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“Go and die!!” yelled Mo Fan, throwing the mass of flames on his hand up in the air.

The burning flame rises up, instantly brighten up the dark cave, casting shadows upon the wolf and Mo Fan.

The dark magic wolf furrows, it’s brutal crimson eye flashes with traces of doubt. What the hell? Did this puny human got scared silly? Why did this food throw the flame up in the air!?

While the lightning magic’s effect is still paralyzing the wolf, the most standard move would be to throw the fire magic on it, with it unable to move hitting it with burning bones will be quite simple, just like training with practice target… But Mo Fan’s actions so far has made it think that Mo Fan is just scared silly, and couldn’t move properly!

Mo Fan grinned and laughed, the shadow from the fire made his smile looked rather mean and sinister.


The fire magic explodes loudly as it made contact with the root of the stalactite. Burning bones works just as well on the rock, burning, melting the rock from the inside, make it looked it red hot from the outside.


In less than a second, the fire magic worked through the rocks, bursting into bright flames as the stalactite’s root is severed! The huge stalactite instantly fall down, like a sword, rushing down to impale anything below it.

The wolf that was gloating with contempt and disdain earlier has finally begin panicking as it notice the stalactite bearing down on it!

“I’m not going to see you off”


Putting down the hand that throw that fire, Mo Fan coldly smile back at the wolf. The lightning magic might have limit your movement for a short time, burning bones fire won’t be able to burn you off, but my IQ is definitely higher than yours!

The huge stalactite like a sword thrust into the wolf’s body, going from its back through its belly, pinning it to the ground. The blood flow out of its wound, pooling into the cracks on the ground made from the fallen stalactite, forming into a bloody pool.

The dark magic wolf stood there, unable to even fall down, its mad crimson eye gradually return to its original green eye. Turning its head to look at the stalactite pinning its body and looked at the little human, other than the feeling of disbelief, there are no trace of other emotions in its eye.

Its pride and dignity gone, it becomes even more frail as it struggle to get itself out in vain… Slowly but surely its life seeps away… Losing its life to such puny magician….



“Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu ~~~~” (supposedly sounds of wings flapping)

A gust of wind rushes on the mountain, the battered students lifted their heads weakly, seeing a very memorable scene!

A man flying over to them, big wings of wind flapping from behind him making it the focus of all their attention!

“Wings of Wind!!” said Mu Bai who woke up from his coma earlier, amazed at the flying man.

“Yes… it’s the drillmaster!”

“Oh my god, is that an angel!?”

The students erupted in commotion… They may have thought that the drillmaster Zhang Kong is very strong, but did not expect him to be such a high level wind magician!

Wings of Wind!!! The one spell that can allow magicians to fly freely in the sky!!!

Zhang Kong’s group surveyed the students swiftly, and found nothing life-threatening before a sudden loud noise came out from the cave.

“Is that burning bones magic? That student is still alive!” without much ado, Zhang Kong flapped his wings into a burst of speed, flying like an arrow into the cave.

Flying past the jagged rocks on the cave skilfully, the drillmaster rushes through the cave tunnels, arriving to the bottom of the cave shortly.

<Fire Wave> <Burst>!

Suspended in the spacious cavern, Zhang Kong held the ball of flame on his hand and throw it in the air, like a brilliant firework, it exploded and lit up the dark cavern.

Zhang Kong looked around, expecting to see a wild dark magic wolf and finally the student Mo Fan, as long as there’s a breath of life left, he will be able to bring him back to the outpost and have him treated, saving this prospective apprentice magician!

Therefore, without minding any of his magic reserves, he spent them hoping to save the students in time!

As the cave brighten, what he found made him froze in shock! His brown eyes are filled with disbelief as he stay there in the air.

This…. How is this possible!!!



The summoner Bai Yang had a flustered look on his face as he sat there on the rock, praying that boss Zhang Kong could arrive there in time.

“Please be alive, please be alive… please…” the principal Chen Wei Liang was limp on the ground because if any of the students die on this training, all of that will be his responsibility. The country’s most important priority are these magic students, even the tyrant of Bo city Mu Zhuo Yun are afraid of causing the slightest harm to these magic students.

Tang Yue bit her lip tightly… she doesn’t expect that the day would come so soon! Even back then she joked with Mo Fan, telling him to make sure to tell her where he will die so she could claim that thing off his body.

In fact, Tang Yue was actually rather interested in Mo Fan, she felt that this student seems to have more than just the evolving elemental magic tool as a secret, moreover she also wanted to see the limits of his potential and talent, wondering the height of magic he can achieve in the future…

What a pity…

“Bai Yang, what the hell is going on! How can a summon go out of control suddenly, even if it is pain from burning bone fire magic, if only that extent there’s no reason you can lose control over it!” accused Luo Yun Bo.

As a summoner, the most basic ability is to control their own summon!

“I don’t know… I… even if it will be killed, as long as I don’t give any order to kill, it will never kill any of the students… I really don’t know how this happen!”

This is very odd… Bai Yang really doesn’t expect the students to even be able to use anything better than basic fire magic? Burning bones fire did manage to damage his summon, but he really did not expect it to go out of control… there must be other factor?

“You should pray the beast did not kill too many students” said Pan Li Jun coldly.

“I… even I.. ahhhhhhh!!” Bai Yang felt a sharp pain in his head as he tried to explain. Feeling as if his soul is cut down, the pain turn his face pale in sweat.

“What now!!”

“I…. my… my dark magic wolf…” said Bai Yang weakly, as if his soul is lost, kneeling on the ground with his glazed eyes looking at the cave.

“What’s going on!?” frowned Tang Yue, not knowing what hell Bai Yang is going through right now..

“My wolf… it’s dead….” said Bai Yang weakly, in a tone that even he himself couldn’t believe.


  1. its killing me that he’s keeping his multiple magic a secret. I want to see those faces of the people that looked down on him

    1. do you want him to live? he said earlier jealous people might kill him. he needs to save it for the duel in the future or perhaps the people that come in try to kill him after the duel (probably). if you want a reaction next chapter everyone will be really surprised he killed the beast.

      1. actually he will probably keep it a secret till he gets a chance to awaken another element since dual elements exist you just have to get stronger to have a chance to awaken it. It is unheard of for 2 to awaken at the same time because of this. The reason why he got two right at the start just like the synopsis says is because he will eventually awaken all of the elements so there is probably a limited number of times to awaken because of that his stars are awakining by 2 so they all can awaken.

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