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<Fire Wave>!

Xu Da Huang’s strong flames brightened the dark night, its striking red ball of flames fly towards the giant-eyed rat. The rat feeling the heat approaching it from behind stepped aside to dodge it in reflex. This sudden dodge made Mo Fan slightly surprised, amazed at this creature’s keen sense despite the speed that the captain is casting his fire magic.

This <Fire Wave> will obviously be dodge, it’s not like the giant-eyed rat is some kind of practice target like in school, waiting for the mage to attack it.

“Ha, dodge? nice try~” said the captain ridiculing its actions.


In an instant the fire that is passing by the rat becomes even hotter, the small flames within appears to explode from the center of it.


The fiery explosion made a powerful shockwave as it gains more energy to burn stronger, it turned crimson as it spread nearby from the center of the explosion. The air seems to vibrate for a short moment, the explosion of fire being incredibly dazzling! A radius of three meters were completely swallowed in the crimson flame, the flames burning the rat’s paws and the bottom part of the body.

The bright fire allows Mo Fan to see the miserable rat, its whole body appears to be slowly being engulfed in the fiery red flames, being blown away from where it was and crash on the cafetaria’s wall. It struggles desperately to extinguish the flames, without the arrogance or superiority it carried earlier, it is going turn into one big barbequed rat!

Watching this at the back has Mo Fan completely  dropped his jaw “O”!

<Fire Wave Explosion>

This unexpected explosion of fire give the rat no way of dodging it at all, even its burning effects is much more violent and obvious compared to <Burning Bones>… “This could this be the third stage <Fire Wave>?”

Mo Fan never thought that the captain even manage to cultivate and train his fire magic up to this stage, the effects of this fiery explosion almost killed the giant-eyed rat in one hit!

Holy shit! If I use this to fight that dark magic wolf back then, this one explosion will probably made it half dead, who needs to run, even to use stalactite to kill it, damn it there isn’t such coincidence where there’s stalactites everywhere or even getting the demon to stand right under it!

This fiery explosion is so violent, so destructive, so cool! At this moment, Mo Fan’s heart is throbbing madly, thinking about how his fire magic will also reach this realm, he becomes even more motivated to cultivate his fire element!

He believed that as long as he can master this <Fire Wave Explosion> spell, that Mu Yu Ang bloke will never be his opponent, hahaha damn old bastard Mu Zhuo Yun just wait for me to lay down all the burn on you! This is my next goal, I will definitely reach this third level <Fire Wave> before the graduation, I’ll dazzle the eyes of those Mu Clan’s dogs to blind with this magic spell!!!


The CBH squad is very cautious and disciplined, knowing that the attack will probably scare the rat and try to run away, Fei Shi and Cai Tang use their magic and sealed any chance of it escaping into the cafetaria.


The rat roar in pain and suddenly spring towards Cai Tang rapidly. Cai Tang was caught offguard, since she had use <Icy Vines> to seal its escape, she never thought that this rat would have made such a desperate strike and go after her.

“Xiao Ke, water shield quick!!” said the Captain with a dire countenance.

The little girl panicked and tried to cast her spell as soon as she can, but maybe because of being pressured or nervous her spell came a little late, the water shield will not appear in time. Cai Tang is the vice captain afterall, breving many dangers while fighting magical beast, jumped to the side. Even if she can’t completely dodge the giant-eyed rat’s attack, as long as it doesn’t hit her vital organs, even if a loss of leg or arm is better than death!

<Lightning Constricting Seal>!

Changing everyone’s bad countenance, arcs of purple lightning came not far away from Cai Tang, these arcs of lightning fiercely whip the rat, this continuos charges of purple lightning paralyzed the rat making it unable to move!

The charred running rat was paralyzed and dropped heavily on the concrete ground, rolling and skidding its way to Cai Tang’s feet. Cai Tang seeing the paralyzed rat, gets a little surprised before jumping backward a few meters away and looked at the new member Mo Fan with a look filled with disbelief.

“Well done Fan Mo!!”

“Damn it, this damn thing is a mutant variant of giant-eyed rat… How the heck is this thing even more brutal than a one-eyed magic wolf!? Even half dead it is still attacking without trying to escape!” said Fei Shi wit a fearful expression.

” I told you many times, many many times, never let your guard down! Cai Tang almost died or got hurt… Luckily we have a lightning mage tonight, if he didn’t paralyze the beast just how desperate do we have to get to stop this magical beast from rampaging around!?” roared the Captain Xu Da Huang.

“I’m sorry, i’m sorry, It’s my fault…” stammered Xiao Ke.

“Apologies doesn’t matter, if she’s dead even if you go to her grave and apologize she couldn’t get out of the grave and accept it. Our squad only have one water mage, as the water mage your responsibility is to always be vigilant, always have your defensive magic ready to use at any moment” shouted Xu Da Huang to the direction of the wilderness.

Mo Fan was a little shocked, He thought that the captain will probably scold her a little and be done with it, he would never have thought that the captain will yell and cursed at the cute girl and point it out directly.

However this harsh scolding the captain is giving is justified, different mage have completely different role in the squad , while fighting a magical beast if just one person in the squad made a fatal mistake it’s not just one person’s life that might be lost, even the whole squad might be destroyed! A magical beast might possibly kill everyone off in that split second mistake!!

Xiao Ke bit her lip, not saying the last part… Realizing the serious error she has made and thinking about how to fix the problem. Cai Tang wasn’t blaming her but instead in her daze was still watching Mo Fan! She thought that she will lose her life there and then but it turned out the new rookie lightning mage saved her!!!


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