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Mo Fan felt anxious and right now really feel the need for this movement spell so that he can reach Ming Wen all girls middle school even faster!

Getting off taxi, his mind kept going back to his sister that is hopefully in aunt Mo Qing’s home. Running as fast as he could just as he turn a corner, he almost hit a girl in a wheelchair.

“Mo Fan gege!” said the surprised Xin Xia with a sweet smile.

“Xin Xia, are you alright? You give me a fright girl!” seeing her alright in one piece he immediately calmed down.

“What’s wrong?”

“Wrong? Why did you turn off your phone?”

“Erm… Couldn’t afford to pay the bill” said an embarassed Xin Xia with her head down.


Well… She just wanted to save up whatever money she could…

Ah… it doesn’t matter as long as she’s alright…

“Are you cultivating well?” asked Xin Xia as she handed Mo Fan a handkerchief.

Recently, there are almost no girls who will bring handkerchief, it’s not that Xin Xia being traditional but to save money rather than buying tissues.

Mo Fan wiped his sweat away and  sniffed the handkerchief’s scent… Ohhhh that body fragrance… Maybe I should steal this, oh crap… I almost expose myself as a pervert.

“I heard girls from your school has dissapeared”

“En, en” nodded Xin Xia heavily “This is so scary, aunt didn’t let me go to school”

“Tell me about it”

“I know a girl next class, she’s Lin Yun Er… The day she dissapeared I was also in the library with her, she told me to let the dorm mother know that she’ll be a little late going back, but since then nobody have seen her at all, the monitor at the school gates didn’t see her going out of school too!” said Xin Xia in a small voice.

“So you’re the last person to see her?”

“Yes, the police asked me about it so many times, but I only know what that… but”

“Is there anything else?”

“Um… After leaving the library i smelled something strange, something like the sour smell from sou waste smell from the cafetaria, but the library is very far from the cafetaria and I feel some sort of strange chills like something staring at me I was so scared I left the library in a hurry” said Xin Xia.

Mo Fan frowned… She was so close to losing her life!!!

“Mo Fan gege, if I didn’t leave early then…” Xin Xia’s mood took a turn, appearing quite perplexed and lost.

“Yes, you left early… Otherwise you’d be the missing girl” said Mo Fan, secretly glad in his heart.

Xin Xia shook her head, and remorsefully said “I think the terrible thing was targetting me, but I hurriedly left the place so it went for Lin Yun Er instead… I… If only I went and get her and leave together instead”

Mo Fan listened to her blaming herself, not knowing what to say.

This girl… What’s going on in her mind…

If she didn’t leave early, chances are there’s two missing person now, if the school really have something terrible there how can two weak girls resist it!

“How can you blame yourself! Even if you went back and tell her, she will tell you that you’re overthinking it, your five sense are much more keen compared to others but you have problems with your legs, just being able to protect yourself is already a great feat in itself” said Mo Fan softly comforting her.

“Mo Fan gege, do you think she’s still alive…?”

“Maybe… I don’t know, don’t worry just to let you know. I’m now a member of the city’s beast hunting squad, we will solve this case! How can I let my cute Xin Xia stay in such a dangerous place!!” said Mo Fan heroically.

Even if he’s not part of the squad, if only he know there’s such dangerous thing in her school, he will worry about it, afterall Xin Xia has grow to become someone very important in his heart… He even blow away those punks who bullied Xin Xia by taking her wheelchair away, not to mention something as dangerous like this around her!

Such pure and kind girl, every time Mo Fan had a fight with the other kids in the neighborhood, for fear of his injury or being scolded by father, she will help her hide his injuries, clean, bandage and apply ointment on his bruised body, even lied to help him.

Touched by her devotion, since then Mo Fan secretly vowed to always take care of her, never letting her suffer any grievances.

“Stay at home for a few days, we will deal with this harmful thing…” coaxed Mo Fan while patting Xin Xia on her head.

“En…” nodded Xin Xia obediently knowing that his brother is a lightning mage, even if he had to encounter such dangerous case she had a peace of mind knowing that his brother Mo Fan is at least stronger than the average mage!

He was an ordinary apprentice mage but he’s currently in a hunter squad way beyond his league! It seems that the way he’s going to see the world will change tremendously. Who would have thought that even now Mo Fan is working even harder to train himself to become even stronger!

“Mo Fan gege… did you cultivate under the scorching sun?”

“Nope, what’s up?”

“A little bit more and you’re about to turn into a blackboard”



Leaving her sister at her aunt’s place, Mo Fan make his way to her school. What the fucking hell… How could there be such horrible thing inside the city, inside a school no less, how can I tolerate such thing in a place where these pretty flowers are growing up! No way!! I’m gonna burn em all up!!!

Oh pretty Ming Wen school girls, fear not! Your prince charming is coming to save you!!


He handsomely kicked the school’s door, ready to enjoy the hot gaze of thousands of young girls wearing mini skirts… But he didn’t expect to see an empty school, startling a few stray cats by the flowerbed whom gaze at Mo Fan with contempt as if saying : What is this retard doing… Fucking scared me out of my nine lives!!

Oh right… it’s still summer holiday, them girls are back at home…

“Eh?… you reached even faster than me…” came a woman’s voice behind him.

Mo Fan turned around to find that it’s the prideful Cai Tang.

This girl… with her buxom chest out of proportion, her thin legs, slim waist and sexy ass are a feast for the eyes but looking at her face, everything about her scream “Fucking Bitch” kind of temperament!


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