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“Fan Mo, you reacted in time… that spellcast speed surprised us a little. We thought that you were the kind of mage that just graduated and will go weak in the legs kind of rookie” said Li Wen Jie as he pat Mo Fan’s shoulder excitedly.

“Yeah, I thought we’re going to have to train you for half a year before you can actually do something in the team… You have such great mental acuity! Your decision to use your lightning magic at that right moment also saved Cai Tang! hohoho Cai Tang should be wanting to express her gratitude to you~” laughed Fei Shi.

Mo Fan got the job without any experience in it after all, even those that apply for the sole opening could claim to have kill more than 10 magical beast at the least. If not for Mo Fan being a lightning mage, even if there’s a strong fire mage they wouldn’t have taken him in without conditions attached.

The CBH squad is no different from those other squads or teams fighting magical beast outside the city in terms of magical beast kill numbers,but only the strongest and the best are accepted to the squad. Because unlike those team’s kills and deaths any missed or escaped magical beast will bring woe unto the general population who has no resistance to these creatures! As they are given better benefits of course their responsibility is also greater, therefore they could only afford the best, most elite mage to the squad.

Considering Lightning mage’s strength and magic spell, the CBH squad is willing to invest half a year to train a green rookie, and expect this rookie to not even be able to use his magic spell at all. But his earlier action earned the admiration of his squad! Who would have thought with that cast speed and skill to control his lightning element he manage to actually help the squad at a critical moment!

This shocked Cai Tang the most as she was the most harsh to Mo Fan seeing that he was a mere rookie and reprimand him many times before this, who would have thought that at the critical moment the rookie she scolded actually saved her.

“Alright, Wen Jie, Fei Shi you two check the cafetaria, if there are no more trace of magical beast hand over the case to the local police, I hope the girl is still alive” said Xu Da Huang.

“Yes cap”

A beast hunter unit is mainly responsible for eliminating the dangerous elements, but the police are responsible for the more consuming task such as the search and rescue operation. It’s been a week too late… it seems that the girl has a very small chance of survival now…

“Weng~~~” (sfx for lights lighting up!?”

Mo Fan was about to leave the school before the small pendant vibrate madly.

“Oh? There’s soul?”

Mo Fan walk to the dead rat hurriedly in happiness. While others are busy with other things around the school and did not notice, Mo Fan smoothly took in this mutant variant giant-eyed rat’s soul into his special pendant. This rat’s soul appear like a quiet blue colored firefly, as small as a candle light, slowly drifting onto Mo Fan’s pendant around his neck.

The small pendant has the ability to collect these residual souls, the last kill he had on the dark magic wolf the small pendant did the same… It collects the wolf’s residual soul into itself. Unfortunately to upgrade the small pendant to spirit grade tool, Mo Fan needs some better refined or complete residual souls than ones he got so far but he doesn’t know if these collected souls have any effects at all. It seems that I will have to do some research on this later.

Other institutions like mage’s association and hunter’s union also sold this kind of broken incomplete souls for about 10,000$ each… if I can use these broken souls to upgrade the small pendant, then I can spend my money on these broken souls while taking the souls of those beast killed by the squad. If I can make this little black pendant into spirit grade elemental tool, I can cultivate fire magic to the third level 100% for sure!

“Eh? Lightning element star seems to have some changes in it… could it be!?…” Mo Fan aware of the sudden change in his elemental star is suddenly very excited.

This change is similiar to when his fire elemental star improve to the next level! That next level fire elemental star allow him to use <Burning Bones>!! This should be lightning element breaking through to the next level!!!

Back then Mo Fan felt that his lightning elemental star cultivation has hit some sort of bottleneck, regardless of what he did nothing happened at all but he did not expect a short while after using a lightning spell it started to break through! Mo Fan wasn’t sure if this comes from his eagerness to become even stronger after this battle or stimulated from absorbing this broken soul…

Fire has reach second level ah! I don’t know this overbearing tyrannical lightning is going to be on the second level! I’m looking forward to this!!


To Mo Fan’s surprised, this is his first time completing the task with the squad and he still get a cut of the comission! The school paid a total of 200,000$ to have the CBH squad settle this problem but usually a rookie to the squad usually get a fixed salary or a fraction of the comission during the trial period, but he was given 10% of the comission! Taking into account Mo Fan’s special element, coupled with his outstanding performance tonight, the team has a very positive outlook on his future with the squad!

20,000$ this is a whole 20,000$!!! This is the amount of money his father made doing outpost delivery for the past six months! Mo Fan doesn’t plan to squander the money and carefully keep them for rainy days later on.

This could be considered his first paycheck, although it was a little dangerous but the rewards was higher than Mo Fan’s expectations, this team made even more money and faster than those hunter squad outside the city! No wonder everyone wants to join in!!!



Mu Clan Manor.

A swimming pool inside rippled with a layer of soft waves, Mu He who’s wearing a swimming cap swim across the pool to the shore to get out. Covered in droplets of water, he went to the deck chairs to rest under the umbrellas to rest, and on the other deck chair a stanned female swimming coach sat there, his eyes casually looked at her half covered boobs.


Mu He was about to talk to the girl before he notice the pool’s water slowly froze over on the surface, layers of icy mist slowly rising from the pool.

“Damn it… I’m not done swimming…” Mu He had a pang of headache, he had just swim for abit but now the whole swimming pool is frozen like it’s winter… it leaves him quite dumbfounded and speechless.

“Uncle He, did father send you?” asked a tall and thin effeminate man.

“Yu Ang, your elemental ice star is getting stronger, how is your cultivation progress?” said Mu He agreeably.

“My cultivation speed feels slow”

“That’s also called slow?… but all others your age are still working on the first level but you’ve mastered <Ice Wave>? With your current cultivation speed it won’t take two years fr you to be able to use the third level Icy Vines! But that spread and speed of <Ice Wave> let alone a little fire element student, you’ll even be able to complete freeze a person in a flash!”

“2 years? that’s too long!” muttered Mu Yu Ang

“You’re never satisfied with your progress… in fact your progress is already incredibly outstanding compared to your peers, although there’s a gap to that princess Mu Ning Xue, she’s abit too special after all. You should know that your father will definitely give you a special gift after you get rid of that guy” laughed Mu He.

“I never considered that clown in my sights”


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