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A good view of the valley inside, to the south a lake, to the north another ridge to the mountain pass.

The old den is at the center of the hundred herbs valley, anyone can see this in a glance.

The person leading the first group is of course green tea, the vice team leader Mu Bai. Mu Bai’s prior successes in this training has impressed everyone in his team, even the girls are worshiping him more than ever, since he makes a lot of contributions to get the team into the hundred herbs valley really quickly.

There’s the cave! I thought this bounty is going to be so difficult, we’re going to complete it soon!” laughed Zhao Kun San.

This didn’t make the cut into the elite class in the first place, but at the second semester he managed to be in top 10 and get in, and now riding along Mu Bai’s success.

“Be careful, this bounty task isn’t going to be so simple” Mu Bai was born in a big clan and he’s also well informed about how difficult even seemingly easy bounty task can be.

The team of twenty students followed Mu Bai, climbing down the steep hills, going through the mountain pass, there was a small spring near the den filled to about halfway. The cave-den appears to be quite big, almost as big as the city’s underpass. The cave seems to be very deep and dark, easily intimidating the students in fear of the dark and the unknown, chilly wind coming from the cave didn’t help but putting goose bumps all over the body.

“Erm… let’s wait for some more students before going? said He Yu timidly (The girl that panic about failing during assessment)

“I think so too, this place looks terrible” said Zhao Kun San timidly.

Only God knows what’s in the cave, nobody is bold enough to go on this suicide in. If there really is a magical beast inside, you will only meet death! As they talked, another team is coming over to the den from the mountain pass.

“It looks like third team is here, this is great!” said He Yu happily.

The first group and third group are considered the best in combat because of Mu Bai and Xu Zhao Ting’s magic element.

Mu Bai couldn’t help but sneer looking at the third group reaching this destination much slower than them, although Mo Fan and Mu Bai are the only two students to get S in the annual assessment last year, how can his cultivation supported by the clan be any worse than Mo Fan’s solitary cultivation!


Soon, the third team regrouped with the first team, seeing that none of the other three teams are here, it’s entirely possible that the other three teams must have been eliminated or fail to deal with those magical vines. Besides, not every wind magician will actually dare to make that jump at the valley.

“Come on, let’s go in together, you light magicians finally have some use, come on bring out those light bulbs!” said Zhao Kun San feeling more brave as more people join.

The light element students grumbled at his cheap mouth, regardless the elementary level light magicians is nicknamed “portable light bulb”

The light element magicians used their spell to illuminate the rocky cave, but the dark  cave beyond the illuminated areas, still set their hearts racing.

“Wind magicians scout out the path with your wind path spell, if anything happen escape immediately” Mu Bai really does receive some team training in the clan, allocating appropriate talent for the situation.

The wind element students didn’t make any complains, Zhao Kun San, Zhang Ying Lu and Yang Xin Tian went ahead to scout.

“Boss Fan, I’m going to join them scouting the place, what do you think?” asked Zhang Hou.

Such a large group travelling into a cave without any scout ahead will cause massive chaos and panic if something happened, Mu Bai’s decision is correct.

Mo Fan is still standing before the cave, checking out the pond nearby the cave. It rained a few days ago so it’s quite normal to see water in the pond, but Mo Fan found something strange about it.

“The water edge’s mark line is at the pond, this water in the pond should be this much, but the mark is still visible… The water evaporating away in less than half a day is rather too fast right?” muttered Mo Fan to himself.

“The first group might have used the water in it?” said Zhang Hou.

“We could take water from the lake over there, there’s no reason to take water again from this pond”

“What do you mean….”

“The Drillmaster did say there were one-eyed magic wolf around here, it’s not a coincidence that they came out of the cave to drink water, it should happened a few hours ago… look the water marks are still there, but the water already decreased”

Zhang Hou wasn’t stupid, thinking on what Mo Fan said, his face paled in green.

“Boss… don’t scare me… are you sure there’s something living in the cave that just drank water here not long ago” stammered Zhang Hou as his tremble in fear.

“Let’s go, I might have overthink this” clapped Mo Fan as he entered the cave to follow his team.

Zhang Hou hurriedly entered the cave and join the scouts that Mu Bai assigned, however before Zhang Hou warned them a gust of strong air gush out from the cave, buffeting the students face. The feeling of terrible omen seems to come along with the strong gust of wind, messing up their hair and clothes, with it a sort of cold mist spraying their face.



Fierce howl erupted from inside the cave twice… At this moment, everyone is aware what this sticky moisture coming with the gust of air is! It’s the saliva from the magical beasts’ howl!!

All forty students were shocked and paralyzed in fear, their face distorted as their innermost fear happen right now.

Magical beast!!!

They have learn this topic about magical beasts countless of times, memorizing over and over magical beasts ferocious appearance, but when they felt that greedy green eye stared at them, their minds went blank!

The light bulbs made by the light magicians are still hovering on the air around the cave entrance, lighting it up brightly. A green furred wolf leg suddenly step out of the dark shadow, its razor sharp claws crushing the ground as its head moved onto the illuminated area at the cave entrance, its row of serrated fangs snarl at the students, it’s drool slowly dripping seeing all these human food!

The ferocious wolf’s head is bigger than an average wolf, its muscles as strong as rocks, with blue colored coat alternating its green fur.

The only magic wolf stood infront of forty students, it’s green eye clearly looking at delicious food in greed!

“Run… runnnnnn!!!” shouted someone as his voice faltered.