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“OoOoOoOoHhHhHh” This news made Mo Fan quite happy.

So lightning mages are quite the hot stuff in the Hunter’s Union. It’s no wonder, lightning mage is like one in a thousand mages, adding the fact that lightning magic is as lethal as fire magic but it comes with the ability to paralyze the enemies and supress the rampaging magical beast, having a lightning mage in a hunter squad can greatly reduce the difficulty of hunting most magical beasts!

This is great! I can make some money and improve my combat skills at the same time, this is truly kiling two birds with a stone!

“But I can’t show people that I have two elements yet, I’m going to have to disguise myself. I need to make myself look more like an adult! I’m not going to pass even the simple age test if I looked like a high school student!” Mo Fan have decided to join this city’s beast hunting squad and quickly took his black crayon.

Disguising isn’t all that difficult, as long as Mo Fan make his face darker, wear a gray cloak, long sleeved sweater and a hat, this darkened angular face makes his whole temperament looked totally different!

Looking at the city’s hunter squad with all the mages queuing up the line, he couldn’t help but sigh. What the hell is this!?!? government worker exam!??

Darn it… I can only line up for interview… Damn this queue feels longer than the hipster queueing to buy iphone… Did these people camp here days in advance!? Well… At least the recruiter looks like a beautiful sweet girl.


“What the fuck are these idiots doing here… Did they think our squad is just sitting around and leisurely eating free salary kind of public service?” said a burly man with a bandaged head behind the recruitment station.

“Captain, chill out, there are so many mages applying, we’ll definitely find someone good enough!” said another bald man wearing a stylish cap.

“Oh, this wind magician is good too! [Wind Path], [Flash Step] we could use him to track the magical beast or lure them in” said a weak looking girl standing behind the burly captain.

“You have me for wind elements, why do you want another?” said an elegant looking, long haired wind mage.

“These can only be considered if we find nothing to my standards!” said the captain.

“Or we can take Ah Cheng, he’s quite a good mage too! Most of those really powerful mage usually have their own team already, it’s really rare to find them wandering out of their team anyway… My opinion is to get this guy, his fire magic is strong enough to blow off magical beasts!” said the long hair wind mage.

The captain reluctantly shook his head and said “We can only wait and consider our choices after this thing is over”

Hua Yin, the beatiful and sweet looking recruiter girl rushed over, knocking her head over the captain’s chest.

“Ah Ah I’m sorry…” said the girl with a flushed cheek before hurriedly reporting what she find “There’s a lightning mage there, he applied to join our squad!”

“Is that true!?” exclaimed the burly captain, his eyes lit up as he scanned into the crowd of people still queue for this recruitment drive.

Several others in the squad also had their eyes shining like a star! Lightning mage!! Although their hunting squad is really popular among other squads in the Union, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to recruit lightning mages to join their team.

It’s always an honor for any squad to have a lightning mage in their team, even some of the more elite squads wouldn’t mind training up a rookie lightning mage!

Even if he’s a rookie it’s all fine! We can train him up otherwise how can we possibly get this one in a thousand lightning mage in our team! The few experienced lightning mages are mostly attached to their own squad or recruited by some big family or big organizations… The chances of finding even a freelance lightning mage is way too small!!! (t/n: A wild lightning mage spotted!! Quick use your master ball)

“Who is it?” asked the burly captain unable to sit still as he come out of the backstage..

“Erm… Yes captain that person over there… Do you want to personally interview him?” stuttered the girl.

“What interview?” said the captain turning his head around with a puzzled look.

The recruiter girl and other squad members were even more puzzled, if he’s not going to interview him then what’s he doing going over there?

At this point, everyone saw the captain has already went over to the recruiting station looking at the person with dark cheeks and asked “Are you a lightning mage?”

Mo Fan looked at the burly man, and raised his hand slowly, a short moment later arcs of lightning streak from his finger and crackle through the table, making a small charred hole on it.

The burly man’s face blooms and nodded happily.

“… You can all disperse, we’re not hiring anymore” yelled the captain with domineering voice towards the groups of people. However, this made those who are queuing or waiting for interview rather unhappy.

“What the hell, we haven’t even go into interview yet?”

“What!? I’m strong! I can complete a magic spell in less than four seconds!!”

“What is this shit, this backdoor recruitment thing is so unfair! I don’t want to die in the jungle” (t/n: In the jungle here in the jungle the dead will sleep tonight)

Many people were making a commotion at this, showing that many people really wants this job in the city.

“If any of you are lightning mage, I’ll give you an exception” said the burly captain with his domineering voice.

Everyone was dumbfounded…

“What the fuck… lightning mage?”

“Cut the crap, why is this lightning mage snatching our job!!”

“Urgh… What is this… We can’t compete against that… let’s just go home”

Hearing that they have to compete against lightning mage, their hopeful hearts deflated as they dispersed with their heads hung down.

There’s no way they can compete against that! Lightning element is the best elemental magic for its unique advantages!

Mo Fan turned back and found many people dispersing from the queue almost instantly and was secretly surprised. He knows that lightning mages gets a special attention at school but he never expected that in the mage communities they will still have such advantages.

Thinking back to it, during the fight against the dark magic wolf, this lightning magic does play a very decisive role, not only allowing him to wound it, but also paralyze it!

“Come along bro, welcome to our city beast hunting squad… I’ll introduce you to our squad members… Oh right, I forgot to introduce myself, I’m the captain Xu Da Huang, I’m a fire mage”

“Hello, I’m Xiao Ke, water mage” said the weak looking girl.

“Li Wen Jie, wind mage” said the handsome looking youth with his flowing hair.

“You can call me Fei Shi, I’m earth mage” said the round faced bald man with a smile (t/n: Fei Shi, Fat Rock lololol)

Mo Fan looked at his much older future squad members slightly surprised for a moment before introducing himself and said “I’m Fan Mo”

“Fan Mo, I saw that your resume is blank, so you’re a rookie who hasn’t really fight against a magical beast for real… I have to remind you one thing! Don’t think that you’re so great with a lightning element under your belt! You have to look after your own life” said a pretty looking woman sharply.

Mo Fan looked at this woman for a moment, feeling rather familiar with this person.

“Oh, she’s our squad’s vice-captain Cai Tang, ice mage” said Xu Da Huang as he laughed.

Cai Tang??

Oh damn it, why did it have to be this woman!!

Mo Fan finally remember this woman! This Cai Tang has some relation with that Mu Clan… This playful looking spoiled princess is also extremely difficult to get along!!


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