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The magical beast jumped into the pond to reduce douse the flames, but for some unknown reasons, when the wet wolf climbed back looking different, its originally green eye have turned bloody crimson!

The dark magic wolf is a creature that is easily stimulated into berserk state in combat, this berserking state might be a boon for the summoner, but right now the students are about to be massacred!

The crimson eye is filled with terrifying fury, locking its gaze onto Mo Fan, its murderous burst of cold air rushing towards mo fan making him stand still in shock! The dark magic wolf is stronger and more brutal than they have imagined!

“Monkey… monkey!!” spoke Mo Fan weakly.

Zhang Hou feeling the murderous terror quickly connect to his elemental stars. Where he couldn’t properly complete his spells previously, he must do it now! Otherwise Mo Fan is going to be killed!

“Awooooo~~~” The dark magic wolf rushes forward as if it’s flying, in its burst of speed smoke and dusts rolls up!

This explosive charge! From standstill to maximum speed doesn’t even take a second!

“Boss Fan!” At this critical moment, Zhang Hou grapsed the rigid Mo Fan and dashed!

The formed wind path spell and haste allows Zhang Hou to run even faster than the wolf, in the nick of time pulling Mo Fan away from the wolf towards the cavernous old den!


The dark magic wolf only managed to bite the air, the sound of its fangs colliding on the ground. As if being outsmarted has been an insult to its dignity, this terrifying creature once again broke into speed, chasing the two students towards the cave. The students still near the cave managed to pick themselves up before the mad dark magic wolf rushes in.

“Run run run, run faster!!” Mo Fan looked back and could feel the wolf gaining on them bit by bit.

“I’m… already at my fastest!” said Zhang Hou with cold sweat dripping, wind whistling on his years, and behind a mad strange big wolf.

“You keep running, I will deal with it!” said Mo Fan finally found a suitable ground to fight it, sounding very confident.

“How could I do that! I will not abandon you!”

Dammit, if I can get out of this alive, I’ll be sure to skin this damn wolf!

The only problem depends on this damn cave, in the current depth it is quite spacious, while the ground are of rugged hard rock, the ceiling is filled with stalactites. There is no other place to run, the further they go the closer they get to a dead end. Zhang Hou has tried, even with wind path there isn’t enough time to run away from this wolf.

“Boss, aren’t we quite the hero? This dark magic wolf waste its time here while the others run away…” said Zhang Hou faintly.

Mo Fan lean his back on the cave walls, staring at the wolf and slowly said “Bullshit, I’m not that the sacrificial lamb”

“Watch out!!” The wolf who found Mo Fan charged in, baring its fangs to finally bite the damn human.
Zhang Hou with his wind elemental manage to act a little faster than Mo Fan, if he wanted to evade or hide he will definitely manage to hide but Mo Fan won’t be able to. In a flash, Zhang Hou pushed Mo Fan away to the other side but he was too late to dodge this charge and was hit by those sharp stones that broke from the wolf’s charge.

“You damn beast, if anything happen to Zhang Hou I’ll turn you into meat paste!!”

In such critical life and death moment Mo Fan closed his eyes for a moment, and when he opened it his eyes are filled with purple light! On his eyes, the purple eyes are filled with anger, the brilliant purple lightning elements are especially dazzling in this dark cave.

“Lightning!! Striking seal!!”

The arcs of lightning appear around Mo Fan bearing his anger. In his fierce grip, even some of the lightning escaped from his palm. Aiming them at the wolf, the arcs of lightning hit the dark magic wolf’s body, numbing its body, splitting its skins, charring its muscles!


The lightning is somewhat stronger than fire element, and was the only way to deal some damage through the wolf’s resistance. While some parts of its body is charred, where the arcs of lightning hits, black blood could be seen bleeding out madly. Although the wolf is in terrible pain and was unable to move due to paralysis, its bloody crimson eye still kept its star on Mo Fan.

That killing intent!!! Only crazed summon that has reverted back to wild magical beasts has such contempt for life in its eye!

“Fire wave! Burning bones!”

Originating from Mo Fan, his eyes change from purple to burning red, with fire element star connecting to Mo Fan, allowing him to quickly channel those energy for the spell. Staring at the dark magic wolf, Mo Fan’s heart has no trace of fear, only anger and hate!

The magic wolf flashed a hint of disdain for this pitiful weak human as if saying “Struggle all you want, that fire spell can not kill me, but when this paralysis ends I will rip your heads off!”

Though burning bones is extremely painful for it, it can stand the pain long enough to kill this human! His lightning or fire spells is not enough to kill me! In the end he will be my food! Pitiful livestock!

Mo Fan feeling the gaze filled with contempt on him roared back as the impressive burning hot flame gather on his palm “We’ll see who will die!”


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