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“Nah, don’t worry about it, I want to get into a good magic university, I heard that the only way to become a higher grade magician is through university scholarship”

The drillmaster had a sudden burst of anger…

What the hell? This drillmaster is giving you such good fortune to want to recruit you into the military, you even dare to reject it!?

“Get out… I don’t want to see your face” said Zhang Kong unhappily.

“Yes sir, what about the body of that dark magic wolf in the cave?” asked Mo Fan as he remembered about it.

“Oh that thing? It’s turned went into your rations yesterday… what about it?”

“Umm I’m just curious” nodded Mo Fan while he look at the instructor Bai Yang nearby and said “Your wolf taste quite good”

Bai Yang was in deep depression and didn’t even respond to it.

“Get the fuck out now you runt” said Zhang Kong impatiently.


Mo Fan was yelled out of barracks and couldn’t help but mutter “What the hell, a high level magician has this kind of violent temper just because he has to give off a piece of magic tool?”

Observing the bone shield on his hand, this tool is only as big as his palm… He knows about combat magic tools but this is the first time seeing and touching one. If this palm sized tool can resist magical beast attack, then those magic beast must have some sort of OCD right?? They have to attack this tiny shield… Why not just fight with captain america’s shield?

After some research and asking around Mo Fan finally understand how to use this bone shield. When the magician is spiritually connected to this shield, the shield will bind itself to the magician’s soul, leaving a mark in the magician’s spiritual world. After the imprint succeeded, the bone shield will integrate itself to the magician’s body.

With a little spiritual force into the mark, the shield will appear in front of the user, this shield is no longer a small palm size shield but a shield wall the size of a person. The shield is strong enough to easily shrug off that magic attack from the dark magic wolf!

“No wonder this thing is so expensive, if I had this when I fight that wolf, I can just take cover behind it and cast magic safely” said Mo Fan as he watch this huge diamond patterned bone shield, smiling in satisfaction.

This magic tool will give me more chances to fight against that Mo Yu Ang in duel!

“Hmmmm, I have lightning and fire element, these are only at basic level though they are easy to use, but it didn’t have the strength necessary to fight against magical beasts” pondered Mo Fan.

Killing the dark magic wolf was highly left to series of lucky coincidence, if he didn’t happen to see the cave stalactite at that place or happen to have Zhang Hou using wind path to get us in that cave fast enough or the wolf shredding everyone else apart instead of chasing us into the cave, this bounty task wouldn’t be such a resounding success!

“I have to learn to move around while tracking my target, changing magic spell or targeted locations and make it happen faster! Otherwise even before I manage to control my own magic I’ll be killed already!”

After this battle against the summoned beast, Mo Fan realize how important defense spells and movement type spells are in combat! In the basic elements, the only one with defense spell is water element, this [Water Shield] is the only spells in all basic element spells with defensive capabilities, while we’re at school we looked down on water element, but in combat against magical beasts, water element is ultimately indispensable!

“This bone shield is barely equivalent to a defense spell… On my next awakening I should consider getting maybe wind-based or something cool like that shadow thing like what teacher Tang Yue used”

Although wind element spells are very good, it still can’t throw off beasts chasing if it can keep up, nor can its spell be used in tight quarters. Wind element is a good choice, but Mo Fan believe that this dark element is much more suitable for himself!

Sometime ago Mo Fan find out about that black magic from teacher Tang Yue, and it was part of the shadow magic in black magic category!

At this city, mostly everyone use only element type magic, but other than elemental magic, there are three other categories which are white magic, black magic and dimension magic.

White magic is mostly related to healing spells, while shadow magic is part of black magic and that summoning magic is part of this dimension magic category.

The usual nine years compulsory magic education and high school curriculum are mostly about learning elemental magic while black magic, white magic and dimension magic are only available at university level.

At this juncture, Mo Fan has a high damage spell in fire element and control spells with lightning element, while this bone shield gives him a certain level in defense ability, he’s really lacking movement type spells.

If he really wants to fight against a magical beast alone, he must have the necessary ability to fight!

Shadow magic! This is a very appropriate choice!

“When I can reach higher rank magician, I’ll be able to do another awakening.. I hope it will be shadow magic!” said Mo Fan filled with expectations.

At basic level, everyone only awakened one element but Mo Fan had two and this already account for a great advantage!

When a magician reach intermediate level, not only he will be able to use better and stronger spells but he will have another chance to awaken another element! Another awakening for magician will give him/her another qualitative upgrade in combat power!

Just like how drillmaster Zhang Kong was playing with fire when they first saw him, everyone thought that he’s only a fire magician, but in the cave Zhang Kong appeared with [Wings of Wind], it is quite obvious that he’s an intermediate magician. Not only that the instructor must have been very near to the next grade magician! Wings of wind is an intermediate-high magician spells, when the magician step into advance level he will also get another chance at awakening into a third element!!

Basically, an elementary magician controls only one element, the next grade controls two element, and finally the high grade magicians will be able to use three elements!

Mo Fan awakening to two elements is already higher than everyone else by a step. If Mo Fan did not have these two elements, it is impossible for him to kill the wolf, even the drillmaster still doesn’t understand how the stalactite fall down and the wolf did not dodge it at all! That’s because it didn’t even cross Zhang Kong’s mind that Mo Fan have lightning element too, and paralyzed the wolf with it to set up the kill!

“I have this small pendant to give me twice as much practice time compared to others… I will be able to make my elements stronger, faster than any other students! But merely having these two elements at basic level is not enough!! I have to become higher grade magician as soon as possible, so not only I will have fire and lightning, I will get one more element!!! The more elements I have, the more versatile I can be in combat!”

En… I’ll do my best…

[The slogans the boys at class eight shouted? Make Money, Cultivate and marry Tang Yue!]


  1. Sigh mc underestimates himself 2 much I bet he will gain another 2 elements after his next awakening. Since like it said in the synopsis he will eventually have them all. I’m guessing 1st the highest lvl a mage will have half of the elements which is why he is awakening 2 at once.

    1. you counted wrong see

      Fire, Wind, Lightning, Water, Ice, Light, Dark, Dimension

      thats atleast 8 elements and there could be more so yeah

      1. Light magic is light magic, white magic, black magic, and dimension magic is the category of the magic type. the first 7 elemental magic is one category. so he gets 2 element from elemental magic. While there are many different types from white/black/dimension.
        300 chapters ahead, spirit magic is white magic, illusion magic is black magic.

        1. Also I never mentioned a number i said the highest teir mage as in the last rank that a mage can be will have half of the total stars. So the mc awakens 2 every awakening he does since he has them all. Nothing to do with numbers the 1st and 2nd are auto corrects from my phone sigh.

          1. Relax 🙂 i thought i might as well put it there. Because some people might ask what black and shadow so they can understand if they just scroll through the comments section

          2. And dear author likes to use names or spells that sound good in chinese, so name localizations not possible. Or melting bones fire spell so my best attempt is to find a name that is affiliated most with what the spell do, of course i accept any and all spell name suggestion.

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