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On the bus, while passing through a swath of wasteland the mountain is slowly coming into everyone’s view. Lush emerald forest overgrown with vegetation and the thick clouds scattering around the mountain’s peak.

“Can you see it? That towering mountain peak is Xue Feng mountain, which is also the border line that for our outpost. Xue Feng mountain outpost is located in the valley near Lei Yu mountain on the side” introduced Luo Yun Bo.

“Our Bo city is considered a medium size city, compared to those big cities elsewhere with bigger area to cover, those first tier cities also have stronger magical beasts near their borders, in that case a bigger outpost station with even more magicians” said the female assistant instructor Pan Li Jun.

“If you’re often killing these magical beasts, you must be an intermediate magician right?” asked Wang Pang San.

“Intermediate magician? How can intermediate magicians play around with you group of kids” replied Pan Li Jun sarcastically.

“So you’re still an elementary magician… There’s nothing to be proud about it” quipped Wang Pang (t/n: his name literally mean fat king)

This Wang Pang is quite outspoken but two instructors just looked at each other and smile in amusement, feeling that his words are way too naïve.


Since the bus started its journey into the mountain region, it’s been almost half a day. All this while Mo Fan has been cultivating in the bus instead of idling.

Mo Fan and busses are probably destined for each other, the last time he went on a bus he managed to breakthrough and control all seven of the lightning element stars. This time, the fire element feels like it’s going to breakthrough as well!

This little pendant is equivalent to a common elemental magic tool, improving his cultivation time greatly. It’s been a year since the annual assessment, this time Mo Fan can feel that the fire elemental star system has become brighter, it seems that there is some significant changes to them.

If before the elemental star are like those stars that only shines at night, the stars now are emitting strong stable light!

It was said that once the elemental stars transformed to emit a clearly different light, the magician’s spell will become stronger and they can use other stronger spells too!

Mo Fan has been spending most of this year for this rank up!

I’m looking forward to my rank up I can’t wait to see how much stronger fire wave can be!


The journey to the outpost has finally ended, when we reached everyone thought that we’re going to see an outpost, if anything the place looks like a small village instead. On both sides of the outpost is a very steep cliff one hundred meter high, the only thing you see when you look up is the sky. With a natural barrier on both sides, the front and rear of the has also been blocked by two huge boulders, the whole outpost is like a fortress in the valley.

“Welcome to Xue Feng mountain outpost, except for magical beasts that can fly or have extraordinary climbing abilities, this fortress outpost hasn’t had any trouble with most of the magical beasts in our security zone, since the foundation of the outpost there hasn’t been any incident of magical beasts breaching into the secure areas nearby the city” said Zhan Jian Guo solemnly as he walked out of the bus, looking at the gate.

“Teacher, I heard this stone gate was constructed by famous earth magician from Bo city and nothing can shake it!” asked Zhou Min eagerly.

“Yes, despite looking old this stone gate is in no way inferior to steel” said Zhang Jian Guo walking at the front holding the flag for the third group like a tour guide leading a group of students to an ancient city.

Before long, the other buses has also arrived carrying the rest of the students passing through the stone gate. The sentries on the sides of the gate were quite relaxed, one of them even play with a few sparks of flame on his hand, the small flame fluttered around his fingertips like an obedient little pet and from time to time fly around his whole body, like an elegant little fairy.

Mo Fan noticed this and was privately surprised. Playing with fire like that just shows how much better their ability to use their skill, it makes him wonder just how strong this military uniformed sentry’s fire element spell is.

“Yo, Boss Zhan Kong aren’t you on duty? Why did you come here?” said the fire mage, Luo Yun Bo, who was playing with fire as he looked up and smile.

“I’ve got nothing to do but I heard there are some high school girls coming here so I came here to have a look at the candies” said Zhang Kong as he laugh.

Zhou Min furrowed her small brow as she felt that Zhang Kong guy ogled her.

“OoO so handome!”

“yeah… so much different from the little kids in class, so manly”

“Well… he’s honest…  I’ll give him that at least”

Several girls were like little birds twittering around.

“Little sisters, don’t look down at our Boss Zhang Kong, he’s one of the few strong magician in the outpost” said Pan Li Jun reverently.

“Zhang Kong… I’ve heard his name, I heard that he’s the fire mage with the highest number of magical beast kills in Xue Feng mountain outpost! I’ve heard so much about you, It’s my pleasure to finally meet you” said Zhang Jian Guo excitedly.

“Just some magical beasts, what’s so great about it” quipped Wang Pang.

“Yeah, it’s nothing great really. I don’t really want to do this but damn Deng Kai (the supervisor for the hunter’s union) insisted to have the trainees come to this outpost for their field trip…” said Zhang Kong.

“Well… it’s been a year and there has’t been anything major happening here I guess that’s why. Besides every magician needs some real life experience, you can’t just delay this just based on that warning from a year ago” said Zhang Jian Guo.

“Whatever… Just don’t let those students wander around alright… I can’t bear to see those cute little eye candies get eaten by one-eyed magic wolf haha”

Zhang Jian Guo had an embarassed smile, while the other side is a real magician, even the female teacher can’t do anything to the sexual harassment.

A warning a year ago?

Didn’t aunt Mo Qing said something about this a year ago? But I spent most of my time at school, so even if something terrible happened it’s quite difficult for students to find out!

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