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The remainder of summer holiday, Mo Fan spent his days in his cultivation routine. Although the work with CBH squad is not as busy as he thought, this gives him plenty of time to adjust to this new pace with part time work as hunter. So far Mo Fan has complete two more bounty task, he’s no longer the green rookie that can’t use his magic in combat with magical beast.

While fighting and cultivating as hard as he could, his elemental star grow at an even faster rate than before. Accompanying this growth, the elemental star will also naturally transform to become more bright. Since that case at the all girls middle school, Mo Fan’s lighting elemental star has completed its transformation, becoming brighter, more robust, channeling even more magic, and obviously improve his lightning spells.

“The next hunt will probably be a surprise for the team” muttered Mo Fan as he sat in the classroom feeling exceptionally pleasant.

My current fire element cultivation has reach the second level for basic fire element, which is already beyond the cultivation of any student at school, if I can cultivate and reach the third level before I graduate it will be perfect!

According to the book, after the elemental star transform itself to the third level basic elemental star, it’s already relatively close to intermediate level! I’m not sure if I can become intermediate mage but I’m going to use all means at my disposal to become stronger!!!

Compared to the mundane school life, after a close to life and death experience most students’ temperament have made some changes, adding the new assessment coming in the new semester, the students are cultivating and practicing harder than ever, the training grounds are packed even on summer holiday.

Mo Fan is also on the training grounds, but he isn’t using it as practice target but doing image training, turning this dull training grounds into a real life environment where he combat those magical beasts! This training is much better than those training on the practice targets!!

“Boss Fan, have you notice it? After that trip to the mountains that proud squad leader Zhou Min has been particularly nice towards you!” whispered Zhang Hou.

“Are you sure!?” asked Mo Fan raising his brows

“Of course! She’ll even secretly glance here from time to time!”

“Are you sure it’s not because I’m handsome?”

“Handsome your ass, I’ve got no idea… If it’s because you’re handsome, she wouldn’t be so fierce (tsun tsun) against you. You see? She’s always harsh against anyone but you!!Hahaha the girl has changed, a girl in love is like a well tamed kitten… Now you get tsun tsun and dere dere too!!!”

Mo Fan’s schedule nowadays is classes in the morning, cultivation in the afternoon, and magic practice at night! Where can I find the time for romance or pondering what’s inside a girl’s mind! Besides… in the course of his work as a hunter, he would be saving thousands of girls in distress, occasionally making a few girls fall in love with him… is a pretty normal thing for a hero! (t/n: =_= Mo Fan the heartbreaker hero right… the hero bo city deserves >.>)

“Look! She’s coming over to find you… Geeee Boss, I’m going to turn into a tree there and watch over you two!” Zhang Hou is a good teammate but some bro are stupid like pigs… to even push me into fire like this!!

Mo Fan looked to the side and really found Zhou Min making her way to him, with her small stature filled with hesitation, she does appear a little pitiful right now. She sported a neat shoulder length black hair, her delicate face that is usually filled with pride and intimidating-distance keeping countenance to boys are probably concealing her warm heart.

“Mo Fan… are you free this evening?” asked Zhou Min quietly.

Tonight? Looks like I’ll have to take some time off from working on this second level lightning spell. Zhou Min Zhou Min, oh dear squad leader… You should focus on your cultivation, how can you move on your feelings so quickly, we’re all high school seniors working hard for the upcoming college entrace exam! It’s a very important year, if we got distracted by this puppy love thing nobody will benefit yo!

Therefore Mo Fan nodded and replied “Sure, I have time”

Zhou Min immediately flash a smile and said “Wait for me at the back of the school later! I want to tell you something important!”

“No Problem” nodded Mo Fan, wondering if he needs to get Zhang Hou to prepare umbrella for a rainy day? (t/n: idk why but I think he meant boxes of tissues for a crying girl)


After the last class, many students went out of the school compound. Zhou Min as prudent as ever is waiting at the school’s back entrance. Mo Fan have just walked over to approach her but before he even manage to say anything Zhou Min cut in and said mysteriously ” Mo Fan… I don’t know if I should tell this to you but I don’t know who else to turn to!”


    1. haha ^^

      does put batman in his place as well. The hero gotham deserves… a city with a crumbling public transport, sky high unemployment and criminality rates, massive amounts of armed robberies and shout outs, an entire asylum full of locally grown terrorists, serial killers and mafia bosses, with a super corrupt justice department (dent was a big deal due to not being super corrupt…). Heck, the police commissioner is quite alright with armed vigilantes roaming the streets, to the point of putting one of the strongest criminals (vigilantism is illegal) turf mark on top of the police stations roof…

      put in your words, gordon’s speech is a serious smacktalk on batman, and i love it ^^

      1. Don’t fuck w/Batman. He is Batman. He is the night. He is…..looking at you through your window….welp later.

  1. ” Mo Fan… I don’t know if I should tell this to you but I don’t know who else to turn to!”
    ” Mo Fan… I’m actually a man!”



    Thanks for the translation!

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