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Through the valley, passing through plains of grass taller than us, we finally reach hundred herbs valley!

This entrance to get into the valley is quite big, but the path into it is small and winding, filled with vines.

“How is this path filled with so much vines, I can see the mountain peak to the mountain foot I see them everywhere, they looked so disgusting too!” whispered the weak looking girl.

“Those are just some broken vines, you little girls follow me!” said Wang Pang as he stood in front of three girls heroically, walking ahead bravely like a stallion. (t/n: rrriigghttt, one fat stallion coming through!)

Wang Pang’s big bloated fat body broke through the vines as he walk in strides, his big size is truly suitable to open up such rugged path! Just following the path he made allows the other students to pass through with so much ease!

“AAAAAAHHHH!!! What the hell, fuckfuckfuck, help me ah!!” howled Wang Pang suddenly as if he’s a beaten old barking dog.

All the other students was startled and unconsciously stepped back from him, looking at their surrounding carefully, feeling goose bumps creeping up.

It turns out that the vines are actually moving!!!

The vines were writhing around Wang Pang’s body, tying up and hung him upside down because he entered its territory.These vines had thorns on them, so when it tied the fatty up, it shreds his clothes and spilled his blood, making those timid girls scream incessantly.

“SHUT UP COWARDS! Is there anything you can do other than screaming !!!” growled Xu Zhao Ting in annoyance.

As he ended his tirade, he stood still, engaged his lighting elemental stars… Imaginary stars appeared one by one before his forehead, shining with brilliant purple glow, arranged by Xu Zhao Ting’s skillful control! In an instant, these elemental stars were engaged almost instantly as he cast his spell.

<Lightning Strike>

Xu Zhao Ting’s lightning magic suddenly appeared and streak into an arc promptly. These arcs of lightning streak to the vines around Xu Zhao Ting and continue on to the vines towing the fatty away.


The lightning electrocute the magical vines charring many strips of vines, but the vines doesn’t fear the lightning attacks at all, it merely slightly winced and continue towing Wang Pang away!

“Help… Help…” yelled Wang Pang tearfully as he tried to resist the vine strangling him, sapping his strength slowly.

The students were panicking in confusion.

That lightning spell isn’t working!! How do we deal with this magic vines!


Aside of Wang Pang squealing in panic, one of the girls had her ankle trapped by the vines too. This Zheng Yun Xia is a water element magician, with all this panicking she forgot to even use her own magic, let alone display her skills.

“Don’t panic, I’ll deal with them!!” shouted Zhou Min trying to assure the others.

She quickly focused and engage her fire elemental stars, the flames emerging making her surrounding hotter!

<Fire Wave>

Flames surrounding her arm quickly spring up with a wave of her hand, burning through the encroaching magical vines.


The sudden burning flames spreads around the vines, making it withdraw itself away.

The flurry of flames intensify and quickly spread through the vines, and in an instant a large patch of vines were burnt.The magical vines were afraid of the flame waves, and quickly withdraw to hide itself as if seeing ghosts. The vines strangling Wang Pang upside down loosened and fortunately this fatty fall onto his round belly, otherwise he’ll probably smash his face in.

“Team leader so awesome!!”

“Haha that fire magic just scared those vines away”

“Yeaah Zhou Min too strong!”

The group of students seeing the receding vines applauded again in relief.

Xu Zhao Ting, being proud of his elemental magic did not have a very happy face there. This plant lifeform is just naturally born with the ability to resist most lightning element, there’s nothing he can actually do about it.

Mo Fan watched them, but did not use any fire spells from the beginning of the fiasco till the end. Since Zhou Min could handle those things, he doesn’t need to do it himself. That said, Zhou Min is still working on the first basic level, if compared to the power of his fire wave… What magical vines? just a flick of flames will burn them all!

Zhou Min led the way through the narrow trail, casting <Fire Wave> four times on those magical vines to repel the vines, demonstrating the might of fire element, burning away all the obstacles!


“Zhou Min, this fire element girl… She’s pretty much on my strike zone!” said the drillmaster casually.

“Which group is progressing the fastest right now? the first team should have quite the number of outstanding students in the group” inquired Zhang Jian Guo.

“That fire magicians in that first group are useless retards, facing only those magical vines they panicked and couldn’t cast their fire spells properly… Finally that Mu Bai kid went and freeze the vines to slow them down, this group is currently the fastest, they will soon arrive near the den in hundred herbs valley and encounter the secluded summoned magic wolf! It’s about time for their real test!!”

“The summoned wolf wouldn’t hurt the students right?”

“Some injuries will happen for sure, a few broken bones probably… But of course we need the summoner to do some damage control from his wolf properly too” said Pan Li Jun.

“Please contact him and remind the summoner, if the students’ injuries are too heavy it will also affect their university entrance test next year”

“There’s no way to contact him around this valley, it should be fine, that Bai Yang should know how to handle this”

“Bai Yang? that light element magician?” asked Tang Yue in surprise.

Zhang Kong smiled and said “Ah, the cards are out, he’s the summoner in this Xue Feng mountain outpost, that one-eyed magic wolf guarding the den with the blue bracelet inside it”

Tang Yue was shocked in silent, this drillmaster is putting a lot of efforts into this! She doesn’t even know if the students will actually survive this…


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