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“The homeless people who lived here have never been entered into the population registry, not even the authorities know or care how many people lived in the outskirts area. This one-eyed magic wolf is so cunning, it hid in an abandoned construction site, and then to avoid detection it killed these homeless, unknown people for food… If we didn’t find it I don’t really know how many humans are going to become its ration…”

Zhou Min was too scared to speak, she just thought to find out what may cause this mysterious tremors, she had never imagine to actually meet a man eating beast instead! Even if the entire Bo City’s will not believe that such a terrifying creature is actually living within the city area… this is too terrible for her feeble mind!

“Zhou Min, don’t you think this one-eyed magic wolf is different from textbook descriptions?” said Mo Fan with a mischiveous look.

How is there any moment for Zhou Min to think about this!? Even now her only thought is to escape from this place without being found and inform the hunter’s union immediately.

“It seems to be bigger than the usual size, it’s not a common one-eyed magic wolf”

Zhou Min feels like she’s about to go crazy! How is he doing this at such time! Does he has no fear at all!? Mo Fan suddenly realize that this proud little girl student is already filled with fear in the face of this impending horror and said.

“After you get out of here, notify the CBH hotline, by the way don’t forget to ask the police to evacuate the nearby residents too”

“What about you?!?”

“I’m going to keep an eye on it”

Zhou Min looked at Mo Fan as if she’s looking at a monster… Although they’re the same grade student, this bloke didn’t even react to the horrifying scene from earlier, any normal student would have be scared to piss his pants! Thinking about this carefully, Zhou Min suddenly remember that Mo Fan did killed that dark magic wolf back then, he didn’t even seem to fear the magical beast before that… This freak!?!

“I… I already did”

Mo Fan was a little puzzled before casually asking “Wha..? When did you do so….!!”

Suddenly Mo Fan realize another more important matter.


Not far from where the duo were hiding, the feasting one-eyed magic wolf slowly turned its head, the eye locked onto where they were hiding.

At this moment, the surrounding seems to froze for a moment. Even hiding behind the brick walls, Zhou Min and Mo Fan can feel this awful killing intent directed at them. The chilling night breeze filled with a thick scent of blood wafted around them. Zhou Min froze in fear, unable to think of how the one-eyed magic wolf would suddenly discover their hiding spot.

“You stupid girl, didn’t your mother teach you magical beasts could feel cell phone signal!!” yelled Mo Fan as he picked her up and run off the abandoned site.

All of the magical beasts have a certain affinity towards these devices that uses elemental stones, with these phones sending signals using the stones, even if you send a message using the device it’s like a distress signal going through all the nearby magical beasts, making it akin to a gps positioning device for these beast!


The one-eyed magic wolf that has come to know that its hideout has been exposed, suddenly bow its body and like a wolf finding its favorite food, springs towards them in an incredible speed.

Fortunately, Mo Fan and Zhou Min was rather far from it, otherwise the moment they were discovered they would have turned into another supper snack.

While running as fast as he could, Mo Fan channeled his magic and prepped it ready. He has seen this technique several times while hunting beasts with the squad! Otherwise even if you could complete your spell very fast, the beast could just casually throw a stone to your head if you just stand still like a silly idiot.

<Fire Wave – Burning Bones>!!

In one hand Mo Fan is pulling on Zhou Min’s wrist, while the other is holding on a mass of hot flame. As he jumped over a bag of cement on his way, he turned around and throw this ball of flame towards the one-eyed wolf!


The ball of hot flame ignites the pile of wood before the wolf, its high temperature forces it back for a moment. Mo Fan did not throw the flame to the wolf, from his experience observing the one-eyed giant rat, magical beast with such agility could easily evade such clumsy attack and with his skills he has yet to be able to accurately hit the wolf that could maneuver around the building.

His purpose is rather simple, he merely want to create a wall of flames to stop the wolf from chasing them, but its action went beyond Mo Fan’s expectations. Looking back as he ran, he saw the wolf’s powerful hind legs crouch for a moment before jumping over the building, totally skipping over the cluster of burning flames.


The wolf landed heavily on the ground, rolling up the dust. Its eye locked onto Mo Fan, it bowed towards them again and spring towards them knocking aside all the construction materials along the way like a charging bull!

Mo Fan didn’t even have the time to curse… This one-eyed magic wolf’s speed is already abnormal coupled with its robust body, it just didn’t care about knocking these small things along its way.

Fortunately the duo was still far from it, if they could get out of the abandoned site it should be alot safer than staying there.


“Bang Bang Bang”

The temporary outer wall was smashed through as the wolf knock it on its way, while they fled out of the site some of the inhabitants was shocked stupid seeing a one-eyed magic wolf chasing someone.

God damn stupid wolf, I just went into the site will trouble you!?!? Mo Fan also felt that this one-eyed wolf have some wisdom in it, hiding in a secluded place, eating humans that nobody cares about, so he concluded that if they run to populated areas this wolf wouldn’t chase them over… How could he expect this wolf would be mentally retarded! Even chasing them out of the abandoned site!

Stupid wolf, you get to steal sheep at night, but now you want to chase sheep in the broad daylight! Although this old residential area doesn’t have that many people, eventually someone will see and report you! But now that you chase me out to here, don’t blame me for being rude!!!

[Chapter 63] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 65]


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