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Mo Fan is almost out of the cave before he felt a trace of shadow move nearby.

The dark shadow move along the cliff before finall dropping down before Mo Fan, the curvy figure of a woman slowly standing up from the shadow, that godly figure has always manage to mesmerize Mo Fan.

Oh my god, what kind of spell is this! It’s so damn cool!

“Teacher Tang Yue…” murmured Mo Fan as he saw that beautiful oval face, with a charming pair of fox eyes!

“Are you alright??” asked Tang Yue as she broke into a delighted smile.

“We’re alright, just bruised”

Tang Yue looked around and soon discovered a something nailed to the ground like a specimen of a dark magic wolf.

“What is this…” (t/n: what is dis sorcery!! sorry I’ve always wanted to say that)

“Your monster student did this, he killed the dark magic wolf” said Zhang Kong.

Teacher Tang Yue had her jaw dropped, as she stared at Mo Fan speechlessly from too much shock.

Mo Fan felt shy from that stare and cough lightly “Help the other students?”

Outside the caves, the other students are getting some first aid treatments, while most students have been patched up, they’re gathering near the cavemouth, their weak bodies quivering from time to time.

Some moments later, the drillmaster and Tang Yue led Mo Fan out of the cave. When the students saw him alive, their face looked like they’re seeing ghost! Many of them saw Mo Fan and Zhang Hou luring the wolf into the cave and strongly believe that the wolf would have tear him into hundreds of pieces!

“Mo… Mo Fan… you’re alive!?” said He Yu who finally manage to get up on her own feet, saw both Mo Fan and Zhang Hou, both still alive, came over as she tear up again. Zhou Min and other students also tear up a little seeing both of them safe and sound. If it wasn’t for them luring the wolf into the cave, nobody knows how many people would have died, they have literally saved everyone here!

Some of the girls cried along with those who are wounded, relieving the stress from this trauma. Some of the other boys slumped on floor dazedly, digesting this heaven to hell experience unlike the comfortable studying environment at school.

They originally thought that with the power of their magic cultivation they’ll be able to do anything, so they have been rather proud and arrogant at school! In the end when they actually went face to face against a real magical beast, even their prided magic can’t be used, if not for Mo Fan and Zhang Hou distracting the dark magic wolf into the cave, the results of this mishap will be truly disastrous.

“Yeah, how did you two escaped from that one-eyed magic wolf? inquired Wang Pang.

“Of course the drillmaster killed it! If he went in a little later, maybe two of them is already eaten!” said Zhao Kun San.

The drillmaster looked at the gloating Zhao Kun San and couldn’t help but feel funny about it, even the student from the same elite class has such a big gap to that monster…
“Since we’re safe now, I’ll say a few things” said Zhang Kong.

The students are now resting on the mountain pass, teachers dressings their wounds, while some others clean blood and dirt off themselves.

“We have been following you while you attempt to complete this bounty task training, and these students will be getting outstanding grade for this Zhang Hou, Zhou Min, Mu Bai, Li Yue Ming…”

His announced has attracted the students’ focus and cause a commotion among them, some of them regretting not showing off more of their skills and abilities, if only they knew that they were monitored from the start.

“Then why didn’t you show up when the magical beast appear! Are you planning to wait until we’re all dead to pick up the pieces!?” said Mu Bai angrily because he was almost killed.

“If the dark magic wolf wanted to kill any of you, you’re already dead in pieces of meat now, especially you!”

Mu Bai frowned, recalling the scene when the wolf attacked him, indeed if its paw hit him directly he would have lost his little life.

“Wait a second, did you say dark magic wolf??” asked Zhou Min quickly as she realized this.

“Yes, it’s not one-eyed magic wolf but a summoned beast dark magic wolf” said Zhang Kong coolly.

“This bounty task is arranged for this training, the only magical beast is a summoned beast from instructor Bai Yang. We only need you to get the experience fighting a magical beast, not get killed in training” explained Xue Mu Sheng.

His words made all the students cried in agony! God dammit, why do you have to be so realistic in this training, we really thought we’re all going to die! That terrifying summoned beast is too strong, none of our magic worked on it!

“Bah, no wonder these two survived… turned out it’s a summoned beast…” said Zhao Kun San with disdain.

“You’re wrong on this, we didn’t expect this accident to happen, the summoned beast actually went mad and was out of control, it does not obey orders from summoner Bai Yang… Just as we thought the dark magic wolf will be slaugthering you, Mo Fan and Zhang Hou lured it to the cave, and saved all of you” said Zhang Jian Guo.

“Oh my buddha! we’re really lucky T_T”

“What luck! These two big boss saved us! In the future we’ll obey you ah!”

“Thank you!! You’re our big boss!”
This Wang Pang and his circle of friends came over to gives his gratitude but Mu Bai and Zhao Kun San stood there in shock, their face pale blue, not expecting that the person they hated the most actually saved their lives.

“Teacher, shouldn’t we move away from this cave? If that mad summoned beast come out again…” reminded Zhou Min.

“Don’t worry, the wolf is dead” said teacher Tang Yue.

“Yep, Mo Fan killed it” nodded Zhang Kong.

“Oh… ki kii killed? drillmaster did you just said killed?!?” reacted Wang Pang suddenly.


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