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Standing near the edge of the mountain, Mu Bai stood bravely facing the secluded magic wolf, his ice magic attempting to slow down the wolf as it tries to freeze the beast’s limbs silently.

Mu Bai was just about to let out a relieved sigh before he found that this wolf did not stop it and merely slow it down, it was not stopped by the ice magic at all!

“No effect?” Mu Bai with a dull expression.

He believes that with his current level in ice magic, he can definitely freeze three or four people in place, Mu Bai thought that doing so will buy some time for his teammates to calm down and join him in the offense, but who knows that this secluded magic wolf have such powerful body, the freezing ice magic isn’t stopping the beast as intended!


The frozen feet broke the ice, the wolf dash forward to Mu Bai setting him as the target, its paw raised high in front of Mu Bai, beating him down in an instant!

“Booooom ~~~”

A shockwave broke the ground, rolling up the dusts, knocking Mu Bai five six meters away!

Mu Bai was swiped away without any defense, rolling on the ground and knocked unconcious.

“Mu Bai!” Zhao Kun San rushed over to Mu Bai and notice his ripped clothes, his skin bloodied with wounds.

He Yu who finally recovered from her shock saw this, and like a scare little kitten just squatted there crying. Her cries seems to have annoyed the wolf greatly as it trot over to He Yu with steps filled haughty contempt.

At this moment, there’s no trace of mercy in its eye, Mu Bai at the side is covered in blood, nobody knows what kind of fate will befell this He Yu.

“Damn it! Run away quickly!” said Zhang Hou anxiously.

In a flash, Zhang Hou ran towards He Yu, trying to pull her away from this wolf.

“Monkey, stop throwing your life away!” yelled Mo Fan not far away watching this scene after calming down.

In his view, Mu Bai did a really stupid decision there, with his cultivation and magic it is impossible to a defeat even a magical beast alone, but fortunately this secluded magic wolf isn’t killing them yet. Otherwise with that one swipe to Mu Bai, he’ll turn into a pile of meat, probably losing his life!
“Fire…. <Fire Wave> !!”

In the mess, Zhou Min bit his tongue before finally casting her fire spell. The ball of fire shot to the wolf’s torso… or supposed to be, perhaps because in such confusion the fire only hit the ground before its pawn, a large cluster of flames burst out before the wolf, making its fur shines with red luster.

The magic wolf just ignored the burning flame and continue moving towards He Yu and Zhang Hou.

“Beast! Taste my lightning!!”

Xu Zhao Thing yelled, his whole body courses with many arcs of lightning. At his command, the arcs of lightning rushes towards the wolf! The arcs of purple lightning hit the wolf and managed to paralyzed it! The magic wolf finally stopped moving and growled in pain! It turned to look at Xu Zhao Ting with its green eye and howl!

The magic wolf open its jaw and roared towards him. In an instant gravels and sand rushed forward along with the roar like an earth dragon flying towards Xu Zhao Ting.

“Wang Pang!” cried Xu Zhao Ting in panic.

Wang Pang casted his spell in panic

<Earth Wave> divert it!!

Wang Pang’s obese fat body actually curved down, putting his hand on the ground…

Suddenly the hard gravel started rippling like a stone thrown onto a calm lake, turning into a wave that is controlled by Wang Pang. This ripples of sand coming out from the ground quickly appear before Xu Zhao Ting.

Unable to escape the rushing roar filled with gravel, Xu Zhao Ting would have been knocked away bloody, even lost his life being blown away by those rocks within! But opening his eyes after the gravel and rocks settle down, he found himself being moved away to another place, his face filled with joy as he give that fatty thumbs up!!

Wang Pang smiled silly, not expecting to actually cast the spell at such good timing.

“Don’t fear! We have so many people, everyone just cast your spell, it will be able to beat this one-eyed magic wolf!” shouted Xu Zhao Ting after showing such strength.

“Everyone, prepare to cast your magic! Lightning magic will kept it paralyzed for some time, it’s definitely difficult to move now it’s our chance now!” shouted Wang Pang encouraging others.

Just like Wang Pang said, the magic wolf are now paralyzed on spot, its muscles twitching. This sets up a moment of clarity and confidence for everyone, giving them the short moment to calm down and some even beginning to cast their spell now.

<Brilliant Light> Purify!

<Ice Wave> Freezing!

<Water Field> Decay!

<Ground Wave> Diversion!

<Fire Wave> Flames!

This time seven or eight students with different element completed their magic, producing different spells flying towards the paralyzed magic wolf. Suffering attacks from all sides, the paralyzed magic wolf immediately roar in pain.

“Fire element spells now! We have it pinned down for now quickly burn it” shouted Xu Zhao Ting leading the students while continuously using his lightning magic.

Fire elemental being the main damage dealer for the current setup, a flash of bright light blinded the wolf’s only eye as more and more ice freeze its limbs securely, only fire elements could cause enough damage and burn this magical beast now!

Zhou Min with a bleeding mouth finally cast a complete <Fire Wave> and send it accurately on the wolf’s back, burning its fur causing the magic wolf make more painful cries.

“Awooooo awooooo~~~”

Just when everyone thought that the spells have finally worked out, the magical wolf let out two howls,  a rock shot towards Xu Zhao Ting and Wang Pang, while the other rock went towards a group of three people nearby.

The flying rock caused devastating damage on those students, breaking bones and splitting flesh. Just as those students found a glimmer of hope, just a move and they were all defeated!!!


  1. ”In the mess, Zhou Min bit his tongue before finally casting her fire spell.”
    zhou min is a girl, so please fix the grammar incase of mixxing it up a girl or a aboy. although minor grammar error is not that much annoyance but it becomes annoying if it happened repeatedly

    ‘bit his’ should be ‘bit her’


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