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Yu Ang thought to continue his cultivation, although his father has arranged for him to fight in a magic duel later, Yu Ang didn’t really consider this farce of a duel seriously.

“You can go ahead, I’ll come by later”

Yu Ang nodded and walk back to his room. Through this garden, Yu Ang walk to a beautiful little yard. It’s strange that even in a very european manor estate there’s an old antique tea house in the midst.

“Father, I don’t really understand why you arrange such a boorish duel for me” asked Yu Ang.

“Consider it your rites of passage… If we simply invite some famous people, family members or others of your peers it will become something rather common. But this duel is a chance for all the well-known and powerful figures in the city to convene in one place. If we use this duel as your rite of passage, many things can be justified! After all I’m of the elder generation, some things are inappropriate for me to intervene… but you can, with your extraordinary strength impress the elders and your peers, build your prestige and fame in one fell swoop. This chance of a life time will help you control the city in the future much more smoothly!” said Mu Zhuo Yun thoughtfully.

“Then you should have given me a more suitable opponent… not this weakling”

“Initially I thought to arrange someone more appropriate, with sufficient fame and prestige as a stepping stone, but apparently this isn’t necessary anymore”

“Huh? What’s going on?” puzzled Yu Ang.

“Your duel opponent Mo Fan has mastered the second stage fire element, his cultivation speed has exceeded all our expectations… Just the result of his cultivation in a year has put has put him leaps and bounds beyond his peers. He can probably be considered as Tian Lan magic high school’s best student now, even Deng Kai, Zhang Kong and President Zhu has put him on their sights. Even if I want to do something about this kid and make use of him…I can’t do so under their watch. This is truly surprising, who would have thought the son of a driver that used to work for the Clan, if only that didn’t happen. Anyway for the things between me and Deng Kai you don’t need to know yet” sneered Mu Zhuo Yun.

“Oh? This might be a little interesting and fun after all”

A weak opponent in his rite of passage would be degrading a man of his strength, not only it will lower his status it will also smear his reputation! This rite of passage is the most valuable moment for the young generations of Mu Clan. This solemn ceremony is a chance for the Clan to flaunt its power through their juniors! After all it’s not appropriate for the already established elders to do so, if their young generations of children display overwhelming dominance over their peers, wouldn’t that also reflects the absolute power of the Mu Clan in this city?

Mu Ning Xue is now in the empire university, it’s an even higher place than this city. But this Bo city is still the clan’s base of power is it not? Mu Zhuo Yun has been carefully nurturing Yu Ang to make him a successor to the city, to let him be in charge of Bo City.

The road ahead may not be smooth, but naturally the start must be special! Different! Other children may be simple or troublesome or lackluster but Yu Ang’s must be the grandest of all others, witnessed by those of prominent status and power, and turn it into an overnight success!

Mo Fan was an unexpected stumbling block to this, but he’s quite the good stepping stone for Yu Ang’s growth along the road! Of course, the wily old fox isn’t going to tell Yu Ang that he’s putting so much resource to develop him in the future and make him strong is to become a stepping stone for another person! His own daughter Mu Ning Xue!!

In his view Mu Ning Xue is the perfect successor to the clan! But this Bo city is too small a stage for her, then the only way is to set up a henchman for her, and make use of the henchman to control the family properties in Bo city.

“Don’t worry, after the end of the duel I will let you enter the sacred spring, just a week of cultivation will let your progress goes leaps and bounds nobody in Bo city can even compare to you after then!”

“Father, is that sacred spring really that magical?” asked Yu Ang with sparkling eyes

“Of course! You should know this sacred spring is countless of times better than elemental magic tool, not only it will relieve your spiritual fatigue, it will even increase your cultivation speed while. This sacred springs isn’t something that can be opened any time, once you enter the sacred springs you must put all your focus into cultivation, this sacred springs will most likely give you the best chance to become intermediate mage!” said Mu Zhuo Yun.

“Intermediate mage? I’m still quite far away from being able to reach it?”

“If you did not have the chance to enter it, it’ll be long before you can reach that stage but this springs is special”

“Father… how did this sacred springs come to be? How is there such magical effect?”

“You don’t need to know its history. You only have to know that this once in a lifetime opportunity to get into the sacred springs to cultivate”

Yu Ang nodded heavily.

This sacred springs is very important and sought for any mage who wants to breakthrough to intermediate mage in Bo city!


  1. Now I really wish that the mc will not get together with mu ning xue. Can’t stand the idea that mu zhuo yun might become his father in law and ride on his power later on.

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