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“Mo…. Mo Fan… How do we get away now?” cowered Zhou Min as she hide behind Mo Fan.

This is a deserted neighborhood area and there’s even less people living anywhere near the abandoned construction site, this one-eyed magic wolf is already out of its supposed hideout, there isn’t even a single shadow along the road but the swaying trees along the road.

“You should go to your grandmother and get her away from here, I’ll distract this stupid mutt” said Mo Fan.

Even if he wanted to run, it’s not possible to outrun the beast, at this moment Mo Fan felt how much more important movement type spell could be.

“How are you …?” asked Zhou Min in a trembling voice.

“Stop wasting time and go”

Although Zhou Min is also a fire element mage, she can’t use any high level fire spell and it’s impossible to damage such a big one-eyed magic wolf. Since she had notify the hunter squad, they should be coming in soon so he just needs to drag this out for awhile.

Zhou Min grinded her teeth and rushes into the residential area but Mo Fan underestimated her, thinking that she’s a silly scared girl. Not only she’s going to save her grandmother, she even try to notify and save those elderly living in this old dilapidated residential area. Mo Fan who found many of these elderly living in this old residential area frowned… because if he didn’t do anything tonight all these people are going to turn into wolf supper!

It’s coming!!! Finally the wolf rushed over to Mo Fan…50 meters, 40 meters, 30… 20, this last 20 meters doesn’t even take a second for the wolf to reach. Honestly, this magical beast is more terrible than how they are described by teachers and textbooks, this one-eyed wolf run so fast as if it will even knock off a bus in collision!

‘Damn bastard, I told you not to chase me, you’re still chasing me damn asshole you better not ruin my best equipment!’ thought Mo Fan as he stared at this charging wolf and curse it in his mind.

Prompting the mark on his spiritual world, a burst of light glowed from Mo Fan’s body as diamond shaped shield quickly outlined itself before Mo Fan, as the glow become more intense the black colored bone shield materialized in front of him. The dimly glowing bone shield suspended itself impressively and the wolf not expecting an obstacle to suddenly appear was unable to stop in time due to its large frame…


The charging wolf crashed into bone shield headlong sending a jarring violent sound, cracking the bone shield, flinging the magic wolf ten meters to the side and knocking back Mo Fan who was hiding behind it.

The bone shield dissipated into fragments of light after the terrible collision and flow back to Mo Fan who’s skidding along the concrete ground from that collision. Mo Fan immediately felt pain in his chest and almost vomit out his dinner from this collision. Although the bone shield offset most of the impact force from the collision, Mo Fan still felt some impact on his body.

“This crazy wolf is strong!!”

Mo Fan was surprised! This bone shield is considered a good quality magic tool, it should be able to safely resist most attacks but this one-eyed magic wolf’s charge even made him take some impact damage from the collision.. if it hits him directly the impact will turn him into minced meat, even all his bones will probably break!

The one-eyed magic wolf lay on the ground for a short moment, blood dripping from its head. It shook its head like a man who got knocked off on his jaw, as it stood back up dizzily.

“It could get back up!?What the heck, is it made of iron!?” Mo Fan seeing the wolf didn’t even have any severe wounds on it, his jaw almost dropping to the ground in shock. Either the magical beasts he’s seen so far are too weak, or this one-eyed magic wolf is just too terrible and strong… even if the dark magic wolf and mutated one-eyed giant rat have this collision it will probably break its skulls!!

Run! I have to run while this monster is still disoriented! Damn, I can’t outrun it if it chased me!… I should hit it with lightning magic and paralyze it to buy some more time! Right now, Mo Fan doesn’t even think of hiding his strength, even if this Zhou Min saw what he does, it’s not very hard to make her keep her mouth shut!

Taking a deep breath to calm and ease his throbbing pain, Mo Fan was about to channel his lightning magic.

<Ice Wave – Freeze>!

Mo Fan have just started his spell before a woman’s voice came not far from Mo Fan.

A torrent of chilling air rushes through the streets, dropping the temperature around so low flakes of snow started to form…..

These flakes of snow as if commanded, quickly gathered around the wolf’s feet freezing the grounds around it into solid ice! These freezing snow quickly spread onto the wolf’s legs and in a short few seconds turned them into frozen popsicle.

If it’s on its normal speed, the ice might not freeze its legs immediately, but this one-eyed magic wolf is still in daze, after having its legs frozen even taking a single step will be very difficult!!!

Mo Fan’s heart couldn’t be happier at this, he looked back to see a girl wearing dark purple jeans, her icy white magic particles glowing around her, making her look like a cold goddess of ice shining beautifully on a desolate frozen winter.

“Cai Tang!!” said Mo Fan in delight as he stopped channeling his lightning magic, this timely aid from her put off his pressure to use his lightning spell now.

“You little bastard, how are you here!?” said Cai Tang in surprise as she saw Mo Fan… Mo Fan this little shit, how could she forget the time when he brought a group of kids to go peep at her bathing! Cai Tang will never forget this in her life! She really hate his guts!

If she know this guy provoked that one-eyed magic wolf, Cai Tang would just let the wolf eat him! It’ll solve all her hatred!!!

“Ergh… I just have a date with a girl here, and then you came!?” said Mo Fan who spotted them, immediately went to Zhou Min and her grandmother.

“Get out now, our hunter squad will deal with this” said Cai Tang without an ounce of sincerity.

[Chapter 64] [Table of Contents] [Chapter 66]


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