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“We’re so dead… this thing is on a completely different level” said Wang Pang as he tried to get his bloody beat up body off the ground.

Xu Zhao Ting has been beaten up terribly, just like Mu Bai.

On the other side, the other five students have also been knocked down, buried in the sand and gravel unable to get up. Even though the wolf has been injured, its injuries doesn’t hinder it from doing combat. The powerful magic wolf is beyond their imagination, even if they had a dozen people it’s unlikely that they can deal with it together.

“If only forty people can cast their spell in one go, even if we can’t win we’ll definitely be able to drive it away! Damn it… to actually die here!” shouted Wang Pang.

“Mo Fan… Your fire magic is better than mine! Quickly burn it!” shouted Zhou Min.

Those actually able to cause any harm to the wolf are only fire and lightning element, but there were too few fire element students here right now.

“No point…. this isn’t a one-eyed magic wolf!” said Mo Fan as he observe the beast more carefully.

One-eyed magic wolf only have one eye, but this wolf not only has a green colored eye, it also have another smaller eye?? Almost everyone is running away in fear and confusion, who would have the time to pay attention to the features of such terrifying beast!

“Help help help…. anyone help!” muttered He Yu crouching in place, her face extremely pale. This magic wolf is obviously very disgusted with the pitiful cries, after defeating those students flinging their puny magic at it, he went back to targetting He Yu!

“You idiot run!!!” yelled Mo Fan irritated.

This hopelessly stupid girl, so many people attacked the wolf to stop it and give her so much time to escape, she can’t even move a single step by herself.

No, it doesn’t matter… at this rate we’ll all die to this magic wolf.

We’ll have to deal with it!

“Monkey… can you still run?” Mo Fan asked Zhang Hou hurriedly.

Zhang Hou nodded heavily.

“Alright… I’m going to bait it into chasing me, so you have to help me run into the cave, got it?” said Mo Fan seriously.

“Boss Fan, what are you planning to do?”

“Kill it!”

Mo Fan bit his tongue, calming himself with the pain.

Focusing in the spiritual void within, reaching to the fire elemental stars, he beckons them and extend his control over the element stars! Mo Fan’s quickly arranged the stars to go through the magic pathway, even the most difficult to control seventh star obediently surrender to his control!

A mass of hot flame emerge on Mo Fan’s palm, its hot red flames overflowing from his hand.

<Fire Wave> Burning Bones!

As the spell completed itself, Mo Fan’s temperament appears to have change along with mass of flames growing bigger and hotter on his hand.

The roaring fireball shot through the air and hit the wolf’s body precisely. The fireball burst out in silence before strands of red vines appear from the wolf’s body, seemingly lit from within the wolf’s body, the strength of this fire magic much stronger than Zhou Min’s!

The fiercely burning vines of flame appeared to be very fierce, making the wolf raise its head, giving a very painful howl. The painful fire made it roll aimless no the ground as if trying to put out the flames before bolting towards a small pond. If Burning Bones Flames did not disappear, the terrible burning power will probably have cooked the wolf from inside!!

Zhou Min, Zhang Hou, Wang Pang and the other students still around look at this scene in shock. Those disorganized student’s look at Mo Fan with disbelief.

“Boss Fan, that… your fire wave?” asked Zhang Hou amazed.

The power of the fire spell compared to Zhou Min’s even the effects is completely different! While her flames merely burns the wolf’s fur and did nothing else, Mo Fan’s flames went past its fur and skin, burning its bones directly! Although with their combined efforts the wolf seems to be burned fiercely, but compared to Mo Fan’s flame it never show this kind of result!

Overlooking the valley, the summoner Bai Yang had furrowed brows. The summoned and summoner usually have a mental connection, a sort of telepathy, allowing the summoner to feel its pain and anguish at the moment, the student’s fire wave have clearly manage to hurt it!

“Fire wave, burning bones!?”

The drillmaster and Tang Yue have an astonished expression at the same time.

The elementary fire magic is divided into three levels, the first level is Fireball, the lowest form of fire magic also rapidly ignites in contact with the target, cauterizing wounds, causing burn wound.

The second stage fire wave is on a different form altogether! Like the name suggest, burning bones will throw in an even higher temperature flames into the target’s body, making it possible to charring the bones from inside out! The combustion on the skins and fur couldn’t deal any harm to the magic wolf at all! The students didn’t identify the key strength of this magical beast in their panic, not realizing that the fur itself has a very strong elemental resistance.

Therefore the response from that burning bones flames give it unexpected pain, if the first level fire wave is strong enough to burn the wolf’s innards to cinders, this penetrating flames burns many times hotter!

“That student… what’s his name?” asked Zhang Kong as he recovered, praises showing in his eyes. To reach the second level in elementary fire magic in such age is quite splendid!

“Mo Fan” said Tang Yue with a smile.

He really did not let me down ah! In just a short time he’s managed to get onto the second level!

“Give him S grade assessment” said Zhang Kong in satisfaction.

The instructors nodded in agreement, being able to reach this level at his age has put him at an incredible level very few can reach in Bo city.

“This is bad!” shouted the summoner Bai Yang suddenly.

“What’s going on!”

“The wolf went mad after jumping into the pond! I don’t know why it went crazy, it’s going out of control…” said the summoner with a pale face.

“Dammit, you can’t even train your dog properly!”

The summoners remark made the teachers pale in silence.

Out of control!?!?!?

Even if it’s only one magic wolf it’s even stronger than ordinary one-eyed magic wolf, if it really went berserk, there will be many casualties!

“Quickly stop it!!!”

“We’re not going to reach in time!”

“How can it go out of control, berserk!?!? Oh my god….” said the principal in a scared silly tone.

The wolf has been rather merciful with its attacks, otherwise when the students just went up to the cave they would already be dead! Now this wolf is out of control, it will madly slaughter anyone in its path, if there’s any luck at all some students will survive this.

“I’m sorry… I don’t know what’s going on…” said the summoner.

“Stop talking and go rescue them!” said Zhang Kong angrily.


    1. if it were to be revealed this early theres not even a point of making it a trump card in the first place…….

      im guessing he will keep it a secret untill hes mid magician!

    2. he might not show the light power, well think of it as keeping low profile, but if he were to agro that wolf and take it back inside the cave, then he might use his all ele to kill the wolf

  1. nah, i expect him to get chased into the cave, have the lightning fail, then use a combination attack of the lightning and fire to embed the lightning into the beasts bones, but the examiners won’t see it since he’s in the cave.
    Also perhaps a cave in that he can claim took out the wolf instead of his magic.

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