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“This is great, the hunter squad is here!!” said Zhou Min encouraged!

Mo Fan waste no time to run away from the scene as the one-eyed magic wolf was frozen to the ground. Just as he ran out of the area, Cai Tang made contact through her headset to other hunters and said “This is an emergency call for Fan Mo, there’s an incident involving an advanced stage one-eyed magic wolf, this thing is much stronger than the usual pests around the city! It’s too difficult to control it!”

“Eh this audacious beast, hahaha father will give me a nice reward for killing it! I’m gonna have it drawn and quartered tonight!!” said the tall and thin gloomy man standing next to Cai Tang… “This is just nice, this Yu Ang will help you CBH squad hunt this beast tonight!”

“We’re not going to engage it! Just suppress it and keep it there. It seems to a little out of sorts, otherwise it wouldn’t be so easy to freeze it! Just wait for our reinforcement to come, we have a lightning mage on the squad. This kind of mammal type beast is easiest handled by lightning spells!” said Cai Tang seriously.

“Oh? Alright, I’ll follow your instructions” nodded Yu Ang as he kept his ice magic going while keeping the wolf frozen. Relaxing his mind, he looked at the fleeing Mo Fan with a female student and asked “Who was that guy you called little bastard? Did you know him?”

“That MoFan is the guy who cursed uncle Zhuo Yun in public!” said Cai Tang gritting.

“So that’s Mo Fan huh” said Yu Ang while floating a contemptuous smile.

I though this guy is so strong, but he’s just another barking dog huh? haha what a clown. It seems that the rumor about him killing a dark magic wolf is just a fluke. How is this trash going to be the highlight on his rite of passage!? Meh, I can’t think about this mediocre thing, I should concentrate on how to deal with this advanced stage one-eyed magic wolf!



“Mo Fan you aren’t going back!?” asked Zhou Min after getting out of the neighborhood along with her grandmother.

“Ah I lost my phone” said Mo Fan regardless of what Zhou Min asked, and hurriedly run back to the site. As he run, he took out his hooded sweater and quickly smear his face with black crayon, like a changing into another person with a mask!

“Oooo, them american superheroes can just tear their clothes and instantly transform into superhero to save the city… Damn it, my disguise is like prehistoric ape man…”

Fortunately Mo Fan has never forgotten his extra identity as part of the CBH squad, so he always kept his sweater and crayon in his bag, always ready at any time with his props. After playing as a brave male student, next he’s playing the city’s hero… Even he doesn’t know whether this is cool or just funny… Even more weird is the gloomy looking man Yu Ang standing next to Cai Tang. This whole yin and yang, dark and light even as they’re both ice mage, the combi looks hillarious.


Did this magic wolf absorb something from the holy spring!? How did this one-eyed magic wolf so terrible and strong!!! This is Mo Fan’s first time going against a higher grade magical beast, if he’s fighting against dark magic wolf, he’s confident to be able to deal with two at a time, but this creature is so much stronger than anything he has faced before…

The recent random tremors around with lots of crazy one-eyed giant rat has something to do with the holy spring?? Ergh… I’ll think about this later, might as well quickly kill this thing and return peace to the city. Well, since it’s a mutated beast I hope it will spare some good stuffs!


Mo Fan reached the incident area a little slower than other CBH squadmates, all of them have arrived on the scene. 24 hours a day, as long as there’s an incident they will certainly be the first to reach the scene, even faster than the police!

“Fan Mo, you reached here so fast!!” smile Fei Shi who saw Mo Fan approaching.

“Focus, it may be alone but it’s an advanced one-eyed magic wolf! Even a moment of lapse may cause our life!” said the captain seriously.

“Oh this is great, we have another hand today, two ice mages, we can work this wolf out easier!” said Li Wen Jie.

Yu Ang and Cai Tang spread their ice magic all around wolf, a radius of ten meters around it is frozen solid but the wolf itself isn’t completely frozen but it’s should be much slower than it could be. This vine looking ice is slowly penetrating into the wolf’s body, the longer it is around this frozen area the more rigid its body and bones will be, it can be said this is the most appropriate way to deal with this muscle brained wolf!

However, there’s always a problem in the plan. Ice and fire elements itself are contradictory, as it conflicts the team’s highest destructive power to kill the wolf is the captain with his fire element… If he did use his fiery explosion, it will literally blow off the ice and help the wolf instead! Therefore, right now there are no solution but to contain this one-eyed magic wolf in the area.

“I’ve called for backup, the union is sending a water mage to help us. We have to buy time and contain this beast in the area, don’t even think about trying to kill this thing for now!” said the captain

There’s no guarantee that fire wave explosion will kill the beast in one hit, if it regain its combat capabilities, it will be too difficult to contain especially while the residents around the neighborhood are still evacuating!

“Are they sending in master Yang Zhuo He?” asked Xiao Ke, her eyes filled with admiration and worship.

“Yeah, as long as he came here, he will definitely kill this one-eyed magic wolf, but if it escape and rampage around alot of people will die”

“Damn it, we don’t even know how long this ice vines will keep it there… This advanced beast is very strong, if only we could use third grade ice magic, it will never break out of the containment!” lamented Cai Tang.

“It’s ok! that’s why we’re here” said Fei Shi and Li Wen Jie.

“Do you want me to give it a shot?” asked Mo Fan.

“Just be on standby, even if your first grade lightning magic spell can’t wound it, it should be able to paralyze the wolf for a short time… as long as it seems like it’s breaking out, get ready to do it…. Wait something is wrong, how is this wolf suddenly feel like it’s growing even stronger!?” said captain with a terrible face.

The neighborhood’s old trees were shaking with the torrents of chilling air, but even as this wolf’s lower body seems to be frozen solid, its wild breath appears to be like a storm surging this neighborhood!

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