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The drillmaster also smiled as he said “Yep, the out of control dark magic wolf was killed by Mo Fan”

The teachers and instructors had their jaws dropped (t/n: imagine the comical O mouth in anime)

The one with the most intense reaction is summoner Bai Yang, he looked at Mo Fan with his jaw almost dropping to the floor!

“My dark magic wolf… did you kill it?” asked Bai Yang pitifully.

“Yeah!!” nodded Mo Fan

In an instant, his expression turned extremely sad, his heart must have was in despair. His magnificent dark magic wolf, was killed by a student going on their first training experience!!! Damn it, if I know that it was killed by a student, I’d rather believe that the wolf was as stupid as a rabbit and killed itself on the rocks… This is hurting his self esteem too much!!!

While Bai Yang was driven in his distraction as if he wasn’t sure he passed his exam paper or not! This is too mind blowing for him!!! He hasn’t even heard of such occurrence before!

The team spent two months, countless of resources and manpower to finally rein in this summon, and it was killed… by a student no less, it was really a kick in the face!

The students were even more shocked than the adults, they knew how terrifying this wolf is, since they experienced that one-sided thrashing… And Mo Fan, a student just like them killed that beast with his own powers! This is truly one humbling experience for them!

“Oh, there’s also another good news, since the bounty task is completed, all of you elite students will get A grade assessment!” said Zhang Kong.

“I… really??”

“Oh hurray! I got an A, I’ll be able to get into a good magic university!!”

“Mo Fan… You’re my hero!”

“Mo Fan, do you have a girlfriend yet?”

“Mo Fan, marry me!!”

For the moment, Mo Fan has become their hero. Not only he saved their lives, he also get the most important A grade practical experience result for all of them!

Mu Bai’s face was soured to the extreme… He was the first to use magic spell, yet it doesn’t do anything to it, he was directly swatted like a fly, when he came to Mo Fan is already in the spotlight!



“Ohhhh I heard about it, the students completed that bounty task! The fake wild beast was also killed too!”

“Stop daydreaming, we know how strong a dark magic wolf is, if they killed it I will eat this TV screen”

“You can eat the TV now” said Pan Li Jun.

“You can read for yourself, the bounty was completed”

When the veterans looked at the bounty board, the task has been marked “COMPLETED; by Tian Lan magic high school student- Mo Fan”

This updated board set the veterans at the outpost quite dumbfounded.

That guy who said he will eat the TV screen has a very dark face now… Holy shit, the students actually complete that impossible bounty task?

This news soon spread across the outpost. Other than the soldiers stationed at the outpost, other magicians operating in the mountains, hunting or doing bounty task for a living put them all to shame for they laughed the loudest when they watch this bounty task dropped into their training.

“What about that defense magic tool?” asked a hawker

“Haha Boss Zhang Kong is having a headache now! He didn’t even prepare any reward for this, because even he was quite sure that this wont be completed, but don’t worry Boss is a man of honor! He will buy the tool in his own expense for that student” said Pan Li Jun.

“OoO that student just got a big break ah, but boss is going to bleed out his heart and wallet hahahah”

“Aiyo, if we completed that task instead, we’ll get that magic tool instead!”

“Hey, could that student be backed by some super magician family or something? and killed the summoned beast with million dollars magic tools?”

“Million dollar your balls, he’s just an ordinary commoner students, I heard that his father was the driver of the supply convoy”

“This… what sorcery is this!”

“Even we need to work in a team to deal with a single magic beast”


Back in the soldier’s quarters, the drillmaster Zhang Kong is holding onto a box, looking intensely at it.

“God damn black-hearted businessman, just a damn bone shield is priced at 550,000 dollars! Fucking ripoff!” yelled Zhang Kong.

On the side the other instructors weren’t talking at all while several other army magicians were secretly laughing. The usual Zhang Kong always set them on grueling training mercilessly, so they have never expected that he will eat his own medicine!

Bone shield, this magic tool is quite expensive! Who knows how much of his salary is spent on this, but this reward for the bounty task was his own offer, so the government isn’t going to reimburse him for it!

“Go get that runt!” said Zhang Kong unhappily.


“Big Boss, I’m here, is this for me?” said Mo Fan saluting him frivolously, clearly not knowing that Zhang Kong is in a bad mood.

“Here take it…”

“Drill master, can you let go of your hand?” Zhang Kong finally relented on the box and let it off…

Mo Fan suddenly getting this precious thing was rather excited! In a frontal combat against a magical beast, he’s clearly lacking with only a basic offensive ability, regardless of how he try in the future, he will most likely die in one shot!

But before learning defensive magic, this tool will becoming his life-saving tool!

“Boy, after you graduate, if you can’t find a suitable job, come and find me”

Although his heart may have been dismayed at the hole in his wallet, he had to admire this young man’s courage and resourcefulness.

The only reason why many magicians lost their lives in combat against magical beast is because of their rigid mindset, and not using their limited magic to its full potential. Indeed, going by the magician’s grade, only master level magician have all sorts of powerful magic spell, but this runt could be considered to have mastered the most important essence of being a magician, many veterans have failed to comprehend!


    1. Well I don’t think stalagtite grow everywhere and don’t forget that the stalagtite pierced the wolf because it was stun by the very rare electric element of Mo Fan.

    2. Dude, do you think you could do that in a combat situation? It’s not that easy to think tactically when you are seconds from death.

    3. Also, think about when you play a first-person game, how often do you even look at the ceiling to see the stalactite’s that may be there? Apparently Valve did some play testing that suggests people really just never look up, so most people wouldn’t have done what he did cos they never would have known the stalactite was there.

        1. allways remember the first time playing alien vs predator with the marines you find youself looking everywhere exept when you hear the ping on the motion tracer

    4. its not like they cant do it but rather some of thing are no the same situation like the MC, there are battlefield, timing and obsersion also those lightning skill was the greatest help cuz with the paralyze effect then dont even mention drop something like that

    1. kinda but if there wasnt a stalagmite there he could have fired his lightning strike atleast 2 more times and the wolf was already bleeding from the first strike. I honestly have trouble beliveing that after two more lightning strikes and then a fire attack it would still be able to “resist the pain” like it was talking about. and then thats another fire attack. would have been obvious he used lightning but he probably would have been able to kill it.

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