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“Fan Mo! Take cover and retreat, we will deal with this thing!” yelled the Captain who arrived with Fei Shi.

The two people who are coming in rapid speed was standing like they’re travelling on a travellator! Without even walking, their body is moving along the ground… like the Iron Chef splitting open bones from meat!

Mo Fan knows this elementary earth magic <Ground Wave>

This magic is also a movement type spell, byt expertly controlling the ground to rapidly change position, Wang Pang used this once back then, but it never display the level of skill Fei Shi is using it right now!

“This is a giant-eyed rat! It usually live underground, pretty good at digging holes, preferring to smuggle into city sewers, it’s usual attack pattern is to stretch its neck and shooting scarlet beam using its eye… This thing is a pest, just like rats they multiply fast, strong vitality, some will usually hid under the city’s ground or landfill, eating human scraps, unless it’s extremely hungry it will go out to steal human food kind of timid magical beast!” said Cai Tang, relaying the information to the team.

Giant-eyed rat??

This magical beast is of a special category, its ability to burrow and survive underground are unparalled among other magical beasts! Don’t even say anything about it being timid and piss its pants to run away from encountering mages! This bastard even shot first!!!

“This beast is probably in craze, probably dying in hunger, and was looking for food or energy source but it ran out of luck and we found it!” smiled Fei Shi.

Compared to the rag tag band of inexperienced and frightened students fighting magical beast for the first time, the members in the current CBH squad have a different kind of feel to them. Standing away from each other while still in range to be able to work together, they form an offensive formation but also ensuring that they can immediately retreat in a dangerous situation.

The only person who have just joined this team, Mo Fan stood in a very awkward spot, looking at nearby teammate not knowing what to do before Fei Shi said “You wait for an opening, the captain and I will fight it”. Mo Fan was about to go behind another teammate before Fei Shi use ground wave to move him there.

“Gugu GU~~~~!”

The giant-eyed rat made a rather threatening growl, and upon seeing that the many people didn’t run away in fear, its eye immediately locked onto the wind mage Li Wen Jie. Its scarlet beam pierce through the dark sky along with its sharp shriek.

“Oh? You trying to attack me?” said Li Wen Jie calmly and cooly.

Mo Fan didn’t see Li Wen Jie deliberately concentrate to even use his magic, but all of sudden traces of green colored magic wind streaks around him, billowing his clothes.


The scarlet beam appears to penetrate him soon but a turbulent air left appears where he was before Li Wen Jie was already five meters away from that spot! That kind of nonchallant casual move, so cool!

“Ah, pity this idiot rat, it doesn’t have the ability to harm me at all” sneered Li Wen Jie as he sat on the tabletennis table.

The giant-eyed rat noticing that its scarlet beam isn’t working against the agile humans, attempts to close in to the humans and use its sharp claws and fangs.

Although it has such strange physique with its head and neck, this giant-eyed rat seems to be even faster than dark magic wolf, if the students back then has to fight against this beast, even if the students can calmly cast their magic spells, it’ll be too late by the time they finish the spells!

Most of the students takes four seconds to complete a spell, this giant eyed raat covers 40 meters in the span of two seconds! In this short while it has reached Li Wen Jie and already bore its claws on his face!

Mo Fan couldn’t help but fear for him, praying that Li Wen Jie will not die to this. Looking around, whether it’s Xiao Ke or Fei Shi, none of them are attempting to save Li Wen Jie at all.

“Wind Path -< Flash Step>!” Li Wen Jie without panic, watched the approaching rat and calmly use his wind magic.


Li Wen Jie’s body dissapeared from the place again, the giant-eyed rat’s paw broke the table in pieces, blasting the ground and blowing the dust. The rat noticing that Li Wen Jie wasn’t dead on its paw, turned to look for him.


Li Wen Jie once again took another step and left the small dust storm.


Li Wen Jie stood on a tree for awhile, but even faster than Mo Fan could react, a streak of scarlet beam hit where Li Wen Jie just stood on, making a hole on the tree, after awhile the top of the tree fell.

Flash Step!!

Mo Fan watch this movement magic in wonder… At school the most a student could use is just <Haste> and will only allow the mage to move faster along the made wind path but it is incomparable to this almost instant movement to another place that <Flash Step> display!

If Zhang Hou had been able to use this back then, he will definitely be able to even play around that stupid wolf instead of being chased all the way to the bottom of the cave. Right now, even with that scarlet beam the giant-eyed rat can’t even touch Li Wen Jie’s clothes moving around with <Flash Step>.

This is quite the eye opener, the things that I can learn at school is quite limited after all, only when thrust into such dangerous combat experience I can really make myself even stronger! Without doubt, this is the wisest best choice to grow, learning directly from these veteran mages who won’t even blink at the sight of a strange magical beast. Learning from this veteran squad to learning together with a bunch of students who will wet their pants is really incomparable!

It’s not that Mo Fan is looking down to his classmates but after experiencing his first combat training with a dark magic wolf, he came to realize many things! Examinations, cultivation, practice targets, magical beast knowledge, combat analysis all these things weren’t something that can be practical in real life combat against magical beast, but only through the crucible that is constant combat against these creatures can one really learn to apply and improve all those knowledge and training.

“Oy, eat my flame!”

The captain Xu Da Huang confidently shoot the flame that has been gathering in his palm for a while and couldn’t help but to grin at the rat.


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