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The third team students have just passed through the valley when a man wearing a straw hat jumped down from the trees on the cliff slope holding a scoreboard! Writing down his report, this person quickly left towards the grassland area and enter the tent.

“This Zhang Hou in the third group did a great job there” said the man to the person in the tent.

If the students were here, they will definitely be surprised to find all their practical class teachers and instructors comfortably sitting, eating snacks, drinking some tea and enjoying their time here.

“Oh?” the drillmaster Zhang Kong raised an eyebrow at this report.

He does not remember seeing Zhang Hou’s name in the list of the top wind magicians. Regardless this kind of thing is expected to happen, because cultivation grade is merely a measure of progress but it doesn’t necessarily translate into a magician’s skill and ability to perform in the field with courage and wits!

“Write down his name, give him a high grade” said the drillmaster to the instructor.


“Haha, only you military people can think of messing with the trainee students like this” laughed Zhang Jian Guo.

“Yes, send them off to the mountains without any assistance or possible rescue and then secretly watch them trek through, then grade them accordingly relative to how they perform as they try to complete the bounty task… This devious training couldn’t get any better!” laughed principal Chen Wei Liang.

“En… compared to that previous retard of a drillmaster, this kind of training reflects on each student’s mental qualities more accurately” nodded Tang Yue.

If those hundred students know that the teachers and instructors were in cahoots on this training menu, their face will probably be rife with disbelief. Of course the teacher and instructors know that these students lack the necessary skills to survive in the wild, but for the sake of training they chose the most realistic environment and objectives. Although they added in some psychological pressure by treating them harshly as they were sent off, they will still secretly follow along to protect them in case of emergency.

“Boss Zang Kong, I was almost deceived ah! I really thought you’re so hearthless, putting those kids through this kind of impossible training” said Pan Li Jun (Instructor #2)

“This is where you thought wrong, I will still fail those who didn’t do anything or were useless in this training” said Zhang Kong directly.

“This… but this bounty task is still kind of impossible to complete by those kids ah!” said Pan Li Jun.

“Yes, but I think watching them passing through the patch of magical vines will be quite interesting… and if they can actually pass through, it will be quite an amazing feat already!” said Chen Wei Liang.

“Of course none of them will be able to complete the bounty, even any of us here may not be able to complete the bounty task” laughed Zhang Kong.

“Even the instructors can’t?? What do you mean!?” puzzled Zhang Jian Guo.

“Well… we put their destination at a so called one eyed magic wolf den for their test, but of course we have to ensure no wild magic wolves there. So we had a summoner’s one-eyed magic wolf guarding the old wolves’ den instead. This summoned wolf is actually their final test, there aren’t any real wild and ferocious magic wolves there hahaha” laughed Luo Yun Bo (Instructor #1 guy)

The group of teachers were listening to this in excited commotion, even the headmaster clapped and praise this devious training plan!!

“This is wonderful!! Absolutely brilliant!!”

Xue Mu Sheng nodded and said “Yes, of course… since we can’t let the students fight against a real savage magical beasts and die, this training will make them learn how to respond calmly and properly when fighting against magical beasts. This kind of thing can’t be trained without fighting the real thing, getting a summon to train them is very appropriate! They don’t even know that it’s just a trick and will fight for their life. Not only will this allow the students to experience fighting ferocious magical beast but also protect their safety at the same time!”

“Thank you very much Drillmaster, you come up with such a perfect training plan, I believe this batch of students will gain many valuable practical experience!” praised Xue Mu Sheng.

“It’s my job”

“There’s only one summon… What if those students did something unexpected like ganging up and fight it instead?” asked Tang Yue.

“Oh~ teacher Tang Yue, you’re overthinking it… Our Tian Lan magic high school has been teaching students for over twenty years, I’ve never heard of students that can properly cast their magic spell on their first encounter with magical beasts… Even if they can actually cast their spells, those basic spells are impossible to hurt the summoned wolf” said Zhang Jian Guo.

“Yes… The strongest basic element is fire and lightning, at most only that Xu Zhao Ting kid will be able to hinder the wolf a little bit, but basic fire wave? At most it’ll try to set its fur on fire and fail at it” laughed Chen Wei Liang.

The teacher and instructors laughed heartily in anticipation of the students encounter soon.

Indeed with the students’ current strength, this bounty task itself is impossible but what they desire the most is for the students to grow mentally through this adversity, compared to simply studying or practicing at school, this kind of training will benefit them several more times!

Tang Yue did not join the laugh but looked at the distant mist shrouded valley.

“Mo Fan has been using that elemental magic tool for a year now. I wonder how much higher his cultivation on his fire element now… If things play out right, he will probably be the only student to actually wound that summon, a student capable of injuring a summon will probably get S grade without any problem!” muttered  Tang Yue secretly but shook her head afterwards.

It will be great if they can actually cast a spell in the face of a ferocious magical beast.

Tang Yue only hoped that the hundred students didn’t faint at that summon because as long as they can cast any spell in this encounter, this Zhang Kong will give them grade A assessment!

So far everyone has only ever get A grade assessment from the training assessment, everyone thought that there is no higher assessment grade other than this!


  1. at the end shouldn’t the second to last “A” be an S? as in “it has been so long since any student got an S rank assessment everyone thought the highest grade they could get from the instructors is A”

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