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“Did you find anything?” asked Cai Tang.

“I asked the witness who saw the missing girl, she said that she smelled the rancid trash smell like the cafetaria. So it’s either a perverted mad man who likes to abduct girls or a magical beast there” deduced Mo Fan after adjusting his imaginary glasses, just like what Conan said ah! There is only one truth!

“Yeah… How about you keep watch at the cafetaria then, the rest of us will split ourselves among the school’s buildings, the hills, dormitory and the garden” replied Cai Tong cockily.

“Ergh… Why don’t I guard the dormitory? I heard many girls staying there, their safety is rather more important…” said Mo Fan.

“There’s Fei Shi there, he alone is enough”

Mo Fan grumbled on her decision… This Fei Shi looks like the kind of guy who would steal a look at girls’ underwear ah! You let him go anywhere near there it’s even more dangerous for the girls!!!


When the night comes, Mo Fan is really assigned to this cafetaria! The Ming Wen all girls school cafetaria is very big, the size of a conference hall. Since it’s considered a rather upscale school, such clean, spacious and luxurious cafetaria does make sense, unlike Tian Lang magic highschool’s cafetaria, the aunty can just sweep the place in lightspeed pace and she’s done.

The dark cafetaria is illuminated by a few lights here and there, Mo Fan crouching in the corner of the place can imagine the neat and desolate place filled with school girls wearing short skirts having their meals here, the fragrant smell of food and girls, like spring has come!!



“taptaptaptpapt” (sound of little rocks falling off?)

a sudden burst of noise come from somewhere in the cafetaria. A dirty cup shook along with the chairs and tables, slowly inching itself t o the edge of the table. The cup fell down, hitting Mo Fan’s head before Mo Fan quickly reach out to catch it before it exposes him. Damn that was close… It’ll be quite damning to have his icecream evidence expose his whereabouts. (yep, he stole ice cream -_- wtf mo fan)

“This is really bizzare… What made such a quake here! If it’s construction, then most likely it’s below the building… but recently there’s no such thing scheduled” explored Mo Fan silently, looking around the place.

“Gugugu Gu GUUU~~”

Suddenly a strange low growling sound come from the back of the kitchen. As the growl spread, Mo Fan immediately smelled the sour rotten smell of food like leeks, fish, pickles.

“What the hell, there’s actually a magical beast here!!!” as Mo Fan’s heart felt like it’s squeezed.

Before joining the City Beast Hunter squad, Mo Fan always thought that the city is at peace even amidst the chaotic and dangerous wilderness, this magical beast is something parents made to scare children into sleep… He would never have expected there are actual magical beast lurking within the city… It seems what aunt Mo Qing had said back then wasn’t a rumour!!!

Considering the size of the city, there are many places where if any magical beast appears, will be immediately supressed and resolved in secret so that  no panic spread among the populace, bringing even greater trouble.

Mo Fan took out his pager from his pocket while carefully observing the creature, pressing the simple looking button to give a signal to his teammate to locate him, and let them know there has been an emergency!


Apparently the creature could perceived something like a frequency fluctuations, the strange blue beady eyes looked to Mo Fan’s direction, locking on the source of the signal.

The size of the eye is as big as a basketball, it’s eyes turning around only made Mo Fan feel even worse goosebumps! Reflected by the dim light, the beast’s outline can be seen substantially… But it looked like a long neck!?

The size of the neck is like a big tree that needs a big man to hug half of it, can’t tell if there’s a neck or head at all! Its only prominent feature is a big basketball sized eye and a mouth filled with rancid food!!

“What the flip? How the hell did these magical beast notice pager signals?? Did they come with wireless receiver… they got an inbuilt phone?”

As if a signal for itself, the big eyed beast locked its gaze onto the pager on Mo Fan’s hand, not even those alien creatures from Hollywood blockbuster movies have such godly ability!!

“Gu GUUU!”

All of sudden the beast with only eye and neck like body, had its pupil contracted and flowing with intense magic, and upon reaching a critical point a scarlet light shot out from its pupil!

The scarlet light penetrated through the kitchen’s window, going through rows of tables straight towards where Mo Fan is hiding!!

Mo Fan was really close to pissing his pants at this point. This thing doesn’t even say hello before attacking, no cues, nothing! This beast is more like the canteen aunty who wants to kick you out of the kitchen and does so immediately!

Fortunately it’s not Mo Fan’s first time fighting a magical beast, he immediately rolled towards the cafetaria door! The next second, where Mo Fan was just a second ago was a charred hole… If Mo Fan didn’t escape in time then the hole will be on Mo Fan’s chest!

Although a mage’s physique will improved by cultivating their magic, this change and improvement may not be that obvious on the outside, but improvement to reaction time will allow the mage to dodge a blatant obvious attack like this!

Mo Fan taking the right decision, chose to roll to the nearest door to quickly escape from the cafetaria. However the things happening isn’t as clear cut and simple like Mo Fan thought it would be, the strange beast utter another piercing scream before rushing out, streams of scarlet magic energy gather on its huge eyes again!

Mo Fan looked back horrified… This rapid attack speed, even he starts to fears for his life! Damn it! In his fastest speed, he triggered the magic mark within his spiritual world, preparing to bring out the bone shield at the fastest speed to resist this attack!

<Water Shield>!

Mo Fan was about to bring out his bone shield before a soft bell like voice came from the nearby basketball court. Streams of water quickly rushes towards him and like strands of soft ribbons, it flutters around Mo Fan and quickly form itself into an arc of water shield before him.

The streak of scarlet ray hit the arc of water shield, completely dispersing the shield and in the process loses its power and disperse as well. The droplets of water splashes around Mo Fan as it loses its magic power and Mo Fan brought the bone shield back in, tilted his head to see Xiao Ke smiling sweetly at him.

This is Xiao Ke’s ability!? Oh little girl you came at the right time!!


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