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But this cultivation speed is still not enough!

Even if Mo Fan have twice the speed compared to other students, he has to split between two element to be able to use both of them well in combat, but if this goes on I’m going to be turned into a joke in the duel soon!

I don’t want to expose my lightning element in front of others, but just having it alone doesn’t give enough advantage to win against this RMB warrior from the Mu family! (t/n pay to win lOl)

The most important issue right now is how can he fully utilize and enhance his strength?

The best solution from google search is to buy elemental magic tool! This solution is too retarded! Of course elemental magic tool is certainly the thing that will give a significant boost in cultivation but the problem is, can ordinary people afford this kind of thing?

For Mo Fan, it seems that there are no better way than this, the only question is how can I get this!

“Hm… If I make this pendant upgrade to spirit grade, won’t I have something similar to what Mu Ning Xue is using?”

“If common elemental magic tool gives 20% more cultivation time, spirit grade gives 40% more cultication time, so even if I have to cultivate both lightning and fire element, I will still be ahead of most people. This Mu Ning Xue has an even better start than me, since she can be admitted into empire university directly, her strength must have transcended even the institution’s minimum requirements… and my immediate issue is my current cultivation speed. If I can’t find a way to become stronger, I will soon be trampled to death by the might of this Mu family”

Does he regret making an enemy of them? No, Mo Fan believe that with such opressing enemy, he will be able to force himself to use any and all ways to make himself stronger!

Right now, the fastest way to enhance his strength is to get better magic tool. Teacher Tang Yue did say that his pendant can absorb the soul of a dead magical beast to upgrade itself. He must kill those beasts and with enough luck maybe its soul will remain and he can use it to upgrade this little pendant!

This 40% more cultivation time for Mo Fan will be like a rocket ride in cultivation!

“Looks like this is the only way…”


Now that I have decided what to do I will have to do it with confidence!

God has given himself such advantage, if I didn’t use it to my advantage I’m really such a waste! With the experience he gained in the mountains a month ago, Mo Fan did not hesitate to go into Hunter’s Union hall.

Hunter’s Union, this is an incredibly busy and important hub for many of its members to gather in the organization. Everyday thousands of hunters come here to join a squad or find an appropriate bounty task.

Mo Fan has seen this beast soul being sold for as high as 5 million dollars! Therefore he could only actively try to hunt magical beasts in order to get money, although he might not be able to get 5 million at the very least, there’s a chance to get some souls from killing magical beast.

Killing magical beast by myself? That’s impossible… I did not have the ability to fight with it alone even if it’s one on one, so I really need to find a suitable hunter squad.

Almost everyone in Hunter’s Union are in a squad, those who can fight against magical beast alone are too few to count.


The Hunter’s Union has people going in and out, the big halls was without wall partitions, making it look like a job fair.

On the walls are big screens filled with numerous bounty tasks, some of the bounty gives at least 100,000 dollars while the highest can reach a million dollars!

Mo Fan drool at this one million dollars bounty…

Just complete this kind of bounty 5 times and I can buy a refined soul to upgrade my little magic pendant!

Unfortunately, it’s not a bounty just one ordinary person can complete!

“Hammer squad recruiting frost mage, must have more than three years of combat experience, able to work in a team, the most important is to be able to use [Ice Grip] expertly! Our average bounty pay is about 20,000 dollars per person. Trial period of two months!”

“Wind mage looking for an experienced team! I can distract and lure one-eyed magic wolf, no other elements can do this!”

“Fire mage! Come join our gale squad, join us to do bounty task and get some money!”

Mo Fan look around and found many magicians even come with a fucking resume! It even clearly detailed when they graduated, how many times have they completed a bounty, even the bounty levels.

Those recently graduated mages are mostly unwanted, afterall they have too little experience fighting against magical beasts. They will most likely die or just froze up when fighting magical beast. Moreover Mo Fan haven’t even graduated but a mere 2nd year student, the kind of magic he has will most likely drag down his team, with all this problems it’s rather difficult to find the right team.

“Damn it, since when did magicans have to have resume and qualifications… what the hell?”

A man hurriedly ran and accidentally knocked Mo Fan, making him curse even more foul.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. the city’s beast hunting squad is recruiting new members, I didn’t saw you when I ran, I’m sorry” apoligized the weak looking, spectacled young man Tong Yu Bin.

“City’s beast hunting squad?” asked Mo Fan.

“Yeah, don’t you know this? It’s a hunter squad dedicated to kiling those magical beast that hid or manage to get into the city areas! The city’s beast hunting squad has always been the first choice for all mages. Who wants to go out in the unknown wilderness and die in some god forsaken place! Might as well work within the city, the pay for the mages in the team is quite high too!”

“Hey you, don’t waste time… You’re just a mage that recently graduated, no experience, no strength, the city’s beast hunting squad will not take you unless you’re a lightning mage” scoffed an old hunter.

“I… I’ll try”

“They want lightning mage?” asked Mo Fan quickly as his eyes lit up.

The city’s beast hunting squad, that means the scope of their operation is around the city, so he can still continue learning at school and work at the same time!

Hahaha, heavens sure isn’t stingy… He might as well reward this genius.

“Lightning mage is the most sought after for every hunter squad! They will even accept lightning mages without any experience and train them, lightning element mages are just too few but their spells are too useful and overbearing, alas… If only I awakened lightning element, I wouldn’t be stucked with a 2nd rate hunter squad!” answered the old hunter.


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