have ever seen a real magical beasts, even those videos on the internet doesn’t help curb the curiosity to look at the real thing.

This time, the students will finally experience the real magical beasts and soon the whole school is talking about this.

This field trip will start with the students from elite class. During the annual assessment in the past, everyone has basically mastered their control over seven stars and now after half a year, every one of them is capable of using their basic spells.

Even though they have merely mastered their basic spell, the school dare to let them go on this field trip since they’re not ordinary humans that are practically defenseless against those magical beasts.


Time flies as an arrow, by now Mo Fan’s cultivation has progress five to six times since the annual assessment, thanks to this little loach pendant.

Whether it’s lightning shock or fire wave, he can skillfully cast them now.

Since his bold display of fire magic at the assessment time, his training on fire spell has progress even further! He now need only about three seconds to complete the casting sequence but lightning needed nearly four seconds.

For now, the entire elite class’ casting speed is probably about five to ten seconds, in this regard Mo Fan’s cast speed is in absolute best.

The elite class has 100 students and will be divided into 5 groups of about 20 students each.

Each group will be followed by a teacher and two instructors from the camp.

Each group will also get their own bus carrying the group of young magicians out of the city, the school has also setup a secure route to Xue Feng (t/n: Snowy Peaks) mountain outpost.

This mountain outpost is a very important relay outpost for the Hunter’s Union constructed on the valley not only serving as a scout but also getting important materials for Bo city.

“Like i told you, there are outposts located around the city’s secure zone, but anywhere out of these zones are infested with magical beasts, so unless you are capable enough to fight with those magical beasts, you had better stay within the outpost or turn rest in peace forever in the beasts’ guts” said the Magical Beasts class teacher.

“Around the outpost the Hunter’s Union, Magician Association or other big magician families or clans will patrol the security zones every day to scout for any magical beasts activities, arrange for a lookout to alert the city so that none of them can go into any of our residential areas, but with such big area to cover and limited magician manpower available here, only the outpost is part of the protected area, the rest of the area such as the forests, valleys, mountains are too complex an area to do anything about them. Even if we have power magicians we may never be able to eradicate all of those magical beasts with the myriad of caves and obscure locations on the field” said the third group’s hunter captain Luo Yun Bo.

Luo Yun Bo is a tanned and handsome man, even some of the girls in the students group are staring at him with shiny eyes, as if the handsome instructor has just turn into their handsome idol to worship and infatuated with!

While Luo Yun Bo is the group’s instructor, his assistant for this group is a woman called Pan Li Jun, she is also quite tanned and lean, very different compared to those university girls.


[Chapter 36 Adfly]|[Chapter 36]|[Table of Contents]|[Chapter 38]|[Chapter 38 Adfly]

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