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“Alright Fan Mo, we will  get you the member card later”

“Ergh, member card?” asked Mo Fan somewhat surprised.

“Of course there is, this card has alot of priviledges! You’re now equivalent to a police officer in this Bo city!”

“Ergh… you mean I’ve become the city’s glorified officers?”

“Hahaha we’re officers” Li Wen Jie laughed so hard before continuing “It’s different, we’re not dealing with those illegal smugglers or rapist haha, but we’re fighting against those who do not abide by the rules and do troublesome stuffs at night!!”

Ergh… detective?officer?

Mo Fan couldn’t help but smile, this kind of work is quite his thing, that kind of hero like spider-man, iron man, using their special powers to save the city, along the way to save a pretty girl! Woohoo!

Mo Fan quickly eased into the team with with the jokes, the seasoned Fei Shi has been made to supervise and help Mo Fan in the team.

“What… Why didn’t they report to us earlier… Fucking retards… Did they think normal police can hide this shitstorm?” roared the captain suddenly to the other side of the phone.

Mo Fan were joking with the other squad members before they turned serious all of sudden and put their attention to Xu Dao Zhang.

After consulting Xu Dao Zhang, Fei Shi frowned before whispering to the puzzled Mo Fan “I’d treat you to a drink or two, didn’t expect just right after we recruit you there’s gona be an incident… There’s a case of earthquake at Ming Wen’s all girls middle school’s cafetaria”

“What the… earthquake at cafetaria??”

What the hell? I’ve heard of carquake, waterquake, open air-quake… What kind of kinky stuffs is going on… there’s an earthquake at the cafetaria!?

“Erm… bro not that kind of stuff… It’s every night… not that. Ehem… I mean every night the cafetaria grounds has an unexplained small quake, initially everyone thought that this came from construction work in the night, but later on there were no construction anywhere at night at all, so there has been a weird rumor going around at the school” explained Fei Shi.

“Did you said Ming Wen all girls high school??!” realized Mo Fan.

“Yeah, all girls middle school, even the teachers… Gee”

Mo Fan wasn’t about to allow some pervert into Ye Xin Xia’s school roam free, and he recall her saying something about their cafetaria feeling rather spooky two months ago on the phone.

“Alright, get ready… we’re going to go there immediately” said Xu Dao Zhang putting down the phone with a stern face.

The other members were looking at their captain, anticipating whatever bad news they might hear…

“There’s another incident, a second girl dissapeared” said Xu Dao Zhang calmly.

Everyone frowned at this news, a few months ago a girl from this school went missing but since the school was unable to determine whether the girl went missing at school or elsewhere, the case has been given to the local police but until now there hasn’t been any clue at all.

Although this news came up on the newspaper, it’s rather easy to forget, just a mission person is a city of millions isn’t a very strange thing for the police.

Xu Da Huang and his team had went to the school to inspect, but the school didn’t want to blow this out of proportion and denied the team from investigating this. Therefore nothing was known about it, but who knows six months after that another girl dissapeared… this time she went missing from inside the school!

The school has finally realize that they have a big problem and hurriedly contact the city’s demon hunting squad.

“Captain… Any traces of the missing person?” asked Xiao Ke.

“A mage investigator found footprint traces that doesn’t belong to human”

Everyone was suddenly silent, a foreboding feeling looming.

“Damn it, a bunch of stupid fools… If they noticed us a week earlier we may be able to search the missing girl and get her back… It’s taken so damn long that girl is definitely dead!”

“Some schools are like this… Cover up their shit, but those fools doesn’t know the kind of things they shouldn’t have hid!” said Guo Cai Tang cooly.

Mo Fan listened to everyone saying their piece of mind before he felt incredibly nervous all of sudden… Missing for a week!?!? Ye Xin Xia hasn’t contacted him for a whole week ah!!!

Since he doesn’t have money to buy a phone, Mo Fan usually went to a phone booth to call her, at the very least he will call to talk to her once a week. All he has been worrying about is to make himself stronger, he totally forgot about Xin Xia’s safety!

Aunt Mo Qing’s home is nearby her school, so on summer vacation Xin Xia will spend most of her time at the school’s library, since any other activities are too inconvenient for herself…

Mo Fan grew even more nervous and hurriedly borrow Fei Shi’s phone to call

“The number you have dialed cannot be reached at the moment”

Mo Fan’s heart is about to implode on itself.

“I will be a little late, but I will meet you guys at the school” said Mo Fan minding nothing else and started rushing out of the Hunter’s Union hall.

“Hey, don’t worry about it, take my phone so we can contact you!” shouted Fei Shi as he throw his phone towards Mo Fan.

“Bro… you know it’s dangerous to throw your phone right? What if that guy didn’t catch it in time?”

“No problem! My NOKIA phone is not afraid of some measly throw!”

“Bro… I mean… what if that phone kill someone?!”


“What’s wrong with him… his face is so black and ugly now?”

“Who knows, let’s get to work”



  1. This story now in my top 10 reading list due to Nokia joke. I had one for many years, not only can they stop bullets, they are can be used as deadly weapons, no joke here!

  2. God his co-workers are so mean! I had a bout of laughter after that part. Thanks for the chapter!

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