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The group of students were panicking like frightened wild birds, colliding and stumbling into each other to escape from the vicinity of the cave.

“RUUUNNN, what are you idiots standing still for!” yelled Zhang Hou seeing He Yu scared silly to standing still before pulling her along.

“Wind… Wind… damn wind path!!”

Zhang Hou tried to cast his magic, but his mad and frantic beating heart doesn’t help to concentrate and control the elemental stars. Usually during practice, he will be able to get them under control without any mistakes, Zhang Hou felt that he should be able to do this calmly, but with  terrifying magical beast a mere twenty meters away, he found that all the things they learn at school is utterly nonsense in this situation!

Even those usually skilled with their elemental control feels like their elemental stars has become like frightened naughty bambi, a ballpark guess will put none of these students being able to cast any of their spell at all, instinctively fleeing away from the vicinity of the cave back towards the valley.

“Boss Fan, Boss… run… quickly runnnn!” yelled Zhang Hou pulling the petrified He Yu away from the cave.

At this moment, Mo Fan’s group was also escaping while some are screaming, crying in fear, soiling their pants, breaking his concentration to use his magic spell.


No, we have to run now!

Mo Fan was about to  connect to the seventh elemental star before the wolf roar and scattered all his thoughts at once, and in desperation he quickly grabbed the nearby Zhou Min.

“Let me go! I’ll hold off this one-eyed magic wolf! The rest of you calm down and support me!” said this suicidal girl.

“You have a critically stupid mind!” said Mo Fan before carrying her up directly. This cold bold looking girl is in fact nothing but a delicate little girl, with the strength he gained from cultivating magic, with his enhanced physical strength, running while carrying Zhou Min isn’t difficult at all.

It’s not that Mo Fan didn’t want to give her the opportunity to show off her magic, but even he who had a much stronger cultivation compared to this girl couldn’t manage to cast his spell in time, let alone this girl with much worse progress!

Right now, it doesn’t matter what I’m going to be cursed and scolded into, as long as we can escape anything goes. Mo Fan carried her as he bolted to the valley cliffs, her scream and cries threatens to make Mo Fan deaf.

“Damn it, no wonder those veterans at the outpost were laughing at us so hard, when we were at school practicing on the training dummy we were so confident, but now we’re like a group of trash waiting to be eaten, nobody could respond with their magic but to run away instead… this attempt to escape is going to get everyone killed one by one, our only way to get out of this hell hole is to climb the ropes, even if we reached it there’s only one rope there… only a few will be able to climb out”

Mo Fan’s mind is in a mess, he tried very hard to calm down and focus but the threat of this magical beasts were beyond their imagination. This feels like watching horror movies! When you look at the posters, it doesn’t feel like it’s scary at all, but when you hear the sound, and watch it move all of sudden the whole thing is on a whole different level of fear! But right now, this isn’t a horror movie anymore, but a real ghost coming out of the screen, right in your face, you can even see the blood tearing down from his eyes!!!

How can anyone stay calm in this kind of situation!


Mo Fan runs quickly while carrying Zhou Min, if left alone she probably would have just stood there, she was hiding the fact that she was so shocked that she couldn’t move her legs! This is so terrible for them, ten times more terrifying than any nightmares they’ve had!

“Oh my god!! where’s the rope!!”

“NOOOOO I don’t want to die here!!”

“How could this happen!?” Mu Bai and Xu Zhao Ting were the only two students who appears to have their wits about. About ten people have fainted near the cave entrance, while the other twenty have reached the cliff and are trying to climb down even without the rope.

The rope is gone!! Unless they jumped down directly… they aren’t going to outrun this wolf!

“Are we going to die here?” said Zhao Kun San trembling in fear.

Aside from the smell of that one-eyed magic wolf’s breath, it also stack with the smell of soiled pants.

“If that thing chased me, I’d rather die than be eaten alive!”

“Damn it, so many people faint near the cave, why isn’t it eating them but chasing us instead” said Zhao Kun San.

Zhou Min, Xu Zhao Ting could hear his words and fiercely grade at him.

“It’s no use running, we just have to group up and fight it”

“How to fight!? Even all the stuffs I learn have already been canned”



Near the valley peak, there is a clearing near on the mountainside about 300 meters away from the old den.

Sitting on the rock, the drillmaster, instructors and that summoner Bai Yang were watching the trapped students from up there.

The drillmaster shakes his head looking at the groups not using their magic spells at all. Such a disappointing sight… I thought these students from Tian Lan magic high school have got some skills, but until now none has yet to cast any magic.

This group of students seems more like dreaming about being a magician, although the school spent so much resource to nurture them so that they don’t crumble when facing the real magical beasts.

The teachers and principal there looked at this sight in embarrassment. They are clearly aware of the students’ caliber, the students at school were generally pushed to pursue stronger magic cultivation progress so that they look good on the progress report, but this practical stuffs are mostly glossed over. But practicing real combat, they could only set up some sort of mock combat practice at most!

“Well… someone used magic” said Luo Yun Bo finding a speck of white light shining.

“Oh this ice, it’s Mu Bai” said Xue Mu Sheng beaming with a smile.

The other teachers focused their attention on him, and sure enough the first to use magic is Mu Bai’s ice magic.

The pale frosty ice shrouded the area around Mu Bai, quickly reaching the wolf and freezing its limbs!

“Good… write down his name”

“This is a disciple from the Mu Clan, influenced by the clan’s training, his resilience and mental qualities should be stronger than the other students”

As expected of a clan’s disciple… While other students are mentally collapsing, this Mu Bai manage to use his magic!

Just being able to cast his <Ice Wave>  Mu Bai will already get this excellent A grade! Now to see if other students can calm down and do the same too!


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