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Indeed Mo Fan’s heroic deeds during the training has set him apart from other students, but for Zhou Min to find him for something like a “earthquake” made him rather confused.

This mysterious earthquake happened at Ming Wen all girls middle school’s cafetaria, but just not long after there’s another inexplicable quake in Bo city again? Is the city infested with these rats?!?

After that giant-eyed rat incident at the middle school, other schools have made it a precedent to have the police authorities check and investigate to make sure it’s safe before resuming normal schedule.

“My grandmother lived here, nearby her place there’s a weird tremor happening recently” said Zhou Min while pointing to the row of old houses near some old building ruins.

Due to funding, the construction team have evacuated and stopped working on the site for awhile, at night time the whole block could be considered as something akin to deserted ruins, being far from the city and much darker, the dark clouds covered the sky and moon, making this old dilapidated building ruins appeared to be mysterious and dangerous at the same time.

As part of CBH squad, Mo Fan deftly jumped past the temporary cordon walls, landing cooly to find Zhou Min coming inside from a small door at the side, making him feel his cheeks burning in embarassment after that display.

“ehem, when does the earthquakes happened usually?”

“Usually happened at night intermittently”

Mo Fan walked a few steps to the ruins and take a packet of something out of his pocket. Pouring its content on his hand, Mo Fan blow this crystal powder and watch it slowly drift in the air floating around the area.

“This… is this magical beast seeker dust?” worthy of her diligence, she can immediately recognize the magic item. (t/n: just like dust of appearance this dust will reveal them magik kriture! actually it’s supposed to be powder but… dota 2 hey”

“Yes” This special dust reacted to the magical beasts’ trail is the most essential tool for hunters!

“How did you have that? Did you think there’s a magic beast here?” asked Zhou Min in a surprised tone.

Usually students will only bring this in the wilderness but this is Bo city!

“Little girl, trust the pros to do their job… see for yourself” pointed Mo Fan at dust trails on the ground. The dusts spilled only ten meters away from the duo but these crystal dusts seems to stick to certain parts on the ground, as if outlining the trails like a footprint!!

Zhou Min froze looking at this trails of footprint.

Oh my god! Is there really a magical beast inside the city!?

There’s no way for mages to track magical beasts’ trails normally, especially if said creature has left the area, but this special crystal dust are incredibly sensitive to magical beasts, as long as it’s within ten days, this crystal dust will immediately react and stick itself on the creature’s trail!

“What… what do we do!???” asked Zhou Min in fear with a paled face.

As per school’s standard education even the school has convince the students over and over that the city is the safest place, but who knows she actually found a magical beast footprint trails in the city! This crystal dust’s evidence is not a dream!!

“I need to check the shape of the footprints…” said Mo Fan as he boldly went over to investigate it.

“I… We should notify a beast hunter squad now” said Zhou Min unable to quell her fear as she trembles in fear.

Mo Fan was stunned for a moment… I’m a disguised CBH squad member ah! Notify my ass damn it! Even so a beast hunter squad must not sortie in panic, if there’s insufficient evidence to accurately determine the pressence of a magical beast, the HQ will not easily dispatch the whole team.

This footprint’s pink colored trail is an irrefutable evidence, but since this is quite the outskirts area a summoner strolling with his summoned beast is also a possibility.

“This paw size, doesn’t look like a giant-eyed rat” frowned Mo Fan.

“Mo Mo Mo Fan… let’s get out of here?” said Zhou Min fearfully.

Mo Fan wanted to investigate what’s happening here, and decided to explore the site as Zhou Min carefully keep up with him.

“It’s probably hiding around the residential area…” muttered Mo Fan as he surveyed the layout of the building.

The whole block is probably planned to be something like a shopping mall, the wide ground floor areas are stacked with a messed pile of cement bags, tools, discarded materials. The magical beast seeker dust showed the pawn prints to this direction of this unfinished mall’s ground floor… If it’s not here then where can it hide? Any living thing will definitely secure a certain living area!!

This abandoned construction site has been deserted for two months! It’s definitely the best place to hide!!

“Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Fan……” Zhou Min’s voice becomes very stiff suddenly, in a very strange way she tried to notify Mo Fan.

Turning his head to look at where she points, Mo Fan saw a mass of black shadows through the gaps in the brick walls, skulking around the first floor area of the site. The creature appears to have robust limbs, just standing in it’s full height its head could hit the ceiling! The general shape appears to be similar to that dark magic wolf the only difference is that it isn’t on all fours like a wolf but like a werewolf’s crouching stance!

The biggest giveaway is this thing’s eye! There’s only a single eye shining in this dark night making appears extremely intimidating!!

“It’s a one-eyed magic wolf!”

One-eyed magic wolf is an inherently brutal and cruel type of magical beast, compared to the timid one-eyed giant rat that chose to live in dark secluded corners, this creature that naturally very territorial, even hostile to humans at sight, some of them even like to eat humans for food!

This is the kind of creatures that enjoys wanton slaughter, plunders and cruelty even had the gall to set its nest next to human settlements and bare its fangs!

“What the fuck! How did a one-eyed magic wolf got so close to the urban city area even if there’s almost nobody living around it!!!” cursed Mo Fan as he was shocked to find such creature so near to the city.

Not so long ago, even he was the same as Zhou Min, believing that the city is safe and was surprised to find such creature in their second “official” encounter to magical beast is in the city. For Mo Fan the kind of timid creature like one-eyed giant rat living in the city sewers or cemetery isn’t such a bizarre occurrence but what could he say this kind of murderous magical beast literally in the city!

“Ugh… that… what is it doing…?” asked Zhou Min with a scared face.

“Having some supper” replied Mo Fan succinctly.

Zhou Min observe more carefully what the creature is chewing to find that it’s a piece of human arm! Oh my god it’s an arm from another human! Mo Fan you bastard, how could you say it’s supper… that’s an understatement! It’s eating a human! It’s really eating human!!!!

[Chapter 62]     [Chapter 62 Adfly] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 64]     [Chapter 64 Adfly]


  1. humans can eat animals but animals can’t eat humans?
    pfff, ridiculous
    only those who are prepared to be eaten by hamburg can eat hamburg steak !!!

  2. hmmm it’s starting to look like someone is letting magical beasts into the city. Perhaps doing experiments with them (which is usually the reason people keep magical beasts in a city)

    thanks for the chapter

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